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Christmas Gift Wrapping

christmas gift wrapping supplies

christmas gift wrapping supplies

Christmas Eve is a big day in Quebec. Tonight, we will be celebrating with the family. Before I wrap my last presents, I want to wish you and your family a Wonderful and Merry Christmas time.

I will publish a little during the Holiday season but I will mostly rest and plan what is coming next year for At Home with Kim Vallee. This Christmas will mark the end of an era. Next year, we will be celebrating with our baby boy.

Enjoy this time of the year!

+ Christmas Deer Wrapping Paper £12 at Cox and Cox
+ Personalised Christmas Ribbon £16 at Cox and Cox


Holiday Wrapping Supplies: Olive Manna Textiles and Paper Goods

Olive Manna gift wrapping supplies

Olive Manna gift wrapping supplies

After every Christmas, I am faced with the same dilemma: a few half-used rolls of wrapping paper I must store for 12 months, and which, inevitably, will be pre-empted by newer, more colourful prints and patterns the following year.

Olive Manna gift tags :: bags and baker's twines

This year I’m attempting to avoid all that excess by choosing neutral bags, boxes, paper and tags that will work for occasions throughout the year. Kraft paper, shipping tags and office labels provide the perfect canvas for colourful ribbon, sparkling buttons and other festive embellishments – yet they can also be dressed up for other celebrations that warrant a gorgeously wrapped gift.

Olive Manna wooden gift tags :: stamps

While researching materials, I discovered Olive Manna Textiles & Paper Goods – an online shop filled with basic yet charming packaging options. From glassine bags to baker’s twine and sweet stamps, I’m stocking up now for all of the gifts I’ll give in the year ahead.

+ Olive Manna Textiles & Paper Goods


Food Gifts in a Jar

4 hot chocolate mixes in a jar

Holiday Panettone in a jar

You can’t really go wrong with an edible gift, especially if it’s homemade and thoughtfully packaged. Never unappreciated, food gifts are a great option for the “extra” people on your list – like the mailman, your child’s teacher or a kind neighbour – who tend to be overlooked until the last minute.

If you’re pressed for time or just can’t bare to bake another batch of cookies, opt for one of these foodie gifts that don’t require much time in the kitchen for you or the recipient. Each can be layered and presented inside a jar – just dress it up with the cooking instructions, a pretty ribbon and a holiday note to the recipient.

Holiday Panettone

Panettone is an Italian sweet bread flavoured with dried fruit. It’s typically enjoyed during the holidays, but with ready-to mix-ingredients your gift recipient can enjoy it anytime of year.

Hot Chocolate

4 hot chocolate mixes in a jar

Sunset magazine offers up four flavour variations on everyone’s favourite winter beverage, including classic, spicy, mocha and peppermint. Create single-size servings of each in small jars and package them as a set.

Curried Lentil Soup

Food in jar gifts :: curried lentil soup :: Jamaican jerk rub :: gluten-free cookie mix

Your gift recipients will be grateful for this just-add-water homemade soup on the next snowy day.

Gluten-Free Cookie Mix

For a gluten-free gift, consider this cookie recipe made with almond flour, dark chocolate chips and agave nectar.

Jamaican Jerk Rub

Gifts in a jar don’t have to be sweet. Give guys this spicy Jamaican Jerk Rub from Better Homes and Gardens paired with a guide to grilling or barbecue tools.

+ Holiday Panettone from Food Network
+ 4 hot chocolate in a jar flavors from Sunset Magazine
+ Curried Lentil Soup from Good Housekeeping
+ Gluten-Free Cookie Mix in a Jar from Elana’s Pantry
Jamaican Jerk Rub from Better Homes and Gardens

ALL occasions GIFT IDEAS

Japanese Colored Pencil Sets for Kids and Adults

idea idea with duller colored pencils and sketchbook

idea idea with duller colored pencils and sketchbook

Colored pencils is a timeless gift to anyone who likes to draw. I like the chic look of the Japanese colored pencils designed by IDEA Idea in collaboration with old school German art supply firm to create Düller. The square shape of the pencils mean that they won’t roll over the table. You can buy the pencil set alone or a kit with a sketchbook.

colored pencil sets

For kids and adults, I found at MoMA a set of fluorescent colored pencils. I also like that MUJI puts their colored pencils in a tube instead of a box.

+ 36-Colors Pencil Set+Sketchbook $92 USD at A+R Store, pencil set at $66
+ Fluorescent Colored Pencil Set $24 USD at MoMA store
+ MUJI’s 60 Colored Pencils in a Tube $27.95 USD At MUJI USA


Holiday Printables Round-Up – Part 4: Gift Packaging

Holiday printable packaging :: Christmas gift wrap and candy boxg

Holiday printable packaging :: Christmas gift wrap and tree favor box

There are so many amazing FREE printables available for Christmas. So many, in fact, that we had to split our round-up into four parts! The final installment in our holiday printable round-up is all about pretty packaging. Pair up these freebies with the cards and tags from part 3 for a unique look.

If good things come in small packages, then great things come wrapped in these printable gift wrap papers from Australian designers Mae. Polka dots and lace give their patterns a feminine quality making the papers perfect wrapping for petite jewellery boxes or other tiny trinkets.

Holiday printable packaging and gift wrapping

Giving sweet treats? This adorable “pillow box” from Melissa Esplin at I Still Love You would work wonders for homemade candy or stuffed in a stocking. And this cute Christmas Tree favor box? Perfect for a party, perhaps with a handmade chocolate truffle tucked inside. (Don’t miss all the coordinating party printables from Sweet Little Parties – including paper chains, hanging decorations, placecards, gift tags, thank you notes, and more!)

Every piece of holiday packaging could use a bit of festive flair. Print these envelope and package wraps from The Bella Bella Co. on adhesive paper to dress up your Christmas cards or gifts you intend to ship.

That “wraps up” our holiday printable round-up for this year! We hope these free designs inspire you in your holiday decorating and wrapping. In case you missed them earlier this week, check out parts 1 (holiday planning), 2 (holiday decorations) and 3 (cards and tags)!

+ A4 Size Printable Wrapping Paper from Mae
Christmas Tree Favour Boxes from Sweet Little Parties
+ Christmas Candy Box from IS•LY|I Still Love You!
+ Envelope and Package Wraps from Creature Comforts – designed by MISS B. of The Bella Bella Co.


Holiday Gift Guide: Children

christmas gift ideas for kids :: stacking blocks :: crayons :: felt crown

christmas gift ideas for kids :: stacking blocks :: crayons :: felt crown

With 10 children on my Christmas shopping list, I’ve been scouring the Web looking for unique gifts that won’t get tossed aside the instant they’re opened. Here are ten finds that have me re-thinking my own wish list.

Maple and Walnut Stacking Set

Stacking toys are perfect for infants and toddlers, and this well-designed set from Little Saplings Toys won’t look out of place in your decor. What’s more, for every toy sold, Little Saplings plants a tree through Trees for the Future.

Kitty Egg Crayons

Crayons are a classic Christmas gift, whether tucked in a stocking or as a gift topper. These non-toxic Kitty Egg Crayons are ideal for small toddler hands. Handmade to be long-lasting and durable, these non-toxic crayons are free of paper wrappers for non-stop creativity. Choose from 20 shades to create a customized pack of 6.

Wool Felt Crown

Perfect for pretending, little princesses will love these soft and sweet felt crowns. Check out the options for little princes too.

Wooden Fruits & Vegetables Deli Tray Set

Discoveroo Wooden Fruits & Vegetables Deli Tray Set

Budding foodies can hone their kitchen skills with this 12-piece deli set painted with non-toxic water-based paints. Kids can chop and slice the fruits and vegetables; velcro tabs put them back together.

Animal Softies:: wooden pram :: Rhinocerous

Bookhou Animal Softies

Known for their beautiful handprinted textiles, Bookhou’s sweet animal softies feature original drawings of animals in vibrant colors.

Wooden Pram

Handcrafted from alderwood and cotton-linen fabric, this charming wooden pram features a carved moon and cloud on the side and is sure to become a treasured family heirloom. For ages 3 and up.

Bubynoa-Best Friend – Rhinoceros

Made from upcycled vintage wool and felt, this Rhinocerous is just one option in a menagerie of animal choices. Toys can also be embroidered with a child’s name for a personalized touch.

Stacking Construction Vehicles :: sophie and lili fabric dolls

Stacking Construction Vehicles

Melissa and Doug toys are my go-to for the little ones in my life. The wooden toys in particular have a vintage feel, but are also educational and interactive. A few little boys on my list will be receiving these stacking construction vehicles.

Sophie and Lili Dolls

Colourful, customizable and washable Sophie and Lili dolls are made to order, so you can choose each doll’s hair colour, fabrics and specify their name when ordering.

Sirch Olga Rocking Horse

Sirch Olga Rocking Horse

Design-purist parents and their little ones will adore this gorgeous ergonomic rocking horse with a comfortable red saddle. For 2 to 5 years old.

+ Maple and Walnut Stacking Set from Little Saplings Toys $30 USD
+ Kitty Egg Crayons from Kitty Baby Love $18 USD
+ Wool Felt Crown from Dream Child Studio $18 USD
+ Discoveroo Wooden Fruits & Vegetables Deli Tray Set $29.95
+ Animal Softies from Bookhou $20
+ Rhinoceros from bubynoa $100 USD
+ Wooden Pram from Dreward $299 AUD
+ Stacking Construction Vehicles from Melissa and Doug $19.99
+ Selma doll from Sophie and Lili $25 USD
+ Sirch Olga Rocking House 132 €


Gold Gift Wrap Ideas from Shim + Sons

gold gift wrapping by shim + sons

gold gift wrapping by shim + sons

Don’t you love receiving a gift that’s impeccably wrapped? It’s almost like receiving two presents in one: a pretty package and the treat that’s inside it.

Coordinating your gift wrap with your holiday decor is an easy way to create a unified look in your space. Using a multitude of boldly colored patterns and prints can overwhelm the rest of your decorations, so keep it simple by sticking to one colorway.

In the Holiday issue of new digital magazine Gifted, designer Sally Shim of Shim + Sons shared simple packaging techniques using white and gold paper goods for an incredibly sophisticated look.

Gift Wrapping ideas by Sally Shim

Basic white boxes are wrapped with bands of vellum for a frosty feel; graphic patterns drawn with a ruler and a gold marker look especially modern. I also love the woven gold paper strips. It’s a clever play on the tartan trend that can easily be re-interpreted with other shades to match your decor. You can find instructions for all of Sally’s wrapping ideas in Gifted magazine. They made the cover page!

+ Gifted magazine
+ For boxes and containers, look at Paper Source and Creative Bag


Four Modern and Airy Fruit Bowls

four modern fruit bowls

four modern fruit bowls

They say that a fruit bowl with holes will preserve better your fruits. And I think that seeing what inside will tempt you more to eat them. With my pregnancy, I make sure that I eat at least two fruits every day. Some nights, I replace cookies and milk with a green apple and milk. It’s healthier and bring less calories.

I compiled a list of 4 sublime fruit bowls that would look great on your kitchen. They will also make awesome Christmas gifts.

1. You are probably familiar with the Black + Blum Fruit Loop Bowl. I like its simple sculptural design. You cannot go wrong with that one if you are looking for a fruit bowl that contains plenty in a small container.

2. The most affordable that I featured is the chrome plated wire Affix bowl. I like the fact that it is a footed bowl. And it can easily moves from a traditional kitchen to a modern style one. This one can contain way more than the Black + Blum fruit loop bowl. With a diameter of 11.75 inch, it does not take that much more counter space.

3. The Lorea Fruit Bowl is an origami shaped zebra wood fruit bowl  that won a Red Dot Design Award in 2007.

4. Who does not know the Mediterraneo bowl designed by Emma Silvestris. It made by Alessi of steel with red epoxy resin (my favorite), or you can get it in 18/10 mirror-polished stainless steel. It comes in two sizes.

+ Fruit Loop Bowl by Black + Blum $42 USD at MoMA store
+ Affix bowl $38 at Chiasso
+ Lorea Fruit Bowl by Zoocreative, $82 at GSelect
+ Small red Alessi Mediterraneo Fruit Holder $78 at [affiliate link]
+ Large red Alessi Mediterraneo Fruit Holder $102 at Lumens

GIFT IDEAS Gifts for the COOK

A Molecular Gastronomy Kit

molecular gastronomy kit

molecular gastronomy kit

What to give at Christmas to a gourmet cook who has everything can be a hard task? But, with this kit developed by Montreal-based Molécule-R Flavors, I think that you might able to cross one name from your Christmas list.

what's inside the molecular gastronomy kit

Cuisine R-evolution should satisfy cooks who are curious about the most popular techniques of molecular cuisine, like spherification, gelification and emulsification. The kit shows how to play with the texture of juices, sauces, creams and dressings. The box contains 50 recipes on a DVD, 5 food additives, a food-grade syringe, 3 silicone tubes, 5 pipettes, a slotted spoon and a set of measuring spoons.

Watch this video to get an idea of what you can learn.

You can buy it online. They ship across Canada and to the United States.

+ Cuisine R-evolution Kit $58.95 CAD / $57.86 USD at Molécule-R Flavors

ALL occasions GIFT IDEAS

Get organized to make handmade gifts

free printable project list designed by heart heather

free printable project list designed by heart heather

A few years ago, faced with a too-small holiday shopping budget and gift list that included ten nieces and nephews, parents, siblings, friends and colleagues, I made the decision to put my crafting, sewing and baking skills to good use and make all of my intended gifts.

Of course, my plan didn’t seem so great when I still had unfinished projects on December 24th.

Like any DIY project, organization is essential to ensure your gifts are completed in time to actually be given. It takes a bit of planning and more than one list, but the results are worth it. Here are a few tips that can help you stay on track as the holidays approach and your to-do list grows longer.

Start with a list. Craft stores are a wonderful place to find project inspiration. But aimlessly wandering the aisles can easily steer you off course from your gifting goal, cutting into valuable making time. Once you’ve determined the recipients, your projects and the quantity you need to make, write a list of necessary supplies and make one trip to stock up. You’ll avoid countless additional shopping trips (save for that unavoidable last-minute glitter run).

Use what you have. Holiday projects are a great opportunity to make the most of your craft stash. Take inventory and find gift projects that allow you to use those supplies. A simple online search can help you track down the perfect project.

Make multiples. If you have a long list of loved ones you intend to gift, work in assembly line fashion to speed up the creation of your gifts. Don’t be afraid to make more than one of the same project – after all, you can customize the details for each recipient. I once created stationery sets for multiple children and, while the elements were the same for each, notecards and stickers were personalized with each child’s name and favorite color for a custom feel.

Schedule it! Just as you have to fit shopping into your busy holiday schedule, dedicate a similar block of time to work on your gift projects.

To help you (and me!) organize holiday projects and supplies, I created this free printable. Here’s to happy, handmade holidays!

+ Handmade Holiday Project List from Heart Heather


Christmastime Block Puzzle | Etsy finds

Christmastime Block Puzzle tree and owls

Christmastime Block Puzzle tree and owls

Last night, I had to refrain myself from buying these awesome Christmastime Block Puzzle by Tiny Giraffe for my baby to-be. The tree and owl theme goes well with the nursery bedding I bought this weekend. But since we will be in the middle of our renovations, there will be no Christmas decorations for us this year. My husband suggested that I wait until next year. Although it breaks my heart, I know that he is right.

Christmastime Block Puzzle :: christmas tree and rudoph

It’s something to put on your Holiday shopping list if you need a cute educational and inexpensive toy for toddlers. The 4 blocks will produce 6 bright, festive images. The set arrives inside a ready-to-give packaging. For $4 more, add a personalized drawstring bag to store the block puzzles.

Christmastime Block Puzzle :: bird by tiny giraffe

You may recall that I introduced two adorable block sets by Tiny Giraffe earlier. I still plan to order mine once the renovations are completed. Especially now that a reader, who received the two sets of Zoo blocs that she ordered, told me that the blocks are super cute.

+ Christmastime Block Puzzle by Tiny Giraffe $14 USD on Etsy