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Revisiting last year Christmas inspirations by EQ3

eq3 christmas inspirations

Before chatting about the latest trends in Christmas decorations and party themes, why not examine some stylish tabletop realized in the past?

I selected EQ3 because they supply modern design home furnishings at affordable prices to the fashionable crowd. Since I am Canadian, you will understand that I like to promote outstanding Canadian brands whenever it is possible. EQ3 products reflect the global trends in modern design.

Reviewing the designs

The tables look splendid. By changing the color scheme and a few accessories, you can simply actualize these looks.

You can deposit a small stainless steel bowl inside a large one to make your own version of the featured serving bowl. Use flaked coconut to simulate the snow effect. Make sure the coconut is high enough to hide three quarters of the small bowl.

The middle picture features their tableware collection. Most of the products are still available. That design is not complicated to reproduce. If you have bold floral wallpapers and play with glass, white and silver on your Christmas table, omit a floral arrangements.

I typically forgo the flowers and the greenery centerpieces for my Christmas tables. I prefer decorative items and lights instead. It is the time of the year to play with reflections and sheens. Take a peek at the stainless steel SHINE candle holder family for a start.

The bottom picture can served as the basis for setting up a buffet or a dessert table. An all white theme is always appropriate. Here the organic treatment modernizes the look. To create some depth, add some hints of pale silver to the white sprayed fruit twigs. They are shown here inside the OFF CENTRE vases.

Do not try to find these pictures on EQ3’s Web site, they just removed them. Lucky for us, I prepared my montage two weeks ago.

Learn more: Web site of EQ3
Learn more: SHINE candle holder at EQ3 – price: $12.99 CAD for small, $14.99 for medium, $19.99 for large
Learn more: OFF CENTRE vase at EQ3 – price: $27.99 CAD

+ Trend: Natural sophisticated Christmas
+ A Montreal store for EQ3


EQ3 has launched in Montreal

eq3 party stuff

I have been a fan of EQ3 for a while but with no store in the town where I am living, I was more an observer than a participant. Until now!

Yesterday, on my way out of Ze Apéro Montreal event, I spot the front window of EQ3 just in front of Meat Market. That is a lot of unfamiliar names for people that do not reside in Montreal.

Ze Apéro is a monthly happy hour gathering for the young professional jungle of Montreal. Meat Market is a hip meat restaurant bar. EQ3 provides affordable furniture and home décor accessories to modern design conscious consumers.

Tableware and barware collections

There are many things that you can grab for your next party. Start with the latest SCRIPT clear glassware collection with its golden shapes.

These types of glass plates are all the rage over the last year or two. The trend does not really died since designers always invent new patterns for several brands. That is how this idea is kept fresh. The latest by EQ3 are the KHOKHLOMA Plates. The color palette feels very autumnal.

A sense of refinement and coolness emerge from the WILA Plate Set of three different sizes and the original WILA Fruit Tray. They are simple enough to not steal the show to the food but the design is strong enough to make a statement by itself.

The REPLAY Ottoman Tray is a product that has a few years in age but that I feel as aged well. Maybe it is because I always wanted one but it does not fit my décor right now.

I will show you soon some inspiration pictures by EQ3 for Holiday decoration and gift ideas. I know it is too early to think about Christmas decorating but what I have to show you deserve it. It has entertaining in style written all over it.

Address of the new Montreal EQ3 Store:
4428 Boulevard Saint-Laurent | Montreal, QC H2W 1Z5
T 514.982.9992

Where to find EQ3?

EQ3 showrooms are located across Canada in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, London, Ottawa, Burlington and Montreal. EQ3 is a Canadian brand that introduced an innovative and affordable furniture concept with an European design flair. This is the best alternative to IKEA.

In the United States, EQ3 stores can be found in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Grand Rapids, Richmond, Norfolk, Charlotte and Phoenix, amongst other locations.

Glassware: SCRIPT Decanter at EQ3 – price: $24.99
Glassware: SCRIPT DOF whiskey / juice glass at EQ3 – price: $6.99 each
Serving ware: KHOKHLOMA Plate at EQ3 – starting at $14.99 for the small
Serving ware: WILA Plate Set – price: $79.99 CAD for a set of 3 plates
Serving ware: WILA Fruit Tray at EQ3 – price: $84.99 CAD
Home decor: REPLAY Ottoman Tray at EQ3 – price: $79 CAD
Find a shop: Store locator of EQ3