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Summer Entertaining Finds at Ikea

new outdoor party accessories at ikea :: summer 2010 collection

new outdoor party accessories at ikea :: summer 2010 collection

What is great about shopping at Ikea for a party is that you can afford to buy the items in large quantity. Here are two finds that would be great for a summer party in your garden, at the beach or for a picnic in the park:

+ BARFOTA Hanging tealight holder $4.99 CAD for a pack of 2
+ SODA drinking straws $1.50 CAD for a pack of 200
+ HÄLSA Steel vacuum flask $8.99 CAD

For an ocean theme, look at their vibrant turquoise glassware and bowls.

turquoise glasses and bowls at ikea - summer 2010 collection

+ GODIS MIX Glasses $8.99 CAD for a pack of 6
+ BLANDA Serving bowls, available in assorted sizes from $1.99 to $9.99 CAD


Outdoor Entertaining Ideas by Martha Stewart

martha stewart\'s outdoor entertaining ideas

I succumbed to the charms of these photos. It is a fact that the team of stylists at Martha Stewart often make us dream. Here why these photos are my favorite ideas of the moment.

+ Eating s’mores around a campfire is a treat. In case you were not aware of this tradition, the basic campfire s’mores recipe has been popularized by the Girl Scouts. It called for two pieces of chocolate bars sandwiched between two graham crackers. You toast the marshmallows and place it on the chocolate in order for the chocolate to melt. I find that it is simpler to spread Nutella and its adds the hazelnut taste. Martha found a way to make the process more stylish by making Star-topped s’more sticks.

+ I like the simplicity of the wild flower centerpieces. Plus learn how to make these Message-in-a-Bottle Place Cards. Go for flat surface bottles since they safer than using round glass bottles. Square bottles are not too hard to find.

+ How to illuminate your outdoor table can be challenge. The LED lights do not always works and they require batteries. Instead, you can built on the look of a chandelier by hanging a dozen heat resistant glass jars and votive holders from your umbrella. Be careful to position them so that your guests will not hit them with their head. Create a sense of movement by alternating the heights of each do-it-yourself lanterns. You will need chains and S hooks to create this project.

+ The Origami Picnic Basket is a space saver. Through a clever folding technique you will transform a five-foot square of oilcloth into a basket strong enough to carry your food and drinks from the car to the picnic spot. Make sure to use an oilcloth, not a regular fabric.


Egg candle holders by Michelle Mason

egg candleholders by michelle masonMade from English fine bone china, these egg shape candle holders are lovely and modern. They are sold in pair, one medium and one large egg, nicely packaged in a recycled board gift box.

UK artist Michelle Mason designed her latest creations so you can watch the wax drip like egg yolk. It is a fact that the British people like to eat soft-boiled eggs on the morning.

I like the romantic idea but not the wax stain on my tablecloth. If you are like me, you got two choices:

  • Buy no dripping candles but you lose the concept
  • Rest the pair of egg candle holders on a tray or a wood board

I prefer the second option.

Decorating your home at Easter or for a brunch

Better yet, a single tulip or a branch fits into the hole. So get a few pairs. Mix and match candles, empty eggs and plants to create a dramatic effect in your home.

Having small vases like those is practical because you can easily move them around to suit your mood and spatial needs. These would look amazing for a brunch. Imagine them at a key element of your Easter tablescape.

Customers outside UK should order the Michelle Mason products from Hidden Art Shop since these accept International orders. Several retailers across UK carry some or all products by Michelle Mason, look at her Web site to locate shops.

About Michelle Mason

Founded in 2006, Michelle Mason is a UK-based lifestyle brand of contemporary interior products. Michelle studied illustrations at Chelsea College of Art. She holds a Communication Design Master Degree.

Buy online: Egg Candleholder at Hidden Art – price: £69.75 the set
Around Britain: UK stockists of Michelle Mason


Flickr watch | The charms of old-fashioned decorations

This search started by looking at Friday Flickr Favorites on emmas designblogg. There, I found a new life of an old jar. If you are not a knitter, you can buy a knitted wine bottle gift bag at Target. This cute candle holder in a jar was done by decor8.

old jar put to new use by decor8 on Flickr

If you are good at handmade stuff, you can give a try to a felt elf clog. This beautiful elf shoe in felt (a trendy materiel) was created by *jenny b allsorts. You can get the pattern and the instructions on her blog called AllSorts. The red and aqua combination with white accents is my all-time favorite for Christmas.

Elf Clog front by *jenny b allsorts on Flickr

A little Christmas village with classic charms by Frugan

miniature winter village by Frugan on Flickr

Because it starts snowing again, I selected this winter scene taken by Green Wellies

Cold seat by Green Wellies on Flickr

And do not forget to participate to my Holidays Tabletop Giveway.


Revisiting last year Christmas inspirations by EQ3

eq3 christmas inspirations

Before chatting about the latest trends in Christmas decorations and party themes, why not examine some stylish tabletop realized in the past?

I selected EQ3 because they supply modern design home furnishings at affordable prices to the fashionable crowd. Since I am Canadian, you will understand that I like to promote outstanding Canadian brands whenever it is possible. EQ3 products reflect the global trends in modern design.

Reviewing the designs

The tables look splendid. By changing the color scheme and a few accessories, you can simply actualize these looks.

You can deposit a small stainless steel bowl inside a large one to make your own version of the featured serving bowl. Use flaked coconut to simulate the snow effect. Make sure the coconut is high enough to hide three quarters of the small bowl.

The middle picture features their tableware collection. Most of the products are still available. That design is not complicated to reproduce. If you have bold floral wallpapers and play with glass, white and silver on your Christmas table, omit a floral arrangements.

I typically forgo the flowers and the greenery centerpieces for my Christmas tables. I prefer decorative items and lights instead. It is the time of the year to play with reflections and sheens. Take a peek at the stainless steel SHINE candle holder family for a start.

The bottom picture can served as the basis for setting up a buffet or a dessert table. An all white theme is always appropriate. Here the organic treatment modernizes the look. To create some depth, add some hints of pale silver to the white sprayed fruit twigs. They are shown here inside the OFF CENTRE vases.

Do not try to find these pictures on EQ3’s Web site, they just removed them. Lucky for us, I prepared my montage two weeks ago.

Learn more: Web site of EQ3
Learn more: SHINE candle holder at EQ3 – price: $12.99 CAD for small, $14.99 for medium, $19.99 for large
Learn more: OFF CENTRE vase at EQ3 – price: $27.99 CAD

+ Trend: Natural sophisticated Christmas
+ A Montreal store for EQ3


Battery-operated candles for your peace of mind

flameless candle impressionsThey are popular in restaurants, hotels and commercial events for security reasons. When you think about it, they could be a life saver when entertaining at home.

First of all, battery-operated candles do not require supervision. You can create the ambiance you like ahead of time so everything is perfect when your friends enter the room.

Candle Impressions manufactures pillar flameless candles that emit a realistic flickering. Their pillar candles take many forms. Swirl, Hurricane, Koshi,Twist and Bookend add more creative. The typical square and round pillars are available in different heights and surfaces.

Flameless candles come handy for outdoor use since they are not subject to the wind factor. This is a safe option to light your pumpkins this year.

A long list of retailers in Canada and the Unites States sells the flameless candles by Candle Impressions. Refer to their Web site to find a retailer near you.

And be kind to the environment by using rechargeable batteries.

Learn more: Flameless candles by Candle Impressions – starting at $11.95 USD
Learn more: Store locator for these flameless, battery-operated candles


A space projector and three cool candle holders by UK Mathmos Lights

space projector by Mathmos Lights

I came across Thaw by Mathmos Lights while reading The Notebook blog on Monday.

This company from United Kingdom sells unique lightning products internationally. Mathmos Lights all share a whimsical touch.

Setting the mood with Space Projector

This is a cool affordable gadget, perfect for a dance party. You get everything you need when you buy the Space Projector. The machine and a set of graphics come in the box.

A variety of young designers draw the graphic packs. You can pick the best styles for your party. Basically, you project on a wall or ceiling with interruptions a moving image up to 1.5 meter wide. Choose between 7 graphic themes and 4 oil wheels. The space projector is available in a translucent or a silver finish.

If you want to replicate a psychedelic night club atmosphere, get the oil wheel plus several Fluidium lamps. Fluidium is the update of the lava lamp. And revive the spirit of Austin Powers for a night.

Ice, water and melting process viewed in three candle lights

Thaw, Flat and Melt candlelights by Mathmos Lights

What if you decide to play with the nature elemental components? That is a little what Mathmos tried to do with three candlelight designs. They pieces will not pass unnoticed.

1 | Ice candlelight with Thaw

You freeze an ice cylinder around the tea candle. It takes 8 hours to freeze the ice structure and about three hours for it to melt.

With Christmas and the winter season coming in a few months, I suggest you buy them early.

2 | Water movement and wind simulation effects with Float

Fill the vase with water. As the candle floats in the water it castes a moving shadow patterns on the surface. I enjoy the dynamic effects.

3 | Candlelight interconnection with Melt

Melt is a wax based candle holder system. You can rotate and join together several Melt candle holders to create patterns. Use to your imagination and design flair to create your unique composition for a centerpiece. This may be the less flamboyant of the three candle lights by Mathmos but if you are clever about Melt, the resulting look can be amazing.

Buy online: Catalogue by Mathmos Lights
Via: Positively Polar! published on The Notebook


Weekly column: As seen on other blogs – 2007.08.17 edition

hostess with the mostess :: black eiffel :: cuteable :: inredningsbloggen

This week edition is a split between retro style and home decor. After a few iterations, I think I have finally found the right name for my Friday’s column. My goal after all with this weekly column is to showcase 3 to 4 posts from bloggers.

Featured blogs

Letterpress coasters are popping every day. I discovered these via retro chic at hello! Lucky published on Hostess with the Mostess. Stock up the Hostess with the Most Coasters as they make original hostess gifts. A Set of 8 assorted coasters is sold for $10 USD.

Dressing up your wall with the cute collage: krista peel mod art prints. Sold at etsy, each 6 x 6 inches art print is only $7 USD. Thanks to Cuteable to introduce me to the cute modern art of Krista Peel. Other drawings are displayed at her etsy shop.

Mix the art prints and the coasters to create instantly an affordable party theme. Check out the Hello! Lucky retro theme party invitations and you will have everything under control for a fun night with your friends.

Rachel from Black Eiffel shared her Chalkboard fantasies with us. Painting a chalkboard wall in the kitchen is one of my fantasies too. I want one even more since I read this comment. This reader named Alyssa wrote that:

I painted the back of our front door and my hubby and I leave love notes and little reminders on it every day … because really it’s the best place to be reminded to take the dry cleaning and tell someone you love them!

Before the end of summer, the Swedish blog INREDNINGSBLOGGEN presented us the Cone torches designed by Pernille Vea. Cone is made of frosted glass and top of brushed metal. This outdoor torch can be filled with standard lamp oil and burns with a cotton wick. Use a few pairs of Cone to make a great entrance for a party. A pair costs $84 USD.

Buy online: Hello Lucky Hostess with the Most Coasters
Buy online: Krista Peel prints on etsy
Buy online: Cone torch designed by Pernille Vea at