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Back to our regular programming


Every time a chapter of your life, short or long, finished you feel its impacts. That is what makes living so exciting.

As my frequent travel run ended last night, I am getting back to my regular schedule. What this means for you is that:

  • You get more daily posts – more tips, more inspirations
  • I will have time to create instructional videos
  • I can participate more in the blogosphere.

There will be more posts on the amazing things I did or I saw plus my guides on better living in style. Stay tuned; it should be exciting.

Coming soon: an improved Web site

In the upcoming days / weeks, I will deploy:

  • a new signature for At Home with Kim Vallée – the time has come to get a real identity for my brand
  • a revised, more relevant category system
  • new features to get to my content

What type of tree?

I took the pictures last week at Peju, a small Provencal family-run winery in Napa Valley. Since I forgot to ask, does anyone know what type of tree this is?