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Duo Colour Icing Kits

two tone cake icing with Lakeland Duo Colour Icing Kit

two tone cake icing with Lakeland Duo Colour Icing Kit
photo: Duo Colour Icing Kit £4.99 at Lakeland

Decorating your cakes and cupcakes with two tone icing is made easy with this kit. Double pastry bags are attached to a specially designed coupler to deliver a control flow of two tone icing. The set comes with 6 nozzles. When you are selecting your flavours, simply remember that both icings should have the same consistency. At first, I advice that you fill the bag by alternating between the two sides to get a feel of how much icing can go into each compartment.

reusable double pastry bag set
photo: Reusable double pastry bag set $14 USD at

This would be a great cake decorating tool to have around Halloween and Christmas. Since the Lakeland Duo Colour Icing Kit is only available in UK, I  found an option in the United States. You will only need to add more piping tips to the double pastry bag set at Kerekes Bakery & Restaurant Equipment in Brooklyn, which also operates Their set only comes with a star pastry tube.


Angry Birds Sweet Table

angry birds birthday boy sweet table

Angry Birds continue to be a popular theme with grade school kids. Elena and Sandy from Style Me Sweet styled a beautiful sweet table for a 6 years old birthday boy.

Kids were presented with an assortment of Angry Birds lollipop cookies, cupcakes and a stunning birthday cake. See more pictures at Amy Butler’s blog.


My Son’s First Birthday Jungle Party (Part 2): The Food, the Cakes and the Party Favors

1st birthday snack food :: jungle theme

Click here to read part 1 of my son’s jungle theme birthday party.

1st birthday jungle themed snack table

I do not think that kids party are about food. For one thing, kids birthday parties are often scheduled in the middle of the afternoon and set to end before supper time. This is why I chose to serve healthy snacks for my son’s first birthday party. I went for food that the kids and their parents would equally enjoy.

1st birthday snack food :: jungle party

I also want to devise a menu that shared my party color palette. After contemplating several options, I opted for a fast and easy to make crowd-pleasing menu. I served crudités with a succulent dip, caprese salad on skewers, old cheddar grilled cheese, and as a testimony to my son’s play habit at the time, a tower of marbled cheese cubes.

Two DIY Decorating Projects for my Savoury & Sweet Table

The first project can hardly be called a project since it took two minutes from start to finish. But the raised platters is an important design element of my table. I made the raised platters by simply taping PAPAJA plant pots from IKEA to my collection of Thomas Paul Sea Life melamine plates. Double-sided tape works perfectly for this type of job. Make sure to check that the base of the pots is straight and that the plates sits well on them. I paired the dishes with some IKEA melamine bowls that I bought 2 summers ago — sadly for you, the bowls are no longer available. I was not lying when I told you that I used many items that I already owned for this party.

paint dripped utensils

My main DIY project are the paint-dipped utensils. I did it before dinner the night before. Although it works out, I should have started earlier. I will share what I learned by paint-dipping wood utensils in a future post. For now, let’s talk about two Montreal-based bakers that did an incredible job.

The Cake and Cupcakes

zack 1st birthday cake :: jungle theme

It was important to me to have the right cake for the occasion. I am glad that I bought the cakes at Les Glaceurs. I did not consider Les Glaceurs a contender until I saw the jungle animal cupcakes they did for a kids birthday party. Their style fits with mine. But I also want a cake, not just cupcakes. I inquired and they showed me their portfolio of nicely decorated 6 inches round, 3-layer cakes. I was sold!

The design of my son’s first birthday cake was a collaborative effort. I sent a photo of my party hats to their cake decorator in order for them to match the colors. I told her that I want an elephant on the top and circles on the side. I let them do their magic for the rest. I like the green grass at the bottom of the cake. The character of his first cake turned out to be cheerfully modern and playful, which was exactly what I was looking for. I also want to point out that working with Les Glaceurs was a breeze.

jungle theme cake and cupcakes

I imagined that it would be easier for my son to eat a cupcake. So I ordered one with a giraffe. Plus, I ordered vanilla cupcakes for the kids. It turned out that many moms ask for a cupcake instead of a piece of a cake. I bought cupcake toppers but I did not used them. At the end, I felt that it would have deter the attention from the cakes. I found another good reason to have a supply of cupcakes when a family had to leave before we blow the candle. They went home with two cupcakes for the kids.

The Party Favors

1st birthday crocodile cookie favors

A week before my son’s birthday party I received an email from Isabelle Quinn, the founder and head chef at Sweet Isabelle. I had planned to make goodies bag for the kids. Instead, I took this opportunity and asked her if she would supply me with her cute animal lollipop cookies. Isabelle said yes! I received (for free) an assortment of crocodile, monkey and elephant cookies that the kids were pleased to take home. They all love it!

Isabelle delivered it to me with a batch of mini cupcakes the night before. I got an extra cookie in order to taste it. Sweet Isabelle’s cupcakes are simply delicious. They were the first cake that my son ever ate — I wanted him to have a test run before the big day. Sweet Isabelle’s vanilla shortbread lollipop cookies are as delicious as they look.  The animal collection is always growing. I counted 37 animals at the moment.

If you live in Montreal, take note that she organize cookie decorating party at her shop. Isabelle told me that I should wait until my son is at least 3 years old to plan one.

+ Cake and cupcakes: Les Glaceurs
+ Animal cookies on a stick: Sweet Isabelle



Happy Valentine’s Day!

happy valentine's day cupcakes

happy valentine's day cupcakes

In this day where we remind the ones we love about how much they are important for us, I want to tell each of you how much I appreciate the support that you gave me over the years. And I want to thank all the fabulous home design / lifestyle / party and wedding blogs that inspire me on a daily basis. Happy Valentine!

+ photo: the Valentine’s Day cupcakes that I bought at Les Glaceurs this afternoon.



Recipe: Cupcakes for Two

recipe 2 cupcakes brett bara

recipe 2 cupcakes brett bara

Trying to stick to your new year’s resolutions, but haven’t quite kicked your cupcake habit?

Author, blogger, crafter and designer Brett Bara shared the perfect solution to keep your sweet tooth in check: a small batch recipe that creates two – and only two – chocolate cupcakes, complete with homemade frosting. This idea is perfect for baking enthusiasts who live solo, as a mid-week dessert option for couples, or when you’re just craving something sweet after-hours.

Get the full recipe with step-by-step photo instructions on Brett’s blog, Manhattan Craft Room.

+ Recipe for Two Chocolate Cupcakes by Brett Bara


Angry Birds Cupcakes and Robot Cakepops

angry birds cupcakes

Game themed parties are fun for kids and adults. One game that is all the rage is Angry Birds. A geek friend gave our son a red bird plush toy. It is not surprising that Julie of Blue Cupcake received an order for an Angry Birds party. She made a small cake and many cupcakes. Julie relied on tips from her 6-years old son in order for her cake creations to be true to the game. As a player, I can tell you that she succeeded. Continue Reading


Sweet Treat Chalkboard Decals

sweet chalkboard decals

sweet chalkboard decals

WallCandy added to their range an Ice Cream cone chalkboard and a cupcake chalkboard. Both come with a decorating kit that will be fun to assemble.

It will add a special and entertaining touch to a little girl birthday, a baby shower, or a school sale stand. But decorating these wall treats may wake up your sweet tooth. These are reusable stickers so you do not have to worry about your walls (at least, in theory). After the party, you could reuse them in the playroom, the kids bedrooms or the kitchen.

The giant ice cream cone lamp by WallCandy could complete the look.

+ Soft Ice Cream Cone Chalkboard Decal $56 USD
Cupcake Chalkboard Decal $56 USD
+ Giant Ice Cream Lamp $30 USD


Easter Decorating Kits from Eggs to Cupcakes

easter cupcake decorating williams sonoma

easter cupcake decorating williams sonoma

Easter is spring’s first opportunity to indulge in a little holiday decorating. These all-in-one kits are a wonderful way to wrap up the season’s colors and charms without wasting time in multiple kitchen or craft shops collecting supplies.

With brightly colored cupcake liners and adorable animal picks, Williams-Sonoma’s Easter Fun Cupcake Decorating Set would also work well for spring baby shower, or little girl’s birthday party.

easter egg decorating williams sonoma

If you’ll have at kid’s table at your Easter gathering, be sure to stock up on Williams-Sonoma’s egg decorating kit. Packed with egg dyes, stickers, markers and other craft supplies, it will keep little hands busy before and after the meal.

Easter party Invites and Decorations

easter cupcake decorating printable tomkat studio

Etsy is always a wonderful source for well-designed complete printable party kits. This cheery collection – just $10 USD – comes with party circles that can be used as gift tags, cupcake toppers, place cards, napkin rings and more. The set also comes with a blank invitation design, treat bag fold-over labels and striped flags for a coordinated look.
+ Easter Cupcake Decorating Kit $12 USD at Williams-Sonoma
+ Easter Egg Decorating Kit $19.95 USD at Williams-Sonoma
+ Bunny Love Easter Printable Collection $10 USD from TomKat Studio on Etsy


Real Simple Unexpected Ways to Serve Cupcakes and Ice Cream

real simple food serving ideas for cupcakes and ice cream

real simple food serving ideas for cupcakes and ice cream

A simple trick to make the ordinary looks out of the ordinary is with an original food presentation. For an office birthday party, nothing can be easier than serving bite-size cupcakes inside a glass. Light some candles on top and you get a twist on the birthday cake. I like this idea since you do not have to flatware or to cut the cake.  You could also put mini-cupcakes inside short Mason jars. Then, either tie a cute tag or apply a custom made sticker to each jar.

The second suggestion lets you prepare in advance ice cream scoops when you are having many guests. Place individual scoops in a cupcake tin lined with paper baking cups. The tray can be kept in the freezer for several hours. After the cake or the pie is cut, remove the scoops from the paper baking cups and serve. For a kid party, you could leave the scoops on a baking cup and serve it on a plate. Add a cute label on a toothpick to achieve a true festive look.

+ Scooping the Ice Cream – photo by Mark Lund for Real Simple
+ Bite-size cupcakes make for an unexpected birthday cake – photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo for Real Simple


Sweet Paul Magazine: Spring 2011 edition

sweet paul magazine spring 2011 kids

sweet paul magazine spring 2011 kids

Sweet Paul magazine is never short on inspiration and the spring issue doesn’t disappoint, with a special focus on DIY projects, shops and food created with kids in mind. Here are a few of our favorites.

Cupcakes On A Stick (above)

As if cupcakes couldn’t get cuter, Paul topped skewers with miniature cakes to create a decorative and delicious bouquet (page 46).

Tips for Decorating Kid’s Rooms

This seaside circus-themed bedroom is a triumph of imagination and functionality. Reclaimed wood throughout the room gives a nod to bygone boardwalk days. With space to stash toys, books and extra blankets, the “store and spin” ferris wheel-inspired storage system puts modular storage to shame! (page 32)

sweet paul magazine spring kids bedroom

Play With Your Food

Forget candy necklaces: the bread and tomato necklace is this season’s tasty, healthier alternative. The Play With Your Food feature is filled with clever ways to encourage little ones to play with their food, including puzzle sandwiches, fried rice boats and mini pies on a stick. These would be fantastic options for birthday parties or play dates. (page 98)

sweet paul magazine spring food

In The Box

It never fails: kids unwrap a great gift and find more fun playing with the box than the toy. That’s the inspiration behind these upcycled cardboard box projects: a rocket ship, a doll’s house, a dog and more. These projects would be an awesome way to teach kids about reducing waste by recycling and reusing materials. (page 78)

sweet paul spring issue cardboard box

There are so many sweet things to love in this issue of Sweet Paul. Check out the complete edition for project instructions, recipes and how tos!

+ Sweet Paul Magazine – Spring 2011
+ Cupcake on a Stick
+ Tip’s For Decorating Kid’s Rooms
Play With Your Food
In The Box