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    Follow-up to my Mad Scientist party for Halloween

    Awesome Dry Ice Experiments by Steve Spangler

    My husband Jerome really likes the idea of a Mad Scientist party theme. So he went online to gather tips and tricks on making drinks and decorative items with dry ice. I share his best finds with you.

    Awesome Dry Ice Experiment Videos by Steve Spangler

    The first experiment by Steve Spangler for News9 is cool. The graduated cylinders work so well with our Mad Scientist theme. Basically what you need to do is to pour the hot water and pour 2-3 small cubes of dry ice.

    Add coloring tablets to look more mysterious. Or you can drop a bent light stick into your bubbling dry ice potion for a great eerie effect.

    To have a continuous flow of bubbles, just a little bit of dish soap. Make sure to put the cylinder on larger container to catch the running bubbles. If you only have time to watch one video, I suggest watching the last one on the list, the one named More Dry Ice Experiments.

    How to use dry ice in drinks and punches

    First, you must buy food grade dry ice. Wait until everyone shows up since the effect of the dry ice on drinks is short. Keep the unused dry ice wrapped as much as possible. You need to buy it the day of the event; you can keep it in your freezer for up to 8 hours.

    Pour smaller pieces of dry ice so the drink does not get too cold. For the biggest effect, warm pop and water. Wait until the dry ice is completely gone before serving the drinks. For more about safety issues, visit

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