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Kitty Teepee and Faux-Fur Skin by Loyal Luxe

cat recycled cardboard teepee by loyal luxe

cat recycled cardboard teepee by loyal luxe

Pets are like kids, they like to be entertained. Pet toy makers do not always pay attention to style. This is not the case of Loyal Luxe, a Montreal-based company that produces adorable recycled cardboard cat houses. I introduced last year, their first product, the Cat Cabin. A couple months ago, they launched a cute teepee. You know how I like teepee (or tipi) for kids and grown ups.

faux bearskin cat and small dog carpet

Loyal Luxe also added a beautiful faux-bearskin for cats and small dogs to their collection. I know for a fact that cats go for anything with fur or faux-fur. We bought several years ago two RENS sheepkins for our cats. They were delighted! Since then, I repurposed the sheepkins as small bed carpets for my husband and I. During the colder months, I now lay a faux-fur throw at the end of our bed so the cats know where to sleep. What I like about a cat rug is that it takes less space than a pet pillow. Plus, it is easier to store away when you do not wish to have it in your decor.

Going back to Loyal Luxe, they transformed a traditional Canadian icon by mixing a synthetic bearskin on one side with a red plaid fabric on the other side. More bearskin colors and fabric patterns are available on their online shop to suit your taste or decor.

+ Native American Teepee $24 CAD
+ Faux Bearskin $30

+ Canada: RENS sheepskin $39.99 CAD
+ USA: RENS sheepskin $24.99 USD


A Cat Lover Stamp Collection by Sweden Post

cat stamps collection by sweden post

cat stamps collection by sweden post

As a cat lover, I could not pass this story. The Sweden Post Stamps revealed last week a stamp collection that honors cats. I love it! The stamps were designed by Carina Länk. She also designed the picture of the cat on the First Day Cover, the head of the cat on the FDC cancellation and the illustration of kittens on the Collector’s Sheet.

The cats booklet costs 60 kr, which is a little bit more than $8. But I am unclear about the shipping fees and if they ship to Canada or the United States. I find it strange since stamp collectors often wish to buy stamps from other countries.

+ Cats stamp booklet 60 kr
+ via Modern Cat


Modern Stainless Steel Cat Tree

modern cat tree by distance design

If you live with a cat, you know what I mean. The typical cat tree does not help our decor. A Danish design company decided to change this by creating modern style pet gears. You won’t have to hide the cat tree and the cat bowls when you have guests over.

This modern cat tree has a stainless steel post with a steel base. The perches with pillow and the sisal scratching area can be mounted on the post as you wish. It looks sharp. The only unknown at this point is how big a hole it will make on your budget.

+ Distance Design
+ via Moderncat


Modern Dog and Cat Beds at Pet Interiors

upscale modern dog and cat beds by pet interiors

Two years ago, I told you about the stylish cat beds by Cat Interiors. I particularly like the RONDO cat bed.

Their initial success led Christel and Otto Meyer to start Pet Interiors. They launched a collection of upscale dog beds in July 2009 that is as fabulous as their cat beds.

You can select the CUBE dog bed in leather or imitation leather. The BOWL dog bed is available in felt, in leather and in imitation leather. The DIVAN is the classic dog pillow that put emphasis on comfort. The brushed wool fleece cushion cover  is removable. You can wash it and dry it in the machine.

+ 1. CUBE dog bed imitation leather $1378, leather $1627
+ 2. BOWL  dog bed felt $261 USD, imitation leather $592, leather $964
+ 3. Divan dog pillow $288.42 USD
+ RONDO cat bed felt or imitation leather $827 USD, wicker $799, leather $964


Kilowatt Cat Beds and Maow Feeders for my Eco-friendly Tuesday

I was looking for a different angle for my eco-friendly column. I own two cats. I decided to check what was happening in the cat product market. This is how I came across two Canadian design brands from British Columbia that make modern pet accessories with green considerations.

Plus, as an interior designer, I am thrilled by the look of the cat products. Instead of hidden them, you will want to show off your cat gears.

Modern Style Cat Beds

Kilowatt Studio produces two handcrafted cats beds made from wool, bamboo and organic cotton. Nest and Pod are suitable for cats and small dogs. Nest intertwining design reproduces the way birds make their nest. Even though the design of Nest is more unique, I prefer the clean lines of Pod.

Kilowatt gives a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every cat bed to the Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue Association. Beware that these cat beds are not cheap. They are available online at Vûrv Design.

Raised Cat Feeders

Raising the bowl a few inches from the floor make it more comfortable and healthier for your cat. One of your bowls is 1 inch higher from the ground than the other and my cats fight for it. I am thinking of giving them raised bowls. Maow feeders are made from bent-ply and finished in a choice of real wood veneers and metal laminates. They are quite durable.

I am showing you the Maow Deluxe feeder, which is a prototype right now. It should become available in a near future. The Maow comes with three bowls: two on each side for serving food while you put water ion the middle bowl.

My cats drank from a fountain. The water stays fresher and colder that way. If you go often for the weekend, a big fountain simplifies your life.

+ Nest cat bed $529 USD
+ Pod cat bed $459 USD
+ Maow Fedder wood finish $98 USD, aluminum and painted plywood $106


Modern Cat Beds by Hepper Are Fitted for Small Dogs

pod and podium cat bed : wave : nest dog bed by hepper pet furnitureModern Furniture That’ll Make You Jealous is Hepper’s punch line. I do not always agree with marketing slogan but in this case it is true. The beautiful room pictures illustrate that this hip pet furniture line would not clash with your home design.

I discovered Hepper last fall if I remembered correctly. If you are living with cats or a tiny dog, check out their catalogue. The cats and dog beds are available in wide range of beautiful colors. You should find one that will harmonize with your home decor.

Cool Cat Beds

Several models are proposed to fit your pet lifestyle and its preferred lounge style. Originally designed for cats, the line can be used for smaller dogs (up to 50 pounds for some models). Knowing my cats, they would enjoy these beds.

And you would not to break the bank to buy some Hepper’s pet furniture either. It costs more than the mass manufacturer ugly stuff at the pet shops. But it is but a fraction of the price of the luxury RONDO Stand by Cat Interiors.

I am on the market for a raised bed right now. My friend bought a rattan version at IKEA, his cat loves it but I want something more design. I think I found it with the Pod and the Podium. The top of the Pod is removable. In fact, the Podium is a Pod without the top. Strangely, the Podium is available in 2 more colors than the Pod. Racetrack graphite and herringbone are the two extra colors.

I like the cocooning vibe of the Nest. I imagine me moving around my cat without disturbing its sleep. The hammock style Wave Pet Bed is better suited for larger cats. If you own more than one cat, they can sleep together on the Wave bed.

Where to Buy?

Hepper operates an online store. It is unfortunate their online shop do not deliver to Canada. Especially that Vermont is so close.

Design Public also sells the Hepper cat beds with USA delivery only. Muttropolis will ship internationally but they only have the Wave and the Nest on stock. It is the Pod or the Podium that I want. If you know a Canadian retailer that carries Hepper cat furniture, I want to be informed.

About Hepper

Award-winning industrial designer Jed Crystal designed the Hepper line in his studios in Burlington, Vermont. The company is named after a cat she adopted and then nicknamed Hepper. The stylish appeal of Audrey Hepburn that I talked about yesterday on the beauty challenge continue; Hepper is short for Hepburn.

+ Hepper Pod Cat Bed – price: $155 USD
+ Hepper Podium Cat Bed – price: $115 USD
+ Hepper Nest Cad Bed – price: $95 USD
+ Hepper Wave Cat Bed – price: $85 USD


Living in style with a cat

modern cat condo_midcentury modern cat bed

Caring for a pet is fun. But often their toys destroy our home decor. At least, more and more brands come to our rescue by offering modern design cat and dog accessories.

Typically the solutions were expensive. Thank to MoCo LoCo, I discovered two affordable solutions for design conscious dwellers.

The TALL Modern Cat Condo by Two Tree International Co. provides a space where your cats can play and rest, perch and pounce. Since there are two spots, my cats would not fight for a space of their own.

In case your cat is a hard core scratcher, it is good to know that you can replace the foam scratching pads. The pads are available in chocolate or beige.

A blog on Modern designs for living with cats

If you are looking for more solutions, read the Moderncat blog. With no connection to the maker of the Modern Cat Condo, this blog is a resource for cat owners with a modern style edited by a dedicated cat owner with a design background.

When reading Moderncat, I came across this mid-century modern pet lounge by Like Kittysville. Check their small inventory on ebay. If you do find a fabric you like, visit often as they add new listings every few days.

Like Kittysville is a new line of cat-oriented featuring a mod boomerang shape and one-of-a-kind vintage fabrics. Each bed is molded of industrial steel mesh that’s padded, upholstered, and connected to a sleek wood base. Each bed is dog-friendly.

Monthly Giveaways at Moderncat

Sign up for having a chance to win one of the fabulous modern pet products featured on the blog.

Buy online: TALL Modern Cat Condo by Two Tree International Company – price: $199.95 USD for the two-storey, $89.95 for one storey
Buy online: Retro Modern Pet Lounge by Like Kittysville – current bid: $39.99 USD
Via: Moderncat
Via: MoCo LoCo

+ Day Beds and Furniture for cats all set for design conscious owners


Day Beds and Furniture for cats all set for design conscious owners

Day Beds and Furniture for cats :: crown,scarlet, harry, divanIf you have pets at home, you know that like living with children pets need toys and beds to be happy. But let’s face it; what you get from the pet shops is not stylish to say the least.

If you spend a lot of time and money designing your interior, this can ruin your entire design scheme. Who wants to entertain guests with ugly cat stuff lying around?

A stylish modern brand

I dug up by reading Design Milk yesterday something wonderful for cat lovers. Do you love cats and great design? is the first thing you read when you visit, a venture by one talented married couple.

This German designer team creates a line of products which are well thought out with cats in mind and which can be integrated into any modern living environment.

Launched in 2004, Cat Interiors deals with high end products. You got great looking design, top quality materials and an attention to details like using cushion filling with special non-allergenic flaked latex mixture optimized for cats.

Cat Interiors offers a third choice beside felt and leather, it is natural shade wicker. The rattan wickerwork is colored with environmentally-friendly, water-based lacquer.

Cat Bed Collection

The cat day beds by Cat Interiors are fabulous. Five basic designs form the DAY BED collection. SCARLET and ARENA are the latest addition to BOWL, CROWN (fitted in each case with a cozy cushion), DIVAN (designed as a large cushion). HARRY is the same as SCARLET but in larger size.

The RONDO Stand with felt cover (see: green fleece and red cushion) is $1005 USD (739 euros). The felt cover of the RONDO Stand is 100% pure wool. The standing base made from brushed stainless steel is designed so that there is no danger of RONDO tipping over, even when used by larger, heavy cats. Add $136 (100 euros) for a black or brown leather cover.

You can buy extra covers to change the look or to replace a scratched one. RONDO EDITION is a printed Ornament Cover. Very chic looking.

Inside the stand, your cat can lay comfortably on a special molded upholstery foam cushion. The cushion cover made of brushed felt wood can be washed in the machine.

RONDO Stand with felt exterior by Cat Interior RONDO Stand with leather exterior by Cat Interior

You can install several RONDO on the walls to build an amusement park for your cats. My husband always wanted to do that. RONDO walls cost $678 USD (499 euros) with a felt exterior. I need to find a wall first.

If your budget does not allow this expense right now, for less than $11 USD, you can get a nice felt cat toy for your cat.

+ DAY BED cat collection and RONDO collection at
+ Via Starlet Bed on Design Milk