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Circle Time Mats and Tiptoe Rugs

circle time mats

Tiptoe Rugs is a brand new collection of children’s rugs and custom rug possibilities from Alyssa McMurter, the woman behind AliStar. McMurter created a line of awesome 100% Merino wool felt rugs for children.

I love her Circle Time mats, which comes as circle and square mats. The Circle Time mats are obviously perfect for day cares or large playrooms. Tiptoe Rugs will be one of the 8 Modern Kid exhibits at the Interior Design Show that will be presented from January 24th to January 27th, 2013 in Toronto.

+ photo credits: Tiptoe Rugs


Entertaining Ideas for Your Easter Brunch

easter chocolate egg boxes :: chocolate and wheatgrass centerpieces

easter entertaining ideas 2011

Here are a few entertaining ideas for your Easter brunch. Serve fresh juices or a jar of smoothies into an ice bath. They will stay cold without risking to water them down.

Bunny-shaped cookies bring a camping treat to Easter. You could bake your own recipe, set up a s’more bar or opt for the ready-to-consume version at Williams-Sonoma.

Bunny Egg Cozies

david and victoria bunny egg cosies in felt

Egg cozies will keep your eggs warm while adding a festive touch to your table. Parkhaus named their felt bunny cozies David and Victoria. You can  combine them in so many ways. When designing a egg station, it might be a good idea to one David and several Victoria. This way, David will add the unexpected touch. Or go for only one model, all in the same color except for one egg cozy that you select in a contrasting hue.

Easter Craft Projects

Hen-shaped egg cozies and easter individual centerpieces

If you feel crafty, Martha Stewart shared a template to make your own Hen-Shaped Egg Cozies. Both will look great with the Felt Easter Bunny tutorial we did two years ago.

Easter Centerpieces

easter chocolate egg boxes :: chocolate and wheatgrass centerpieces

Eggcups make a great vase for individual Easter centerpieces. Look for tiny, seasonal flowers. Adding a colored eggshell makes it more festive. If you prefer an edible centerpieces, you can design something cool with the chocolate colored Easter eggs from Knipschildt Chocolatier. The small chocolate bunny hidden in a wheatgrass garden centerpiece will please kids and adults.

+ Bunny S’mores $24.95 USD at Williams-Sonoma
+ Punch Bowl Ice Bath from Martha Stewart Living (June 2010)
+ Easter Egg Chocolate Box $35 USD at Dean & Deluca
David Bunny Egg Cozie £8 at Little Baby Company
+ Victoria Bunny Egg Cozie $12 USD at Dean & Deluca
+ Flower Arrangements in eggshells in from Martha Stewart
+ Wheatgrass Setting with Chocolate Bunny Favors from Martha Stewart


The Dressed-Up Furniture Series by Kamkam

dressed-up stool by kamkam

dressed-up stool by kamkam

The Korean design studio Kamkam had the idea to cover furniture with felt. They pushed the dressed-up element even further by using buttons, belts and magnets to close the compartments.

belt felt cabinet and the cham bench by kamkam

These are definitive conversation pieces. The series comprises two styles of clothing cabinets (Belt felt and Cham), a Cham bench, and a dressed-up stool. As far as I know, this collection is not available in North America.

kamkam dressed-up furniture series

+  Dressed-Up Furniture Series by Kamkam


Handmade Wool Pillows and Decorations from PLYtextiles | Etsy Finds

PLYtextiles felt cushion, doily and cube ottoman

PLYtextiles felt cushion, doily and cube ottoman

There’s something about “wool” and “pillows” that doesn’t quite scream comfort – at it’s worst, wool can be rough, scratchy and irritating to the skin. But these cushions from PLYtextiles are more objet d’art than just a place to rest your head.

The handmade cushions created from recycled wool sweaters feature bold, graphic and geometric patterns in modern colour combinations. I love the Octagon Tiles pillow – it has a contemporary quilted style and looks like it was inspired by vintage tile flooring.

PLYtextiles also has a limited selection of home decor items. The Modern Doily and table runners can be customized in any colourway to add a boost to a side table or credenza.

Felt Christmas Decorations

PLYtextiles felt holiday decorations :: christmas

And if you’re already on the lookout for contemporary holiday decor with a handmade aesthetic, keep an eye on this shop. They’ve previously offered wreaths, adorable needle felted snowmen and penguins, and needle felted and yarn wrapped trees.

+ Octagon Tiles Felt Pillow $109 USD by PLYtextiles on Etsy
+ Felt Modern Doily $42
Cube Ottoman $279
Tree Family $27
+ Anna the Penguin $29


Butterfly Bag Chair and Stool by Bev Hisey

details of butterfly bag chair by bev hisey

details of butterfly bag chair by bev hisey

I met Bev Hisey at the IDS last January. She is a talented home decor designer. I was in awe with her latest creation before I sat in her bag chair made of 3mm 100% wool felt. I went to heaven when I sat down.

bev hisey sitting in her butterfly bag chair

It is truly one of most comfortable chairs I had the chance to sit on. If you sat on the Sumo bean bag chairs, forget about it. The experience is miles miles away. Bev Hisey is taking luxury to the next level. She filled her bag chair with chip foam that are produced by recycling foam off-cuts from upholstery manufacturers. The seating is firm, and there is no sinking down to the floor.

bev hisey\'s butterfly bag chair and triangular stool in his dressing room

Her Butterfly Bag Chair makes a top-notch reading chair with or without the smaller triangular butterfly bag as a foot stool. If you have kids, know that kids love to play with the triangular butterfly bag. When comes the time to romance, you will be happy that the chair is big enough for 2 persons.

bev hisey press kit envelop

I wish I did not mind spending over $3000 for a Valentine’s Day gift because I still dreaming about it. In the meantime, you could be happy with one of her superb butterfly cushions.

bev hisey\'s cushions

+ Butterfly Bag Chair by Bev Hisey
+ Canary Yellow Butterfly Cushion $144 for 11×18 inch
+ Pebble Grey Butterfly Cushion $156 CAD for 18×18 inch


Avva Felt Breadbasket by Teroforma

Avva Felt Breadbasket for Teraforma

Avva Felt Breadbasket for Teraforma

The husband and wife team Anna & Andrew Hellman relies on an international group of designers and artisans to make thoughtfully designed objects for the table. Their latest creation is the cutest bread basket I came across so far. It is made of felt and it ships flat.

With the holes, I do not think this bread basket is suitable for long storage. My guess is that it is designed more to carry the bread but it is so cute. I feel it looks like a present.

Avva Felt Breadbasket for Teraforma

The assembled version stays upright. It even hold its shape when the front is opened to access what is inside. A bread basket will hold four bagels or a round country bread. It will become available this Spring in soft white, spring green, deep brown and quiet grey. They planned to reveal later an Autumn color collection. The Avva Felt Breadbasket was designed by Josh Jakus of Berkeley, California and it is produced for Teroforma by Buffalo Felt from Buffalo, New York.

+ Avva Felt Breadbasket by Teroforma


Restore Baskets by Designer Mika Tolvanen

muuto restore basket designed by Mika Tolvanen

muuto restore basket designed by Mika Tolvanen

For his baskets, the Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen imagined simple lines. The shape is obtained by covering a soft shelf with polymer felt made from PET bottles. The baskets feel cozy and inviting. They are big enough to store or carry inside your home your favorite magazines, toys or even a small batch of firewood. The Restore baskets for Muuto were launched late fall 2009. It comes in five colors: purple, light grey, dark grey, green, blue.

+ Restore Baskets for Muuto $145 USD
+ Muuto


Reusable Crackers and Gift Bags by Pi’lo | Etsy Finds

reusable felt ornaments by pi\'lo

We have to admit that gift wrapping during the Holiday quickly filled the trash can. It makes sense to explore ways to be more ecologically conscious. And when the packages are as great as these, being eco-friendly feels like an indulgence.

The founder of Pi’lo is Heather Shaw, a Torontonian mother of 2 young boys. She hand makes functional items for the home. I like her minimalist, comfy style. Like Heather said on her site, her creations can be passed around like a family heirloom.

My Favorite Items from Pi’lo

Her reusable crackers are made with recycled pop bottles that are transformed to look and fill like felt. I interested by her concept since I decide to make my own crackers this year. Her eco felt cracker comes with a lining, ribbon closure and a tag that can be used as a place card or a gift tag. I would personalize the crackers by putting more festive ribbons and maybe adding a tiny gift ornament on one end.

reusable gift wrap :: crackers and felt bags by pi\'lo

Another good idea is to replace the standard paper gift bag with one of her felt bags. Intended for loots at at kids parties or baking bags, small gifts would fit nicely inside her felt bags. Add a few holiday decorative touches and voilà!

photo pocket ornament by pi\'lo on etsy

Some people exchange tree ornaments during the holiday. Her lovely photo pocket ornament would be appreciated. Insert a family photo and give then to grandparents, your best friends and close family members.

+ Reusable Crackers $10 USD
+ Felt Bag $12 USD
Photo Pocket Ornament $18 USD


Cute Treat Bags and Halloween Costumes for Kids

halloween treat bags and costumes for kids at pottery barn

When I was a kid I used to plan weeks in advance my Halloween costume. One year, I dressed like a poor hunchback and carried a brown paper bag as my treat bag. Otherwise, I always trust my puffy pumpkin treat bag made of plastic to bring home a load of candies. I collected so many sugar treats that I do not recall a year where I ate all of them.

If you are looking for a vast selection of adorable treat bags, Pottery Barn Kids has 15 models in stock. No more plastic. Instead their treat bags are made of soft felt and lined with percale. The regular models cost $12 USD while a few premium treat bag designs cost $19. The Lady Bug tutu costume and the puffy alligator are cute.

pirate costume set

Dressing your boy as a pirate like that can be expensive. You could only buy the 6-piece pirate accessories and try to make the attire or vice versa. If you let go the hook that could be cumbersome to carry around, the rest is fairly easy to find at any store that sell toys. In fact, look around your house, you may have some items in the toy boxes or your drawers.  The 6-piece pirate set includes the sword, the pirate hat, the belt, the hook, the eye patch and the bandana.

+ Treat Bags at Pottery Barn Kids $12 – $19 USD
+ Kids Halloween Costumes $29 -$69 USD
+ Pirate Costume $59 USD
+ Pirate Accessories $59 USD