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Kim Loves: Reisenthel’s Travel Bags

reisenthel travel bags

reisenthel travel bags

I have a love affair with some brands and Reisenthel is one of these brands for me. It has been a while since I visited their Web site. I am glad to see new products. I couldn’t stop discovering their travelling bag collection. I like the fact that it is cheerful. Plus, you will not have any problems to recognize your bags from the crowd. Some fabrics are special edition like the beach edition, marigold olive (my personal favourite) and safari.

travel cosmetic

The bags are also well-thought. You will have no problems finding one that fits your needs. Many models of their comprehensive range of cosmetic bags are available in several sizes. You can find one that would be big enough for your annual vacation, another one for weekend getaways and a small one for when you go to the gym.

slimcase and toilet bag

Versatility is another key feature of the line. Slimcase S would be perfect to carry your jewelry while kids crayons, hair accessories or small office supply would fit into the Multicase.

Now, we only have to wait that for Reisenthel’s Travelling to be available in Canada or the United States.

+ Allrounder L by Reisenthel from 34,90 € to 45 €
+ Toiletcosmetic by Resisenthel from 13,90 € to 24,90 €
+ Toiletbag by Reisenthel 16,90 €
+ Slimcase S  by Reisenthel 9,90 €
+ Multicase by Reisenthel 9,95 €

FAMILY KIDS products

The Motherchildbag by Reisenthel

motherchilbag in 4 colors by reisenthel

motherchilbag by reisenthel

This reusable shopping bag is designed for a parent. It also aim at improving the safety and the bound between kids and parents. You see the little handle on the front. The idea is that your small kid will hold onto the bag. You tell your kid that you need their help to hold the bag to encourage them to hold the handle.

motherchilbag in 4 colors by reisenthel

Even when you are alone, you will appreciate the fact that it comes with a pair of short handles and two long handles for your comfort. The tear -proof polyester bag has an interior zipped pocket to safely store your odds and ends. There is also a mobile pocket. The bag is available in 4 colors.

For a limited time (57 days remaining), Reisenthel will donate 1 Euro on every purchase of his Motherchildbag for the Promotion of Selected Children’s Day Care Facilities in Germany.

+ Motherchildbag by Reisenthel 19,90 €
+ photos: Reisenthel – see dealer locator to find a local shops


Artesio Kitchen by Poggenpohl

Poggenpohl artesio kitchen

Poggenpohl artesio kitchen

German architect Hadi Teherani worked with Poggenpohl to create a kitchen system where the kitchen cabinets, the furniture and the space form one entity. I like the overall look and feel.

Poggenpohl artesio in a high-ceiling home

The kitchen design seems fit for a loft since it creates a division between the kitchen and the rest of the open space. The beautiful “arch” solves a common problem with very high ceiling by lowering the ceiling lamps. It brings down the kitchen to human scale, instead of feeling lost in the space.

Poggenpohl artesio details

The minimalist lines of the white cabinets work well against the wooden wall. The glass box could be used as display area or my favorite, to grow an herb garden.

Poggenpohl artesio full kitchen view

The shown configuration looks great on pictures. I would probably add a row of lower cabinets to be with the family or see my guests while I prepping my food and plating my dishes. It does not have to be wide as an island for it to work. Artesio kitchen will be available in the USA in January 2011.

+ photos: Poggenpohl
+ photos: Hadi Teherani


Bettina’s Schmandkuchen recipe

Schmandkuchen recipe :: german cake with a schmand filling topped with glazed fruits

Many of you asked for the recipe of the delicious Schmandkuchen that my German-born friend Bettina Forget baked at Easter. I am delighted that she is sharing her recipe with us.

This a great cake to bake in advance; furthermore, it will feed many hungry guests. Before you start, notice that you serve the cake directly from the baking pan. Make sure that you get a large, deep baking pan.

List of ingredients

For the cake batter:

  • 200 g butter
  • 200 g sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 250 g plain white flour

For the Schmand filling :

For Canadian and US bakers, Bettina substituted the original ingredients with what’s available at your local supermarket. You will need:

  • 750 ml milk
  • 7 tablespoons vanilla custard*
  • 100 g sugar (or to taste)
  • 300 g crème fraîche*
  • 300 g Quark (fresh cheese)*
  • 2 egg yolks

If you want to bake the “German” version, you use 2 packets of Dr. Oetker vanilla pudding instead of the custard, and a mix of 400 g Schmand and 200 g sour cream instead of the crème fraîche/Quark combination.

For the topping:

  • 2 large packets of strawberries
  • 2 packets of raspberries
  • 2 packets of blackberries
  • 500 ml berry fruit juice
  • 2 packets of fruit glaze

Step by step instructions

1. Baking the cake batter

Pre-heat your oven to 180°C and start preparing the base:
Mix the soft butter with the sugar until you get a creamy consistency, then add the eggs one by one and stir vigorously until the mixture looks silky. Fold the baking powder into the flour and sift the flour into the mixture. Grease a large, deep baking pan and spread the batter evenly until the entire bottom is covered (about the thickness of a thumb). Pre-bake the base for 15 minutes.

2. Preparing the Schmand

Prepare the vanilla custard, doubling the amount of custard powder so you’ll get a pudding consistency rather than a sauce (if you’re using the Dr. Oetker pudding powder, just follow the instructions on the back of the packet). Let the pudding cool a bit. Mix the crème fraîche and the Quark (or Schmand/sour cream) and add the prepared vanilla pudding and the two egg yolks. Add sugar to taste.

3. Take the base out of the oven and let cool in the baking pan.

Leave the base in the baking pan and spread the Schmand evenly on the base.

4. Preparing the topping

Wash the fruit, you may have to cut the strawberries in half lengthwise if they are big. Cover the Schmand with the berries. Put the baking tray back in the oven for another 15 minutes.

5. Finishing

Once the cake has completely cooled, prepare the fruit glaze. Standard red fruit glaze recipes call for a mix of sugar and water, but I prefer to substitute with red berry fruit juice instead for flavour, and it’s also less sweet. Pour the fruit glaze evenly across the cake.

Once the fruit glaze is firm the cake is ready to eat. But I suggest that you put it in the fridge overnight, it tastes better chilled. Enjoy!


A twist on the Schmandkuchen

Schmandkuchen recipe :: german cake with a schmand filling topped with glazed fruits

Schmandkuchen :: german easter cake with schmand, a sour cream product

For her Easter brunch, our German-born friend Bettina Forget baked a Canadian version of a German sour cream cake often topped with fruits. That specialty cake is called Schmandkuchen. You sandwich the schmand mixture between a layer a cake at the bottom and a fruit topping. It is delicious and not too sweet.

Schmand is the main ingredient of any Schmandkuchen recipes. Schmand is heavier, thicker and more sour in taste than crème fraîche. You mix the schmand with vanilla pudding to make the custard part of the cake. You can substitute shmand with Western sour cream mixed with heavy whipping cream or simply, with crème fraîche. But you have to know that schmand does not melt in the oven, which is different than how crème fraîche reacts in the stove. So you may have to adjust your recipe.

Everybody enjoyed a taste of what is the traditional German Easter cake in Bettina’s family. Her mother used to make her with pickled sour cherries. Abricot and mandarin are also popular. Bettina used fresh berries instead.

April 6th, 2010 Update: Get Bettina’s Schmandkuchen recipe here


Spring Patterns for the Reisenthel Carrybags

Reisenthel Carrybag, collapsible market bags with spring colors

Reisenthel Carrybag, collapsible market bags with spring colors

I have been a fan of the Reisenthel Carrybags since their launch. I own a nice carrot basket. These basket bags are not just great for shopping. You can use also them for picnics. And since I first introduced then in early 2007, the price has gone down.

Now that I have seen the cheerful patterns that feel so much like spring and summer, I wish for a new one. I am torn between the “Color Dots” and “I Like Shopping”. The “I Like Shopping” fits better with the orange carrybag and the green bottle bag I already have. But I love the elegance of the “Color Dots”.  What do you think?

+ For Americans: Color Dots or I Like Shopping Reisenthel Collapsible Bag or Market Basket at $39.99 USD
+ For Canadians: Color Dot Reisenthel Carrybags at $49.99 CAD
+ For Canadians: I Like Shopping Reisenthel Carrybags $49.99 CAD


The Conmoto Gate and Turn Fireplaces

conmoto gate fireplace :: modern style fireplace

conmoto gate fireplace  :: modern style fireplace

I love sitting next to a fireplace. If you are looking for something spectacular, check out the modern fireplace and stove from Conmoto, a German fireplace maker. Their fireplaces often look like piece of furniture.

Carsten Gollnick designed a vertical fireplace with a companion wood storage unit. The combustion chamber of Gate is suspended to float in the matt, anthracite-coated steel plate. I think it looks edgy in a subtle way.

turn fireplace by conmoto :: swiveling fireplace

What about a 360 degrees swiveling stove for wood to create an atmosphere! The Turn fireplace locks in position at set increments. Prefect for people who lives in loft or with a open space dining and living space, you can enjoy the fire from several angles. This design by Schweiger & Viererbl won the 2009 Good Design Award in the Household products category.

If you are interested to buy those, I saw that Unica Home carries some of fireplaces and fireplace accessories by Conmoto but I did not see these two models on their online catalogue.

+ Conmoto Gate Fireplace
+ Conmoto Turn Fireplace


Remarkable Packaging of Sinnvolle Schokolade

sinnvolle schokolade packaging

sinnvolle schokolade packaging

I wish I could buy these German chocolate here. The concept is great. Each package is for a different flavor and refers to a particular emotion.

Trost refers to consolation (according to the Google translator). The milk chocolate block comes with the spoon. It is perfect to give to your best friend when they guy she likes does not return her call. Liebe refers to love. Glück is how I feel after eating a piece of excellent chocolate: happy!

+ Sinnvolle Schokolade Trost, Glückor Liebe 8,50 € at Design3000
+ brand web site: Sinnvolle Schokolade


Albero Cucuruku Cuckoo Clock

albero cucuruku cuckoo clock by progetti

My parents had a cute Swiss cuckoo clock. I was fascinated by the magic of the striking. I still find it charming but I prefer the style of a modern clock. Designed by Riccardo Paolino and Matteo Fusi for Progetti, Cucuruku is an Italian design with a German mechanism. You can choice between a wenge colored wood and white tree design or a black colored wood with an orange tree.

The cuckoo clocks are more intelligent. A sensor light keeps it quiet at night. Waterfalls play in the background while striking. Naturally, the striking can be turned off, if you get tired of it.

+ Albero – Cucuruku Cuckoo Clock $350 USD
+ photo: the new Twitter’s new headquarters via TechCrunch and Design Milk


Tschutschu by Dominik Lutz Could Be a DIY Toy Project

tschutschu kid furniture by dominik_lutz

If you are handy working with wood, here is something that you may consider doing for your kids. I feel it would be a wonderful Christmas gift. If you do, make sure to adapt the project to your child favorite games and activities. You could cut a window to suit the needs of a puppet theater.

I suggest to you a DIY project because Tschutschu by Dominik Lutz seems to be only available in Germany for the moment. This is kind of the ultimate multipurpose kid furniture as it integrated a bench, a train table, and a chalkboard. By standing on a different side, it serves a different purpose. You could fix a wooden train track on the train table. This way, there will be less mess across the home and no arguments with your kid to store the train set.

+ Tschutschu at Magazin 179 €
+ via ohdeedoh