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The Curiosity Shoppe at Target Collection

the curiosity shoppe at target

the curiosity shoppe at target
photo by Nikki Ritcher  for Anthology magazine at the launch party

The Shops at Target is an innovative collaboration project with small boutiques that Target launched in May 2012. The program enables small business owners to sell a collection of products created for Target but at the image of their brand stand. That provides great exposure for the selected shop owners. For the fall 2012 edition, the four small businesses are Kirna Zabete, The Curiosity Shoppe, Odin New York and Patch NYC.

frank's motel collection :: the curiosity shoppe at target
sourcing: Ceramic nesting measuring cups $15 for 4, Silicone baking utensils $9, Milk bottle $15 at Target

I adore The Curiosity Shoppe at Target collection. The dinnerware collection from this shop located in San Francisco’s Mission District is designed around an Americana road-trip. I imagine using them as a basis of an end of summer fun party or a kids birthday theme.

the curiosity shoppe at target
sourcing: America cutting board $25 (photo: Anthology) | Dinner Plate $3, Salad Plate $2.50, Canvas Placemat $4, Acrylic Glasses $2-$3, Novelty Swizzle Sticks $5 for 8

the curiosity shoppe at target serving bowl and platter

sourcing: The Curiosity Shoppe at Target ceramic platter $25  | Serving bowl $20 at Target

Write down that September 9th, 2012 is the date that their 60 products will become available in stores and online.  I did!

FOOD + DRINK FOOD presentation

Fall Recipes and Remarkable Dark Tableware on Sweet Paul Magazine

fall winter soup on sweet paul magazine

fall winter soup on sweet paul magazine

The fall issue of Sweet Paul Magazine inspired to cook with their tasty mushroom recipes and seasonal soups. Thanksgiving is about comfort food and family-style dinner.  The fall 2010 issue reflects that concept in a styling but easy to do way.

Appetizers and Soups

chevre and honey open faced sandwich

The Chevre and Honey open-faced sandwich would make a great appetizer.

kale and bean soup on sweet paul mag

As you can see, the food stylists elevated simple recipes with nice food presentation. And for the most part, the plating is something that we can easily do at home with some skills and beautiful tableware. Have a look a the digital magazine, it may help you plan your Thanksgiving menu.

shepherd's pie in a black dishware :: sweet paul magazine

One last thing, the role is reversed. I usually tell you where to find the coolest things. This time, I hope you can tell me. I felt in love with the black dishes and bowls that are used through the magazine. But I found no clues on the magazine about who makes it. If you know the answer, I want to know.

By the way, the Holiday issue of Sweet Paul Magazine is scheduled to be out by November 15th.

+ Sweet Paul Magazine Fall 2010


Tabletop Ideas for a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

tabletop and food presentation for thanksgiving

eddie ross thanksgiving table for lonny magazine

Like Eddie Ross said for his article on Lonny magazine, the key to a stunning tabletop is to edit it. You need to put just enough elements to create drama and interest. One way to achieve the look is to mix vintage and modern.

This is a fall tabletop that Eddie created with Jaithan Kochar for the October/November 2010 issue of Lonny magazine. Do not worry if you do not find the right color of napkins. Use an old trick, Tintex fabric dye to transform plain white napkins. It works very well. I did it many years ago with a pair of jeans that I wanted to be reddish pink. I am glad that Eddie reminded me of this easy DIY project. You can buy Tintex at some drug stores and at fabric stores.

Easy Food Presentations

tabletop and food presentation for thanksgiving

On the same issue, I spotted two modern rustic ways to serve simple food to your guests this Thanksgiving. The glassware is from Steuben.

To my Canadian readers, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving while our American friends enjoy Columbus Day. I can inspire you if you need last minute menu ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner.

+ Recipe for a Stunning Thanksgiving Table on Lonny Magazine Oct/Nov 2010 issue


Farmyard Tabletop for Thanksgiving

modern rustic theme for thanksgiving

My goal was to create a Thanksgiving mood board that will not include gourds, pumpkins or a roasted turkey. I wanted a theme that mixed the old with the new. When I saw this adorable farmyard animal trays by Simrin, I found my starting point. Life after the harvest at the farm influenced my theme.

farmyard kitchen and tableware accessories

Think about the elements of a modern rustic home. You can introduce the old through your home accessories in the room, not simply the tableware. Show off items made with reclaimed wood and finds from the flea market. Plus, it should not be too hard to find the right tableware since many reedited old style tableware are available in stores this season.

orange fall tabletop

Do not be afraid to make it your own. For example, you can coordinate modern white tableware with vintage French country flatware and a contemporary fall foliage tablecloth. For the colors, take clues from the harvest season, the fall foliage, and life at the farm. Go for orange and natural linen table linens.

Click here if you need the step by step instructions to fold your napkins into a diagonal pocket.

+ Rattan Handled Pitcher $49 USD at Wisteria
+ Feed Sack with blue Table Runner $399 USD at Wisteria
+ side wood table by Roost
+ Black Laguiole flatware at Williams-Sonoma on the Web 20-piece $289, in store $79 per 5-piece setting
+ Farmyard Medium Rectangular Pig Tray by Simrin $76 USD
+ photo by Jodi Pudge for Style at Home
+ Etienne Rust Table Runner $46.95 USD
+ Lustre Rust Napkin $4.95 USD
+ Kava Saucer $12 USD
+ Wood-handle horn flatware $15 CAD per three-piece set At Design Group


An Orange and Pure Linen Tabletop for Thanksgiving

la strada tabletop inspired a Thanksgiving dinner

I have a love affair with orange. Since it is not everyone’s favorite color, I enjoy the fact that I can pitch more orange tablescapes during autumn.  The tabletop developed for a mid-class cozy café shows that you can create an impact by keeping things simple.

The casual elegance of tabletop is something that you can duplicate for your Thanskgiving dinner party. Finding a beige dinnerware is easy. Look no further than the IKEA 365+ or the Dinera line for beige modern dinnerware. Even the Cream Studio dinnerware that is currently in sale at Pottery Barn would fit the design.

You should not regret investing in a pure linen tablecloth since you will get many years of usage out of it. If you are on a budget, fashion your tablecloth with burlap. Lastly, I like the old-fashioned salt and pepper set. You could try to find something similar at flea markets or vintage stores.

+ via Design Work Life and Behance
+ project in Russia from Transformer Studio


Tête-à-tête Placemats and an Online Store for Chilewich

chilewich modern tabletop

Whenever I am thinking of creating a modern tabletop, the tablemats and table runners made by Chilewich often come to mind as a possible option. I think that their placemats are at their best over a nice surface, like a stunning wood table.

Tête-à-tête Placemats

tete-a-tete placemats by chilewich

I noticed that they now produce tête-à-tête, which is a type of table linen designed for two guests who seated across the table. Tête-à-tête is wider and shorter than a table runner. I use tête-à-tête for a romantic dinner or on rectangular table. This feels very French. It carries a casual chic sophistication.

Fall Tabletops

 fall tabletop inspirations by chilewich
I know that many of you are looking for inspirations for fall dinnerware with Halloween and Thanksgiving, being just at the corner. Their stylists put attention to select amazing tableware. Coasters under vases and small bowls are an easy way to add formality to your table. This is why it is always a good idea to stock table accessories which act as jewelry.
chilewich ecommerce site
I quickly browse their new ecommerce site. One thing that I enjoy is the visual way you can browse by colors, textures and shapes.

+ Tête-à-tête range $28- $75 USD


Tableware fitted for Halloween and Thanksgiving

halloween and thanksgiving tableware :: crate & barrel :: dwr

When it comes to tableware, I prefer to get items that I will be able to reuse more than once a year. Halloween and Thanksgiving have a lot in common since they are both in autumn. It is even closer to the truth in Canada since we celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October at the peak of autumn leaves.

Dinnerware for entertaining

The most important element for entertaining is to get a versatile yet elegant dinnerware set. Organic shapes connect us to the traditional meaning of Thanksgiving Day, which was a time to say thanks for the harvest.

I enjoy the warmth of creamy neutral dinnerware. It feels cozier than pure white. The Classic Century Dinnerware collection is a reproduction of an original 1952 design by Eva Zeisel. Everyone who bought the set still love it but beware that it could chip more easily than typical earthenware set. If you live or entertain often with young children, this dinnerware set is not for you.

The Classic Cream Century dinnerware looks stunning against the Black Glass Pitcher at Design Within Reach. The Black Glass Collection also includes a short tumbler, a tall tumbler, and a sake cup .

Serving ware

white pumpkin tureen at crate & barrel

The Pumpkin tureen does not scream Halloween. Being white and its updated treatment means that you can use it anytime during the autumnal season. The wood pumpkin trivet adds a trendy touch to family style food service.

+ Classic Century Tableware Collection $62.95 – $267.95 USD at Crate & Barrel
+ Black Glass Pitcher $85 USD (on sale at $72.25 until Oct.13, 2009) at DWR
+ Acacia Pumpkin Trivet $9.95 USD at Crate & Barrel
+ Pumpkin Tureen $29.95 USD at Crate & Barrel


Summer and Fall Tablescapes at Lexington

lexington fall dinnerware and tablescapes

Two classic looks to celebrate the end of summer. Get inspired by these tables dressed by Lexington for the last weekends by the lake at the summer cottage. The fall living table is a mix and match of formal and casual tableware. It is OK to bend the rules to create something unexpected. For an outdoor dinner, do like the French people do all the time and ignore the bread plate, even on a formal dinner table.

lexington summer dinnerware

If you cannot go of the summer,  you can still use items from the summer catalog. I like the thermal vacuum bottle but I do not know where to find it. Beware that, as far as I know, many of the items are props used by the stylist.

+ Lexington


Guest Blogging on Glamorous Thanksgiving Tables

my glamorous thanksgiving tabletops :: guest post on style sheet

Thanksgiving is next Monday in Canada. We celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October. For this occasion, I assemble two tabletop mood boards with trendy fall colors and patterns. I presented two very different styles.

I invite you to check my Glamorous Thanksgiving Tablescapes on Style Sheet, the blog of I am curious to know how you plan to decorate your dining table this Thanksgiving. Share your thoughts.

+ Style Sheet


Three French-Country Style Dinnerware Sets

white french-country tableware for autumn 2008

Textures and more ornate tableware are making a comeback. This style holds an advantage over the clean modern style as you need to add less decorative elements to make an impact. I will explore this trend further in the coming weeks.

For now, have a look at three fabulous glazed stoneware dinnerware sets made in Portugal. They vary in prices to match every budget and occasion.

Three Dinnerware Sets

Jardins du Monde can stand tall in any formal entertaining. An artful layering of round and scalloped shapes is presented in a berry-and-thread design. The extravagant serving ware celebrates four European gardens in all their glory. Remark that you do not put the coffee cup on the table before it is time to serve the tea and coffee.

Crate and Barrel sells an antique French dinnerware set that can go from everyday-to-formal entertaining depending on the rest of your table. Soft shapes in creamy white with hand-antiqued, embossed vine rims bring charms to this set.

The cheapest option is a white Provencal set (bottom right picture). Again, you get the raised relief border with a soft white finish. The plates, bowls and mugs come in set of 4.

+ Jardins du Monde Dinnerware at Horchow – price: $64-$575 USD per set of 4 pieces
+ Josephine Dinnerware at Crate and Barrel – price: $7.95-$89.95 USD per piece
+ White Provencal Dinnerware at Cost Plus World Market – price: on sale at $22.36-$25.56 USD per set of 4 pieces


An elegant twist on a cool modern dinner table for Thanksgiving

thanksgiving modern tablescape at lekkerLast month, we sadly canceled a trip to Boston where I planned a visit to Lekker. That is probably why there was the first retailer I think of for my Thanksgiving tablescape.

The basic elements of my tablescape

My starting point was the Dibbern Gold Leaf Dinnerware Collection. This modern bone china collection adds sophistication to a contemporary table. This set wins more points because it is dishwasher safe.

A gold flatware is preferable in this case. I went with the clean lined Due Ice Oro Collection by the Italian brand Mepra. This 18/10 gauge stainless steel flatware has a brushed gold finish.

This dinnerware and flatware combination will stay with you for years to come and the look is appropriate for all occasions. For your upcoming Holiday events, simply change the accessories to create a seasonal look. The reusability factor is important because each place setting does not come cheap.

Then come the table linen

The first accessory of any table is the linen. I selected the napkins and table runners from Dwell Table. Table runners displayed in a face by face orientation produce a more modern look. Dwell sees it that way too because they sell their table runners in set of 2. If you sit people at the table ends, use placemats for them.

You can add interests if you use placemats in a coordinating pattern instead of an exact match to the table runners. This is not always possible. But you can do with the Dwell Table line because their line repeated the same exact colors in several patterns.

I selected natural beige and black because it complements the gold color. I also feel that for a modern table my design has enough gold as it is. I suggest you mix the Flora Natural Table Runners, the Astor Natural Placemats and the simpler Embroidered Natural Napkins.

Why simpler napkins are preferable?

For all the entire meal, you will look at the table cloth and centerpieces so that is where I put the emphasis. After you sit down, the napkin sit on your lap, so their impact on the table is pretty short.

If you buy a dozen of the linen napkins, their cost adds pretty fast. I prefer selecting napkins that I could use with more than one table cloths. It is a good idea to buy two extra napkins as spare ones. I often use in bread baskets.

The drinkware

The Bottle Holder Stainless Steel by Blomus is a neat accessory that would not ruin you. You can stock a few since these Bottle Holders would come handy as stocking stuffer. Go with your favorite clean-lined stemware glasses because the emphasis is on the dinnerware and flatware combination.

Here, I went with a few products by Stelton from the complete 21st Century Collection next to the timeless AJ Glass Coasters. These coasters were designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1970. Water glasses, water jugs and trays in 2 formats from the 21st Century Collection can equip your entertaining kit.

Signature cocktails for a hip Thanksgiving party

I envision a dinner party for a more fashionable crowd. Any cool party needs a signature cocktail. To go with this theme, I proposed a long drink made with Jägermeister. From a color point of you, the D+d lay fits into our scheme and sounds refreshing.

d+d lay recipe by Jägermeister

Recipe of the D+d lay drink

  • 20 ml (3/4 ounce) of Jägermeister
  • 20 ml (3/4 ounces) of Absolut Citron
  • About 200 ml (7 ounces) of Fresh Lemonade

You put in a hi-ball glass with some ice cubes, pour the Jägermeister, the Absolut Citron and top it up with the fresh lemonade. Decorate with a lemon slice.

I recommend the Perfect Lemonade Recipe by Simply Recipes. Since you mix the lemonade with alcohol, you must make the syrup to produce a remarkable cocktail.

If you are like me and you do not like sweet lemonade, you will probably need sweeter lemonade than what you are used to. It is because you need to balance the flavors of the Jägermeister. Thus, one quick solution is to keep syrup on hand and add more to your drink until you get the perfect balance. Your cocktail should not taste too tart. Only trials and errors will outcome the perfect drink. Since two views are better than one, ask the opinion of a friend or a family member when you concoct your recipe.

Recipe of the Jäger Bomb

Jäger Bomb recipe

If you wish to serve shooters, the trendy Jäger Bomb is the way to go.

  • 3 parts of energy drink (Red Bull for instance)
  • 1 part of Jägermeister

This drink look sharp. Basically, the energy drink is served in an old fashioned tumbler glass with floating inside a short shot glass (pony shot).

I did not experiment in making one at home so I not know the best order to make it. Some people suggest pouring the shooter first, placing it inside the tumbler and then filling with the energy drink.

Others suggest pouring the energy drink first and slowly dropped the filled shoot glass inside the tumbler. My husband Jerome says that the best method depends on the spacing between the glasses and your finger size. One thing is for sure; the Jäger Bomb allows you to show off your new modern glasses.

Drink responsibly, eat a good meal and have fun at your Thanksgiving dinner party.

Buy online: Dibbern Gold Leaf Dinnerware Collection – starting at $65 USD for a side plate
Buy online: Due Ice Oro Flatware Collection at Lekker – price: $71 USD per 5-piece setting
Buy online: Flora Natural Table Runners at Dwell store – price: $92 USD for a set of 2
Buy online: Astor Natural Placemats at Dwell store – price: $77 USD for a set of 4
Buy online: Embroidered Natural Napkins at Dwell store – price: $68 USD for a set of 4
Buy online: Blomus Bottle Holder Stainless Steel at Lekker – price: $13 USD
Buy online: 21st Century Collection by Stelton at Lekker – price: $50 USD for the 21st Century Water Jug
Buy online: Arne Jacobsen’s AJ set of 6 Glass Coasters at Lekker – price: $80 USD