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Hip Beach Theme for a Wedding Anniversary Party

wedding anniversary beach party :: the shore club in miami :: bang & olufsen loudspeakers :: onfalos grill

We owe a lot to our parents. After all they gave us an environment to flourish and expand our horizon.

The customs want that you throw a big party at the 25th and the 50th anniversary. Kids should be the ones that organize it. The problem is that kids are still in school for the 25th, so they cannot afford an extravagant party. And 50 seems so far and your parents will be old.

Why not throw a big bash when the kids are able to pay for it and the parents have not yet retired? This way, it can be a real threat.

Baby boomers are cooler and healthier. Forget the golf course and throw a hip Miami club scene. If the family is not ready to travel south for the party, here are the key elements to recreate the setting around a pool or on a sandy beach.

Unisex Party Theme

Devise a theme that will appeal to your mom and your dad. This scheme uses a lot of round shapes and feminine touches. But the metal, the futurist look of the Onfalos grill and the Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers talk to your dad.

Onfalos Grill Brings Style Outdoors and Indoors

Milan Furniture Fair in April, the Onfalos grill brings a feminine look to an object that is typically associated with men. The colourful Corian trays simulate petals. Mario Bellini designed for Smartech Italia a sensual BBQ available in three formats. It is worth noting that this grill is designed for indoor and outdoor usages.

The Onfalos grill also reminds me of The Jetsons animated TV series. Without the petal trays, it shares commonalities with the robots of the 50s and the 60s.

Pump Up the Music

The BeoLab 5 with its little brother BeoLab 9 loudspeakers could pass for aliens straight from Dr. Who’s universe. We all know how men love their sound system. I will leave it to the specialists to explain the virtues of these high end speakers. What interest me is that they look better than the square box.

Remember to play music for all ages if you wish your party to last. Ask a DJ to update the beats of the songs that your parents used to dance when they were young. Make their era looks hip again. Hire some dancers to teach everyone the current moves on the dance floor.

The party concept behind this wedding anniversary is to make the party about the future, not the past.

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Via: Put Your Petal to the Metal [Dwell Kitchen Blog]


Dancing under the stars at Igloofest 2008

igloofest 2008 : kim vallee with jerome paradis and katheline jean-pierre

If you live in a Northern country, you know that winter does not stop us from having fun outside. Why not tame the cold with a huge chilly dancing party?

For two week-ends in a row, Piknic Electronik organized a Wild Winter Piknic Fun at the Quays of the Old Port of Montreal. A large crowd danced to the beats of DJs from Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Germany.

Ice sculptures, igloos, tree silhouettes and multimedia effects bring vibes to a beautiful location. Suitable clothing, fire pits, dancing and bar stations with mulled wine, caribou and fortified coffee keep us warm.

A Bad Taste Contest

When you will watch the video, you will see bright one piece ski suits and weird clothes. Do not worry; Montreal is still a fashionable city. It is just that Igloofest run a contest.

We were all invited to wear our tackiest, wackiest clothes. Let say that some used sport equipment stores in the city were able to sell their ugliest ski suits. But you have to admit that in a chill party like this, the costumed participants look pretty cool.

The Music

Igloofest played electronic music from 6 p.m. to midnight. Exceptionally, yesterday it was until 1 a.m. We arrived after 9 o’clock and danced to the rhythms of Mateo Murphy from Canada. He was followed by a German DJ. Frankly, Thomas Schumacher was electrifying.

Having an Accomplice

I am glad we stayed in Montreal this week-end for the finale because the party was amazing. But more importantly, it gave me the occasion to see several friends all in once.

In an ambiance like this,I did not feel being alone in the video. Apart from the crowd, my friend Katheline Jean-Pierre joined me as I explored the several locations of Igloofest. A Product Lead for Flickr at YAHOO! Canada, Katheline is used to be in the spotlight. In fact, Katheline was recently voted the Sexiest Geek in Montreal. Congratulations Katz!

As you watch the video, you will notice that we did not take ourselves seriously. We have fun at the end playing girlie roles. To see more photos, visit the official Igloofest 2008 Flickr group.

Lastly, I want to thank my husband Jerome for being such a great cameraman. Watch the video of the January 26, 2008 Igloofest event as I experienced it.

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