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Round-up: High and Low Extending Dining Tables

oxymore dining table roche-bobois

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. I always said that once we bought a house, I would get a new, large dining table. I waited so long because I wanted one that would fit the space. My new dining room is 10 feet by almost 16 feet. Therefore, I’m waiting for a dining table to comfortably sit 10 to 12 persons, when it is fully extended. Continue Reading


A Collapsible Dining Table

modern scandinavian restaurant

modern scandinavian restaurant

It is just after I checked the furniture used for this modern Scandinavian restaurant that I realized that the dining table they used was collapsible.  Simsalabim can be used a sideboard or a dining table. This feature comes handy when you are having a party since you can create more floor space and still have a serving station.

This is not a new design. Börge Lindau, the late founder of Blå Station, designed this multi-purpose table in 1993. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where to buy it. Simply for the concept, it is worth sharing it.

+ Simsalabim
+ restaurant photo: Kvadrat


French Style Alfresco Dining

french style alfresco dining

french style alfresco dining

It is funny that I found in a South African magazine one of the most inspiring pictures that capture the spirit of french alfresco dining. The French are not afraid to mix formal, classic pieces with rustic elements. That dining table is the perfect example with Napoleon III bronze candelabra being used for casual outdoor dining.

french style kitchen

This kitchen illustrates one of the most important elements of stylish, stress-free entertaining: do not neglect the preparation. Create a butler station by putting on a surface the glassware, the water bottles or pitchers, the wines and the bread that you will need for the night. This way, it is easy to delegate this task during the party, if you want to. Even if you do it yourself, you will see that this technique simplifies your life.

+ photos by Elsa Young for House and Leisure – August 2011 issue


Cool Tools: Anthropologie’s Tabletop Design Tool

anthropologie tabletop design tool

anthropologie tabletop design tool

If you’ve ever struggled to pull together a colourful and cohesive tabletop, there’s a new online tool that can help you think beyond basic bowls and chargers to create a layered look with texture and pattern.

You likely already know Anthropologie for their amazing store displays (truly, no two stores are alike) and ever-changing collection of clothing and accessories. This charm extends to a unique collection of hand-crafted housewares.

anthropologie tabletop design app

Their online tabletop design tool showcases the colourful glassware and dishes the store is known for, and encourages creativity when it comes to designing table settings – whether for everyday use or pretty parties. It’s a great way to experiment with colour and texture to find your unique style. You can choose from a variety of “backgrounds” in neutral linen shades, then layer on the pieces that catch your eye. You can also save your designs for future reference or share them via social networking sites.

anthropologie tabletop design app tool

While every one needs a good set of basic white dishes to serve as a blank canvas, this app will have you clamouring for a few colourful pieces to add to your collection.

+ Tabletop Design Tool on Anthropolgie


The New Hopper Table and Benches by Dirk Wynants for Extremis

hopper table and benches designed by dick wynants for extremis

hopper table and benches designed by dick wynants for extremis

As an hostess, I’m in awe with the Hopper furniture collection. I like the look of the furniture but what I truly admire are the practical accessories designed for entertaining outdoor or indoor.  You can fit inside the table oil lamps, ice buckets, grilling surfaces and an awning. Tables can be linked together to create a long communal table.

icecube by extremis  :: drink cooler

The Hopper collection was designed by Belgian designer Dirk Wynants, who founded Extremis in 1994. You may know Extremis for IceCube, the coolest party cooler. The drink cooler comes with a lighting system. If it wasn’t that expensive, I would like to have one at home.

woodstock :: wood log rack and dolly by extremis

WoodStock is more than a fire wood rack. It is also a removable dolly that allows you to easy transport of a large amount of wood logs without breaking your back.

qrater campfire dish by extremis

Qrater is a stylish campfire dish. Optional skewers and grills, held at the right position with a bracket system, let’s you easily grill you a snack. Fire dishes add comfort to an urban garden or the cottage.

+ IceCube by Extremis $2,046 USD at Unica Home
+ WoodStock $1,581
+ Qrater fire dish by Dick Wynants $2,279
+ Hopper collection via MoCo Loco

FOOD + DRINK FOOD presentation

Breakfast Inspiration

breakfast meal with extra-long table on living etc

I love this picture. The superb crafted table, the breakfast scene, and the angle of the shot. I dream of having enough room in my house for an extra-long dining table. You save space by putting benches and stools instead of chairs.

+ Via July 2007 edition of Living etc


Home Decor Tips | Quick Links 2009.02.12

claro walnut dining table by nyc hudson furniture

+ My ultimate dining room would be like that. It would be a place where lots of guests can be invited for a sit-down dinner. The vibe would be a relaxed casual chic. Reclaimed wood and the communal table are two trends that should continue to grow because they make us feel good. You see here the handmade Claro Walnut Table available at Hudson Furniture. The table is custom made. Hudson Furniture can made dinner tables that measure up to 20-feet long. Via The Urban Lifestyle

before and after projects at design*sponge

+ A great floor-to-ceiling storage unit that makes the best use of a typical living room corner. This is a home project done by Serena of the Farm Chicks. What I like about floor to ceiling storage is that you eliminate one long surface to clean. Via Design*Sponge new web design

+ I just realized the got a facelift. I like it! Their color palette is similar to my new logo. We use different hues and the design of our site is different.


My Top 3 inspirations from May 2008 Canadian House and Home Magazine

ciot marble :: through sink :: elte round dining table :: modern kitchen on Canadian House & Home  May 2008

The May 2008 of Canadian House & Home is the Green Issue. It is full of eco-friendly advices and products. What caught my eyes are 3 entertaining details.

Trough sink

The first one is an advertising picture by Ciot. The marble slat is gorgeous. It looks so modern.

I wish I have the space to install a through sink. Typically, you integrate the through sink in your preparation area. When you entertain friends, you use this long and narrow sink to chill bottles of wines, champagnes and beers. Check out the model by Kohler. This trough sink exterior dimensions are 60″ x 8-1/4″ with a basin depth of 5-15/16″.

Round Dining Table

The elegance of the classical round table is irrefutable. A round table of the right size promotes group conversation.

This upscale Elte dining table is a reproduction of the Georgian style. The table has a rosewood cross banding around blistered mahogany veneer over an insert base. The Plain saber legs with brass casters make it easy to move around when you serving a standing buffet party.

One special detail about this table is that the leaves attached to the outer edges to preserve the true circle shape when extended. All these special elements explain the high price tag.

Kitchen Design

I love the style of this kitchen. What special about it is the integration of bar elements. This kitchen was designed to not look as a kitchen but more like the eating bar of a restaurant. Yet, the kitchen works well when cooking. This is a wise decision if you want your kitchen to be a part of your living room.

A 16 feet island seems marvelous. Since my kitchen space is about 10 x 11 feet, it is out of the question for the moment. At least, I got the part where my guests can sit and chat with me while I am cooking.

A Digital Issue

In case you do not know, you can subscribe to a digital issue. I receive both the digital and the print versions. At my renewal, I am thinking of renewing the digital version only. It works very well and I can always access the digital version before the print version. The digital version costs $24.95 for 12 issues. A bargain for US and International subscribers.

Learn more: Kohler Through Sink K-3157 price: $1222.70 USD and up
Learn more: Dining Table by Elte – price: $7345
Photo credit of the dining room: Ted Yarwood – Canadian H&H May 2008 page 74
Photo credit of the kitchen: Martin Tesler – Canadian H&H May 2008 page 164