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Modern Custom Kitchen for a Chef and a Pastry Chef

foodies custom modern Bulthaup kitchen

foodies custom modern Bulthaup kitchen

The March issue of Dwell is a treat for any foodie. It concentrate on kitchen design for people who really cook at home. One well-planned kitchen is the custom Bulthaup kitchen of a couple. Chelsea and Arthur Jackson are two foodies. She is a certified pastry chef and he is a chef at a restaurant. They live in a 1000-square-foot condo unit.

multitasking breakfast setting

Who wants to move around in a Sunday morning. By placing their massive wood table to be perpendicular to the kitchen island, they can watch the cooking of their oatmeal in the blue Staub round tea kettle while they sit at the table. I like the idea to integrate a bar station that includes an espresso machine.

a chef\'s home cooked meal

All the food pictures of the article look appetizing. I would like to be invited for dinner.

+ Dwell –  photos by Matthew Williams


Clever Home Storage with a Café au Lait | Quick Links 2009.01.31

I was due for a quick links post.

the toy store by oeuf

+ If you are tired to see the plastic toy boxes, the Toy Store will look better in the living room or the playroom. The three-level to box stand designed by Oeuf has removable bin dividers for easy storage of toys in any sizes. $496 in classic walnut or birch finish. Via Cool Mom Picks

+ Thomas Brinch-Møller and Jacob M. Lund imagined these ladybug contraptions to create the coolest key holders. Sadly, there are no words on where and when you can buy them. Via Yanko Design

In the Kitchen

key holder :: weck canisters :: cafe au lait bowls

+ I spot the Weck food storage jars when I visited Heath Ceramics in Los Angeles. I felt in love with these mini canisters. If I recalled well, they carry other sizes not shown on their Web site. Heath put some candies in a mini canister next to the cash to tempt me more. $3 for a mini canister with 2 clamps

+ Serve a coffee latte or a large hot chocolate to your brunch guests in these red Faience Café au Lait Bowls. The bowls are available in four patterns: circle, art nouveau, flowers and heart. The red color makes them an ideal candidate for Valentine’s Day breakfast. $18 each at P.O.S.H. in Chicago. Via Apartment Therapy Chicago