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Ribbon Holder: A DIY Project and Storage Tips

diy ribbon organizer shelf

diy ribbon organizer shelf

We’re always on the hunt for clever craft supply storage options. This simple DIY shared by Paula Biggs of Frog Prince Paperie on the Craft magazine blog points to one common culprit standing in the way of pretty, organized collection of ribbon: most ribbon organizers use a dowel or rod to keep spools in place.

As Paula points out, sometimes the dowel isn’t strong enough to hold the weight of the ribbon, spools can easily become unravelled, and it can be a pain removing all of the spools when you only need to replace one empty roll.

Her quick and easy skinny wall shelves solve all of these problems, yet still keep ribbon accessible for gift-wrapping or other projects. Plus, they use vertical space – rather than taking up valuable desk or table space you may need for projects – and can be made on the cheap with supplies found in any hardware or home improvement store.

For slighty smaller spools, or if you’re not interested in the DIY project, a similar option is this inexpensive shelf from Ikea, which is intended to be used as a spice rack. Be sure to take a spool with you to the store to ensure the dimensions will work for your collection.

Tell us: what solutions do you use to keep your ribbon organized?

+ DIY Ribbon Organizer on Craft
BEKVÄM Spice Rack, Ikea, $6.99


Architect Lamps and Stools in Bold Colors

flamingo berry stool

architect lamps

Here are two items that are sure to cheer up your work/study desk area or a craft room. First, the classic architect lamp gets a boost of colors. Then, you can use the flamingo stool as a guest sit or as a coffee table next to your reading chair.

flamingo berry stool

Each one is available in 6 bright colors. The big question for me would be to decide which color to take between orange, aqua, green or berry. Notice that the Flamingo stools are only sold online.

+ Architect Berry Lamp $32.95 USD at Crate & Barrel
+ Flamingo Berry Stool $16.95 USD


Ribbon Storage Solutions from the Kitchen

ribbon storage paper towel holder straw dispenser real simple

ribbon storage paper towel holder straw dispenser real simple

I never get tired of seeing kitchen tools re-purposed as creative storage solutions. These two counter-top clutter busters do just that without sacrificing any style.

Spools of ribbon stay wrangled inside the straw dispenser, and they’re easy accessible when stacked on a paper towel roll holder. Best of all, both options offer plenty of colourful eye candy for your crafty corner.

+ Ribbon-Filled Straw Dispenser, All People Quilt (via How About Orange)
+ Paper Towel Holder as Ribbon Organizer, Real Simple


Ikea’s Curtain Wire Used as a Ribbon Storage System

curtain wire ribbon storage :: as seen on

For city dwellers, having a craft space is often a luxury. I thought I found the perfect spot to do mine but now that we unpacked most of the boxes, I might have to put my dream on hold for a while. I need to put a storage unit where I initially planned to fit a small craft and gift wrapping station. In the meanwhile, I still searched the Web for great craft room ideas.

My latest find is how Claudia of Ink.Paper.Love stored her ribbons. She used the Dignitet curtain wire and a pack of curtain rings with clips from Ikea. It is perfect since that system can accommodate several packaging types.

And if you are short on space, you must see the great craft closet that Claudia’s husband created for her. You can fit a lot on a closet. I am sure that it will give you ideas.

+ Craft closet at Ink.Paper.Love
+ Dignitet curtain wire $16.99 CAD / $14.99 USD
+ Pack of 24 curtain rings with clips $9.99 CAD / $4.99 USD


Simple Ribbon Storage Ideas

wall hooks and wire baskets used to store ribbons

wall hooks and wire baskets used to store ribbons

The latest catalogue of Doctor House DK proposes a few clever ways to store ribbons. The first idea is to install a metal wall hook on a door. The key is to make sure that the hooks are long enough. You could reproduce the look and feel with long nails on a piece of wood.

Another solution is to neatly place them on a basket. The advantage of a wire basket over a solid one is that you can find more easily a ribbon suitable for your project.

ribbon storage ideas

Lastly, you could use a wall wooden bookcase or a wall. The rustic feel will add charm to your display. When you get tired to see a ribbon, you can always repurpose it as a candle holder.

ribbons stored in a metal pail

Finally, you could use metal pails as shown on the blog of Candice Stringham photography. Her solution works best with thin ribbon rolls.

+ Doctor House DK
Office/studio/art supply closet of Candice Stringham Photography


Inexpensive Ribbon Organizing Solution

ribbon organizer tutorial

ribbon organizer tutorial

If you’re a crafter, you know how easily unorganized supplies can overwhelm your workspace. It can zap your creativity and completely stall in-progress projects. Fortunately, finding smart solutions to sort your fabric, ribbon, wrapping paper is becoming less difficult, but they can be expensive.

I loved this quick, easy and affordable option shared by Halsey at Spunky Junky. She put a stop to her messy ribbon collection by threading spools on wood dowels and inserting them into a small plastic basket. Halsey also put the basket’s holes to use to keep the ribbon ends easily accessible.

ribbon organizer tutorial

Easy, organized and inexpensive! How do you keep your craft supplies tidy?

+ $5 Ribbon Organizer Tutorial from Spunky Junky (via Craft Magazine)


Ideas for A Small Craft Space

craft station

craft station

When I designed the new floor plan for our home, I made sure to allocate a small part of the den (that we use as a library) to become a craft station. It is a small space. I have 57 inches of wall to play with. After looking at many possible configurations, I am leaning for a single desk with storage and top shelves.

Since I do not wish to spend a lot of  money to furnish it, I browsed the IKEA catalogue in search of the prefect desk for my space. My craft space will be located just beside the nursery door, in an open space. Therefore, having closed storage is essential. I also want something cheerful that will stimulate my creativity. I think that I found a good solution with the MICKE work station.

The things I like about it:

  • the adjustable shelf inside the storage compartment. It is designed for a computer tower but I could configure it to suit my need;
  • I won’t have to make many holes on my wall with the storage unit equipped with a magnetic writing board and shelves;
  • it comes in orange

Another option would be to take the small MICKE desk workstation and place the drawer unit on casters next to it to expand the work surface. I will wait until I see it in person to make a decision.

I am looking for a way to have easy access to wrapping ribbons and my growing Japanese washi tape collection. One solution could be to hang two GRUNDTAL rails.

Inspired by a Creative Kids Corner

creative kids corner from the happy home

Have a look at the superb craft corner that Belinda Graham of The Happy Home designed for her two kids. I love it! She put to good use the  GRUNDTAL rail. And I am impressed by the way she transformed the basic LÄTT table and chairs from IKEA with simply black paint and several washi tapes.

+ larger MICKE desk workstation $139.99 CAD
+ small MICKE desk workstation $89.99 CAD
+ MICKE drawer unit on casters $79.99 CAD
+ GRUNDTAL rail $6.99 CAD and up, depending of the size
+ Creative kids corner photographed by Belinda Graham of The Happy Home


Three Art Tables for Young Kids

deluxe art table for kids

art activity table for young kids

Drawing is a favorite activity amongst kids. And you can encourage even more their creativity by providing your kids with a cute and practical art table. One of the big advantages is lots of space to store their art and craft materials.

If you are looking for more features than the very affordable Ikea’s MÅLA easel, look at these options. First, the art activity desk features a front easel that folds flat to reveal more storage areas and a desktop.

art table and chair

What is great with the red Art Table and Chair set is that it can be used with or without a paper roll caddy. You could add a chair and invite a friend for a tea party.

deluxe art table for kids

With a 47″ x 30″ tabletop, the Deluxe Art Center can fit comfortably more kids. It is almost like a grown-up craft space scaled back for kids.

+ MÅLA easel $19.99 CAD / $14.99 USD
+ Art activity desk $280 USD
+ Art Table and Chair set $130 USD
+ Deluxe Art Center $430 USD


Converting an extra Bedroom into a Crafty Room


I secretly crave for a craft room at home. Until we decide to settle in a new home, it will stay a dream. In the meantime, I am taking notes on how others design their craft space.

Vancouver designer Kelly Deck converted a good size spare room into a craft room using affordable, widely available furniture and accessories. The only indulgence was the Cole & Son’s Cow Parsley wallpaper available through Kravet Fabrics in Canada.


The stoneware ASKER containers hung on a long ASKER suspension rail have multiple uses. I am sorry for the lack of product details. They did not specify in the Canadian House & Home magazine the names of the products they used.

One thing that I would change is the storage unit. When you factor in the cost of all the cardboard boxes, that unit is not a bargain. A more practical option would be a base cabinet with drawers in order to neatly lay down scrapbooking paper and wrapping paper. Something like the BRAVAD base cabinet with extra wide drawers seems perfect for the tasks I got in mind.

+ ASKER container 5-inch $4.99 CAD, 6-inch $7.99 USD
+ ASKER suspension rail 47 1/4 inches $9.99 CAD, 23 1/2 inches $5.99 CAD
+ BRAVAD base cabinet $795 CAD
+ Lights, table, cabinets, storage unit at IKEA
+ Area rug at Pottery Barn
+ Cole & Son’s Cow Parsley wallpaper
+ Via March 2009 Canadian House & Home – photography by Janis Nicolay


Ultimate Gift Wrapping Stations

ultimate gift wrapping stations

I wrote twice about gift wrapping stations. I still have to fulfill this dream in the comfort of my own house.

After the biggest wrapping session of the year, I felt the need for a better system. I do not have a bad system. It is just that I need to put back everything on their shelves once I am finished. I wish for a spot where everything is accessible with pegboards and a couple of professional metal stands to put my big paper rolls.

If you do not have a room to spare for craft and wrapping projects, you can install a pegboard in a closet. The Container Store sells impressively useful workstations. You can opt for a mobile solution to neatly store your wrap paper rolls, totes, tissue, ribbons and gift accessories.

Mobile Storage Solutions

Ideal for a small space, the Gift Packaging Workstation with the foldable legs can be stored under a bed or on a shelf. It features some clips to hold a gift wrap roll on the top surface plus on the side, a ribbon dispenser and tool caddy.

A cheaper option is the Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer. Hang it on a closet rod, a hook or slide it under a bed.

+ Gift Wrap Station at Pottery Barn
+ How to set up a gift wrapping station in a craft room

+ Photo credits: the Pull-Out Storage Central and the Repurposed Wrapping Station – photography by Veronica Toney for Better Homes and Gardens
+ White elfa Mesh Gift Wrap Cart on sale at $139.38 USD at The Container Store
+ Gift Packaging Workstation $99 USD at The Container Store
+ Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer $21.99 USD at The Container Store


Gift Wrap Station at Pottery Barn

Wall-Mounted Craft Organizer at Pottery Barn

It is not the first time that I am telling you this: I wish for a gift-wrapping station at home. I dream of a place where I could hang my big wrapping paper rolls and neatly store label holders, ribbons and so on.

The Wall-Mounted Craft Organizer at Pottery Barn gives me all that with an upper shelf to keep the tapes, scissors and ribbons. Four dowels drop into slots to hold wrapping paper rolls.

The bottom picture shows a craft room that almost feels like a little shop. It is charming. Baskets are a great way to store paper pieces, bags and boxes. I like to glue decorative elements near the bows. I guess I could repurpose glass jars from the grocery store.

All these are all charming. With the Holiday season that is coming up soon, I wish I would find the time to setup my own gift station. If I do, you will be the first to know about it.

+ Wall-Mounted Craft Organizer – price: $229 USD
+ Find your local Pottery Barn dealer here