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Bring fresh flowers inside a Christmas Vazu

vazu Christmas collection

Don Berry, the owner of Vases By Vazu, sent me an email yesterday. He informed me that they are an authorized distributor of Vazu vases for the United States.

I went to check his Web site where I saw the latest addition to the Vazu, a collection of Christmas themed vases. Offered with a red, green or blue background, the drawings on the green flower vase are the most stylish.

How and when to use this expandable flower vase?

Vazu comes most handy to bring fresh blooms or green leaves when you are invited to dinner or at a party.

You ask the florist to fill up the vase with water, select fresh flowers and put them inside right away. Your fresh flowers will stay healthy even if you have to drive all day.

If you are looking for a no-fuss solution, these expandable flower vases are perfect to decorate your office, a buffet table or your home during the Holidays. For a gift exchange, Vazu makes a hard to beat stylish gift idea under $10. If you include flowers, your gift can easily be under $25.

Looking at the pictures, I do question the use of red and white roses. These are really not the right flowers to celebrate the Holidays. With so many wonderful flower species out there, I am sure you can do better than that. Ask the florist for help if you hesitate.

Vazu is sold as a flat-pack vase made of thin plastic. It is guaranteed leakage free. The vase is reusable as often as you need. I bought one for a friend who enjoyed it.

How should the Vazu be cleaned?

Vases by Vazu recommends simply rinsing the Vazu with some water and soap. Then, shake it a few times. Leave your Vazu vase open so it can dry completely before flattening it. Your best option is to use a wine decanter drying stand or any bottle drying stand that is high. When flattened, air cannot penetrate, thus preventing the formation of mold and bad odors.

Buy online: Holiday Vazu Collection at the online store of Vases by Vazu – price:$9 USD
Learn more: Web site of Vases by Vazu – including wholesale information

+ Introducing an expandable flower vase called Vazu

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Digging a new North American source for the folding flower vase Vazu

Vazu vase: foldable and reusable flower vase

While shopping online at Gone Shopping earlier this week, I get my hands on the Vazu flower vase that I spoke earlier.

Three patterns are available for $10 CAD at Gone Shopping, a Canadian online retailer. They ship to Canadian and American addresses.

I received my package today. After inspections, Vazu is well-made and cute. Basically with Vazu, you can bring a bouquet in a vase without worrying of breaking the vase. Ideal for a simple housewarming party or a hostess gift. The vase is reusable.

Buy online: Vazu vase collection at Gone Shopping

+ Montreal-based TOMA expandable flower vases
+ Expandable flower vase at Plastica of Los Angeles
+ Christmas Vazu Collection at Vases by Vazu

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Another source for expandable flower vases at a Los Angeles retailer

Expandable Flower Vases available at Plastica

For my readers in the United States I got a good and a bad news. The good news is that I dig up a source in the United States for a flat pack flower vase similar to the Vazu vases I spoke about last week.

The patterns are cool and lively. These nicely shaped vases are made in Japan. They seem to be as strong and durable as Vazu.

Plastica is a hip boutique filled with unique items from around the world as well as products by local designers. You can get these expandable flower vases at their boutique located in Silverlake, Los Angeles or buy it online.

The bad news is the price. This brand is twice as expensive as Vazu. Being made in Japan partially explains why it costs more. But at $26, it is still affordable; you just have to spend less on flowers for your housewarming gift.

Buy online: Expandable Flower Vases available at Plastica

+ Digging up a North American source for Vazu

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Montreal-based TOMA is another brand for expandable flower vases

Flower vases by TOMA

My friend Mélanie commented an hour ago about these vases on my blog. Her tip was so interesting that I decided to highlight this product right away.

The vases from TOMA display interesting illustrations. You can choose between a fern, blue grass, a Japanese proverb, red fish, kitchen utensils or a face with a heart (better for Valentine Day).

The comparison

They cost less than the Vazu vases that I presented yesterday; $4 CAD for a small vase, $5 for a large vase. From the pictures, these vases seem to look more plastic, a little bit less refined than Vazu. But for the price, I cannot complain. Where else can I easily carry my flowers in an original vase for an extra $4. And this product is more widely available in stores.

Several florists in Canada and the USA carry the line. You can grab everything in one stop. Check out the “Where to buy” section of TOMA’s Web site to find one near you. You can also buy directly online from TOMA.

One tip when you bring flowers as an hostess gift

It is more thoughtful and practical to bring flowers in a vase as a hostess gift or a housewarming gift. The host of an event has already many things to care of so make it easy for him / her to receive your gift.

TOMA is also an outgrowth of Thomas design+communication, which began using objects as part of its communication strategy several years ago.

Buy online: Expandable flower vases by TOMA

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Introducing an expandable flower vase named Vazu

Vazu flower vase by T.H.+E. Design Group

This post is about an innovative product that makes an affordable hostess gift or housewarming gift. This does not mean that you cannot just bring a couple to your home.

Update August 22, 2007:
Stop by the florist to get fresh flowers and your hostess or housewarming gift is set. I appreciate the fact that I can bring the vase with a bunch of flowers without having to carry a heavy lift. And there is no chance to break the vase either. (Thanks to Eden – see comments).

A one of a king flower vase design

Vazu is a flower vase like you have never seen before. What is so special about Vazu is that it is thin as a paper sheet when it is flat. And do not be fool by how little it weights, this flower vase is strong and durable.

Once you filled it with water, the transparency and glossiness of Vazu resembles a glass vase. The first collection of Vazu contains 16 models in three different shapes. The arrays of patterns mix modern and classic designs. Vazu is the design of T.H.+E. Design Group located in Israel.

Sold for $12 CAD at The Water Shoppe in Toronto, this expandable plastic vase enables you to carry around flowers without a leak. At this price, you can afford to use them as the vase centerpieces for a large family affair event.

My dose of Sweet Nothing

I discovered Vazu via the Sweet Nothing newsletters. Since Joanna Track launched it in June 2004, subscribers to have received a daily fix of trend spotting lifestyle and shopping guide in their inboxes Monday through Friday. There are five editions: Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Sweetmama.

Learn more: Web site for the Vazu flower vase designed by T.H.+E. Design Group
Learn more: Web site of

+ Montreal-based TOMA expandable flower vases
+ Expandable flower vase at Plastica of Los Angeles
+ Christmas Vazu Collection at Vases by Vazu