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Bio Aperitif Set Brings Green to The Cocktail Party | Eco-Friendly Tuesday

disposable tableware by pandora design

Over the years, I introduced pretty cool social plates. Mingle plates are a must for the stylish hostess. They make you look resourceful. My latest mingle plate discovery comes with everything you need to sip and taste hors d’oeuvres and canapes.

This is the brainchild of Pandora Design, a Milan-based company known for their amazing disposable tableware. Pandora used to be a cater company but they saw a market in modern design disposable dinnerware. Pandora Design went green with their latest project for YOOXYGEN. YOOXYGEN is an eco-friendly initiative of YOOX just launched to celebrate Earth Day (April 22, 2009).

bio aperitif setting by pandora design for yooxygen

Bio Aperitif is the ultimate disposable tableware alternative for an eco-chic cocktail party. The handmade set shows imperfections. This is the new trend to infuse an authentic look. More importantly, it is more ecological since you do not throw away lots of rejects.

Bio Aperitif is made from Mater-Bi, a 100% biodegradable corn compound. Some components of the Bio Aperitif set were adapted from the existing product range of Pandora design. The only drawback is that is it not cheap; I assume they are for single usage.  A set for 4 guests costs $38 USD. Each set contains:

  • 4 Sunglass glasses
  • 4 Tapas plates
  • 4 2Spin toothpicks and
  • 4 Moscardino sporks.

The design is sure to make a lasting impression on your guests.

+ Bio Aperitif Set by YOOXYGEN $38 USD for 16 pieces
+ Pandora Design
+ Via MoCo Loco


My 2008 Posts in Review: August

August brought a unique sense of style and magic.

orla kiely's ravel bag collection :: alice in wonderland birthday party

+ You can resist the travel bag collection by Orla Kiely. You probably feel like a start checking in at your hotel.

+ Staying in the fantasy world is these stunning pictures of a little girl’s Alice in Wonderland birthday party taken by photographer Jessica Claire. I suggested accessories to create your own Alice in Wonderland’s garden party for kids.

wasara disposable tableware :: modern family house designed for entertaining

+ The Japanese disposable tableware Wasara is my most refined eco-friendly find of 2008. Many readers were impressed by the design. So far, three products have been market in Japan since the end of August. The rest of the collection is still at the coming soon stage. I hope Wasara will come to America next year.

+ I asked Can a family house be the ultimate entertaining house? Looking at the exquisite and clever design of the Club Clive house we have to answer yes.


A social plate fitted for wine stemware, soda cans and glasses

social plates for stemware, soda, coffee, beer glass

I shown you several mingle plates in the past. The one by Superior Devices is quite different than the others for two reasons.

Not just for Wine stemware

First, the plate is not just designed to hold wine glasses. If children are invited, if you are hosting a breakfast event at a seminar for examples, you will probably serve something else than wine.

Due to its unique form – a patent is pending – the plate can be used for all types of drinks. You can deposit your soda can or a usual plastic beer glass on a dedicated compartment. As suggested on a TV show by HGTV, your coffee cup can sit on your plate while you are mingling.

I do not recommend that you walk with a soda can or a non-stemmed glass on the plate. This feature is for when you are socializing.

The plate works best with tapas, snack foods and hors d’oeuvres. The food neatly fit into four compartments. A stemware glass slides into the central opening. A side opening enables you to hold the plate securely.

Recyclable disposable party dinnerware

I received some samples from Social Plates. Their sturdy construction can withstand in my view one or two of hand washes. If you only serve snacks and finger foods, you can probably extend the life of most of them. When you are finished with it, the plate can go in the recycle bin.

From a visual standpoint, the plate by Social Plate is only pleasing especially when you compare it to other non paper disposable dinnerware. Basically, they look like polystyrene plates.

If you are looking for a casual looking disposable plate for a family event like a birthday, a baby shower or a children’s Christmas party, these are a recyclable option. They are sold in pack of 12 ($12.95 USD) and in pack of 60 plates ($49.95) at Ace Mart, a restaurant supply store that accept orders from consumers.

+ Social Plate Disposable Cocktail Plate at Ace Mart – price: $49.95 for a pack of 60, $12.95 for a pack of 12
+ Social Plate Disposable Cocktail Plate, Case of 60 at – price: $49.95 for a pack of 60, $12.95 for a pack of 12
+ Web site of Social Plate by Superior Devices
+ Bottom Left Photo credit: review of International Home & Housewares Show 2006 taken from a HGTV Special presentation segment

+ Highs and lows of eco-friendly disposable dinnerware
+ Glass tapas plates called d’glas
+ Wooden and Porcelain Wine and Dine plates


The highs and lows in eco-friendly disposable plates and utensils

bambu and bagasse disposable dinnerware at branch

This is the first article of my new eco-chic party and stylish green living column. Stay tuned every Wednesday for more.

Although real dinnerware is the ultimate choice, it is not also possible due to time, group size and money. If you need to use disposable tableware for an event, what are the environment friendly choices out there?

The high version of environment friendly dinnerware

Launched in 2006, the bambu All Occasion Veneerware collection displays contemporary clean lines. The materials are peeled directly from the 100% organically grown bamboo stalk; but really no one gives supplements to one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. bambu is the ultimate in trendy chic right now.

The making of All Occasion Veneerware uses no bleaches or dyes. After disposal, the plates, trays and utensils biodegrades in 4 to 6 months. Bamboo is available at Branch and

The prices are slightly cheaper at where you get 2 packaging sizes to cater to small and large events. Choose between the 8 pack and the 100 pack for plates, and the 24 piece kit (8 knives, spoons and forks) or a bag of 250 utensils (single type).

bambu Veneerware trays and sporks are designed for one-time use that may be composted when done. Therefore, you can fully set up your buffet table with environment friendly dinnerware. A spork is a spoon and a fork in a single item.

The low version of environment friendly dinnerware

The top left picture shows plates, oval platters, cups and bowls made of 100% biodegradable, compostable sugar cane fiber (bagasse) that is a byproduct of the sugar refining process. The utensils are made of 80% potato starch and 20% vegetable oil.

Their look is not impressive but they will make you feel good. Unbleached, FDA-approved food-safe that are comparable to Chinet brand plates for sturdiness. You can buy those Biodegradable Plates, Cups + Utensils in pack of 50 units at Branch.

Spread the words

If you use environmentally friendly products at an event, do not be shy to nicely highlight the facts at the event. Write down in chalk compostable, environment friendly and fair trade on small slate coasters. Decorative place card holders are another option. But do not forget to spread the words, so people become aware of the alternatives.

Learn more: Web site of bambu
Buy online: bambu All Occasion Veneerware at Greenfeet – starting at $ 5.50 for 8 salad / dessert plates
or $65.95 for 100
Buy online: Biodegradable Plates, Cups + Utensils at Branch – starting at $6.50 for 50 salad / dessert plates

+ Recyclable and disposable Social Plates for all drinks