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Take-n-Bake Molten Chocolate Cake in a Mason Jar

molten chocolate cake in a mason jar

hot cakes in a mason jar

I am surprised that it took me so long to discover this fabulous ready to bake cake by chocolatier Autumn Martin of Hot Cakes. She started making them in 2008. Since then, the dessert served in a Mason jar has exploded. If a molten chocolate cake is not a novelty, why do I write about it? In a word: convenience!

molten chocolate cake in a mason jar

What I like most about her product is that you buy it ready to bake. Others will appreciate that it is organic. Personally, I simply imagine the smell in my house before serving dessert to my guests. Many people prefer to buy desserts when they have friends for dinner. I do! The reason that I buy the dessert is to have more time to cook the rest of the meal. Once in a while, I will make my own dessert.

Until now,  Hot Cakes did not have a brick and mortar shop.  They sold at farmers’ markets, at their online store and through indie shops in the state of Washington. Last weekend, they opened their first brick and mortar shop called Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery with a partial funding round on Kickstarter.

Since I doubt that Hot Cakes are shipping to Montreal, I will have to experience with my own molten chocolate recipe. Did you ever bake your own molten chocolate cake in a Mason jar? Do you have any advice for beginner bakers?

Dark Decadence Take-n-Bake Molten Chocolate Cake in a Mason Jar $8 USD at Hot Cakes



Cute Angry Birds Cake Pops from Montreal

angry birds cake pops

As an Angry Birds fan, I am doubly happy to feature these cute creations from La Popshop, a baker located in Montreal. I put her on my local watch list.

We are behind when it comes to creative bakers in Montreal. This fact troubled me even more since I became a mom. I would need access to talented suppliers with flair to celebrate in style my son’s birthdays. Plus, it does not help matters that many bakers lack a proper online presence. It is sad because all they need to do would be to start a blog and to keep a Facebook page plus a Twitter account.

If you are interested, her cake pops start at $30 for a dozen of classic cake pops and at $35 for a dozen deluxe cake pops. The Angry Birds are a deluxe version.

+  La Popshop


Sweet Sweets Cake Art

artistic wedding cakes by sweet sweets cake art in toronto

artistic wedding cakes by sweet sweets cake art in toronto

Ida Thibeh Wiese sent me an email where she presented her cake design studio. I’m glad the she did because the woman behind Sweet Sweets Cake Art is a talented cake artist. She creates superb cakes for her Toronto clients. Her wedding cakes are impressive, unique and elegant. I like her style.

wedding cakes by sweet sweets cake art in toronto

Sweet Sweets designed each wedding cake to uniquely suit the couple’s taste and style. Her commitment does not stop with look. Her menu features a nice variety of cake flavors, icings and fillings. No additives, preservatives or artificial flavorings are present in the cakes. If it is not on the menu, Ida will accommodate your request. Sweet Sweets also makes specialty cakes for birthdays and anniversaries.

+ Sweet Sweets Cake Art


Delightful Mondays: Pretty Cakes and a Baby Shower

cake by magpie's cake

cake by magpie's cake

The airy cakes from Magpie’s Cake are sublime. It is easy to imagine layers of tulle, lace and other luxurious fabrics when we look at them.

cake designed  by magpie's cake

Magpie used to be a ballet dancer before she started her cake making training with world-renowned chefs and pastry champions. Via Pretty Little Things.

provincial baby shower buffet table

That same charm, executed in a very simple way, can be found on this sweet table designed for a baby shower. This Provincial style party was lovely. I love how they use long wood board as servers. Get more details on Twig & Thistle.


New Cakes by the Caketress

silver cuban wedding cake by the caketress

Almost one year ago, I talked about Lori Hutchinson, the super talented Canadian cake maker behind The Caketress. I went back to her site today to see what she has been to. She continues to be successful and carries on her signature style.

Wedding Cakes

silver cuban wedding cake by the caketress

She worked on two wedding cakes with an hispanic background. They each have their own character. It is hard to resist the pure elegance of her Silver Cuban wedding cake.

mexican theme wedding cake with hand painted sugar tiles by the caketress

For a Mexican-theme wedding, her approach was less formal. She put dozens of hand painted sugar tiles, all featuring a different pattern on a three-tier wedding cake. The pink flowers added the finishing touch.


birch tree mini-cakes by the caketress

I am a fan of miniature cakes; especially the individual portion cakes. They are easier to serve and make such a lasting impression at an event. For an anniversary, you could reserve the more elaborate version to the guest(s) of honor. Then, ask your cake designer to create an harmonizing design for the mini-cakes of your guests. Another option to manage the cost is to serve a small cake per couple or group of four. Look at the birch mini cakes she created for a “Spirit of Nature” tablescape.

+ The Caketress


Dessert Table at Twestival Montreal 2010

dessert table at twestival montreal 2010

It was not only great live entertaining at Twestival. My favorite sweet treat suppliers participate at the events. I only ate one marshmallow lollipop of Kréavie.

macarons from point g twestival montreal 2010

The macarons from Point G came with their cutest eyes. Clever Cupcakes‘ Twitter birds were superb. Next time, I will take a light dinner to leave me room for dessert.

clever cupcakes at twestival montreal 2010

+ Photos by Eva Blue  – dessert table, macaronscupcakes
+ Clever Cupcakes
+ Point G


The Modern Cakes of Eat Cake Be Merry

eat cake be merry pink flower cakes

Liz Shim is the cake maker and decorator behind these awesome cakes. Looking at her pink flower cake creations, it is clear that she has a modern style.

stylish fifth birthday cake by at cake

She created a stylish cake for a fifth birthday party. I like it when parents opt for something playful yet refined. If you replace the topper and the banner, you get a cute design for a baby shower. It could also be the basis of a circus theme.

garden theme cakes with birds and butterflies by eat cake be merry

You can see her attention to details in the way she crafted the butterflies. If you are interested by her cake, know that Liz served the New York metropolitan area. She founded Eat Cake Be Merry with the goal to combine modern, simple, and clean design with delicious cakes.

+ photos: Eat Cake Be Merry
+ via Something Old, Something New


My Branded Cupcakes by Sweet Things

cupcakes with my logo by sweet things

When Juanita Koo saw on Twitter that I was going to Toronto, she decided to give me a sweet treat. She sent me 6 cupcakes that she decorated with the 2 logos of the brand. It is fun to arrive after a day of meetings to your hotel room and see those waiting for you.

branded cupcakes baked by sweet things :: cupcake shop in toronto

I tasted her chocolate sour cream and her strawberry vanilla cakes. Both were excellent. I was pleased that they taste as good as they look. The size are her cupcakes is just perfect; not too small, not too big. Plus, she does not put too much icing and her icing is not too sweet.

cookware cupcakes by sweet things

I like the tiny potholders and oven mitts she crafted for the Calphalon Culinary Center in Toronto.

If you are in the Toronto area, do not hesitate to contact Juanita of Sweet Things. She does cakes and cupcakes. I am glad that her business since to be doing fine.  For more inspirations, you can have a peek at her adorable baby cakes.


Boo Sprinkles Cupcakes and their Sprinklesmobile

sprinkles cupcakes ghost and boo cupcakes

The idea of a spiced apple cake studded with granny smith apple topped with buttery caramel cream cheese frosting is very tempting. This Halloween flavor with the ghost and Boo decorations will be available every day up to Halloween.

By the way, Sprinkles Cupcakes joined last June the cupcake truck trend that we see emerging across the United States. If you live or visit the Los Angeles area, you may wish to follow the movements of the Sprinklesmobile on Twitter. The Sprinklesmobile is also available for private events.

+ photos: Andrea Lenardin for Sprinkles Cupcakes


To Die For Halloween Cakes

happy halloween haunted house cakes by cakegirls

For the second time this year, I succumbed to the fabulous cake creations of Cakegirls. This Chicago-based duo is quite busy. Looking at their skills, you can understand why people hire Cakegirls.

Organizing huge parties at Halloween is part of the tradition. With its increased popularity, Halloween is on the verge of becoming an holiday. Who says big events, says cakes. The haunted house cake beats the paper haunted house models. With that level of details ist is almost to great to eat! I am only kidding; I rarely resist a delicious cake.

I noticed that the Halloween decorations this year are more sophisticated. The decorations are even merrier. We seemed to stay away from the scariest Halloween party themes. I guess that we want something else; after the pretty scary have been done so many times. I would not complain about this sweeter side of Happy Halloween.

A Glimpse of Christmas

holidays gift cake by cakegirls

The Maher sisters also created speciality cakes for Christmas. I would take one gift cake instead of a log. But we will discuss that once we stored away our orange, silver and black decorations.

+ photos by Cakegirls


Awesome cakes by Natasha Collins of Nevie-pie Cakes

bird house cupcakes by natasha collins of nevie-pie cakes

This British cake baker is very talented. I love her style. These cakes are produced by a mom who used to be a textile designer. While taking care of her two daughters, Natasha Collins launched a cake making business called Nevie-pie Cakes. She decorates cookies, cakes and cupcakes using her sculpting and drawing skills.

gardening birthday cake by nevie-pie cakes

Natasha impressed me with the versatility of her creations. From a vegetable garden cake up to her dreamy kid birthday cakes, she mixed many decorative techniques to deliver a Wow factor.

fairy birthday cake :: beatrix potter\'s tailor of gloucester by never-pie cakes

The birthday girl requested two fairies, one pink and one yellow. The Fairy Cake is decorated with sugarpaste fairies and butterflies and hand painted daisies. Her lemon sponge christening cake based on the Beatrix Potter story “The Tailor of Gloucester” is adorable.

+ Bird House Cupcakes
+ Gardening Birthday Cake
+ Fairy Cake
+ The Tailor of Gloucester Cake