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    Modern Dog and Cat Beds at Pet Interiors

    upscale modern dog and cat beds by pet interiors

    Two years ago, I told you about the stylish cat beds by Cat Interiors. I particularly like the RONDO cat bed.

    Their initial success led Christel and Otto Meyer to start Pet Interiors. They launched a collection of upscale dog beds in July 2009 that is as fabulous as their cat beds.

    You can select the CUBE dog bed in leather or imitation leather. The BOWL dog bed is available in felt, in leather and in imitation leather. The DIVAN is the classic dog pillow that put emphasis on comfort. The brushed wool fleece cushion cover  is removable. You can wash it and dry it in the machine.

    + 1. CUBE dog bed imitation leather $1378, leather $1627
    + 2. BOWL  dog bed felt $261 USD, imitation leather $592, leather $964
    + 3. Divan dog pillow $288.42 USD
    + RONDO cat bed felt or imitation leather $827 USD, wicker $799, leather $964