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Explosive Birthday Candles

explosive birthday candles on a cake

explosive birthday candles on a cake

Here are two sets of birthday candles that would be perfect for a pirate party. They add a special touch to your cake. You can mix them (my favorite) or use them separately. The 1″ Kaboom candles are sold in a pack of 6. You get 10 dynamite birthday candles in a box.

kaboom and dynamite birthday candles

+ Da Bomb Candles at What on Earth $7.99 each pack
+ Dynamite Novelty Birthday Candles with Sparkling Wicks at $7.88 [affiliate link]
+ Kaboom Novelty Birthday Candles with Sparkling Wicks at $7.99 [affiliate link]


5 Chic and Fun Birthday Candles

birthday candelabra and roman candles  by Fred ::

Buying the candles for the birthday cake is the last thing I typically do when I host a party. This means that I settled too many times for the usual tricolor 24-candle package. I would feel less rush if I stock in advance.

With these 5 candles from 3 brands, you will be ready the next time you celebrate the birthday of a loved one.


The first two comes from the whimsical Fred brand. The Birthday Candelabra is available in pink or white. I want it next year on my cake.

I finished a couple weeks ago watching Rome series on DVD. Therefore I feel an attachment to the Roman candles.

Worldwide Co.

Continuing with humor, Worldwide Co. proposes 10 Who’s Counting? models for or age sensitive friends or just for some Birthday fun. You can let the cake speak and say Lost Count, Don’t Ask, 21 again, 29 again, Thirty-ish, Forty-ish, Young at Heart, You’re Old. The traditional I Love You and Happy Birthday complete this collection. The Who’s Counting? Candles collection won the Gift of the Year award in 2007.

The tall Birthday Candle is an extra long candle. It is possibly manufactured by a green company. The huge Birthday Candle measures 12 inches.

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Fred White Birthday Candelabra Candle – price: $5 USD
Buy online: Fred Pink Birthday Candelabra Candle – price: $5 USD
Buy online: Fred Roman Candles – price: $5 USD
Buy online: Huge Birthday Candle at Perpetual Kid – price: $24.99 USD
Buy online: Who’s Counting? Candles at – price: £3