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A small boutique in Montreal carries the chandeliers by Incidence

incidence chandeliers

With the popularity of my post about the Plexiglas chandeliers by Incidence, the search for retailers goes on. My search was in vain until now.

I have to thank my husband Jerome for this discovery. An avid gamer, he wanted to go to an event for the launch of Halo 3 in Montreal. On our way over there, we passed a small retailer on Mont-Royal Avenue East. I looked at the window where I saw a multitude of chandeliers and lamps hanging from the ceiling like colorful stars.

I immediately recognized the collection of Incidence chandeliers spread around the small shop. Eureka! Boutique artisanale Un monde is often referred to as an Ali Baba’s cave because the shop is full of treasures and silky materials that make you dream. That fits the bill.

Boutique artisanale Un monde
1317 Mont-Royal Avenue East
Montreal, QC  H2J 1Y6
P 514.521.2664

The search for retailers in the USA and EU is still going on. If you know one retailer (brick-and-mortar or online), please pass on the information.


Stylish Plexiglas chandeliers by Incidence for the budget-conscious

Plexiglas and glass chandeliers by Incidence

Chandeliers are popular for dining rooms and the bedrooms. Crystal chandeliers are gorgeous but not everyone can afford it.

That is why I am thrilled to show you these stylish chandeliers made of Plexiglas and glass.

European flair with Incidence

The first collection is manufactured by Incidence located in France. As with many European design products, you can choose from an array of colors and chandelier models.

The design is sophisticated. I particularly enjoy the uses of 2 or 3 tones; it adds a modern twist to a classical model.

The green model with a single light would look great in a powder room. You could place 3 chandeliers in a row to dress up a long entrance hall. At only 38 ? a piece, it is not even an indulgence.

Unfortunately, I did not find a retailer in North America that carries the Incidence chandelier collection. So if you know one, feel free to pass along us this information. Follow-up story: Since then, I found a small boutique in Montreal with the chandeliers by Incidence on stock.

Lucite chandeliers by Titus at Home Depot

Canadian manufacturer Titus supplies Home Depot

I went online to find a source for affordable Lucite chandeliers. I found a few at the Canadian stores of Home Depot. For once, Canadians can buy a superb collection that is not available in the United States.

They are produced by a company from Toronto called Titus Manufacturing. They lack the French flair of the chandeliers by Incidence but they are still beautiful.

They are also available in several colors. The pink, red or green even make them suitable for a girl bedroom.

The fabric shades are a nice touch. Why not change the fabric of the shades with a beautiful patterned fabric that complement your decor? If you are unsure how to do it yourself, look online for a professional in your area. If you go to a good textile store, they make be able to recommend someone.

The budget-conscious who are looking for a cool and stylish chandelier should check these out.

Learn more: Web site of Incidence – start at 38 ?
Buy online: Concerto collection by Titus Manufacturing at – start at $179 CAD
Buy online: 5 lights Bella Chandelier by Titus Manufacturing at – price: $139 CAD

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