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Mini Illustrated Chalkboard | Etsy Find

chalkboard illustrated mary kate mcdevitt

I don’t know about you, but those cheesy “inspirational” posters found in offices haven’t ever helped in the motivation department. I’d much rather use one of these charming Mini Goal Chalkboards to capture all of my “must dos” and “want to dos”.

chalkboard illustrated mary kate mcdevitt

Each chalkboard is made from real slate and whimsically decorated with bright hand painted lettering and illustrations by Portland-based artist Mary Kate McDevitt. They come ready to hang with personalized packaging, mini goals chalk and a mini goals eraser for about $45 USD.

mini chalkboard illustrated mary kay mcdevitt

I particularly like the combination chalkboard/clock to help keep you on track to meeting your goal – or in the case of the one shown below, celebrating a job well done.

mini chalkboard clock illustrated mary kay mcdevitt

Check out Mary Kay McDevitt’s for more designs or to order a custom piece.

+ Mary Kate McDevitt Etsy Shop


DIY Chalkboard Paper Calendar

chalkboard contact paper calendar diy

chalkboard contact paper calendar diy

If you love the functionality of chalkboard paint, but aren’t willing to commit to an entire wall, chalkboard contact paper is an inexpensive and versatile alternative. Just peel off the backing, or use sticky tack, to adhere it to the wall.

Over at, the contact paper was cut into squares and cleverly arranged as a calendar. It’s a perfect solution to keep your schedule in sight.

chalkboard contact paper calendar

More Ideas

Have a busy family you’re trying to keep tabs on? Use the contact paper to create a message center. Trace a silhouette of each family member to give everyone a personalized place to exchange messages, weekly activities and to-do lists.

You can also cut out simple shapes and mount them in your child’s room. They’ll do double-duty as wall decor and a creativity station.

+ DIY: Chalkboard Wall Calendar tutorial at
+ Chalkboard Contact Paper $13.99 USD at [affiliate link]


Bulletin Boards and Magnets

bamboo magnet dry-erase board with channels

bamboo magnet dry-erase board with channels

Having a bulletin board makes your life easier. My husband and I are adoring the chalkboard wall we painted in the kitchen. We keep track of our to-do-list, shopping list and write down what we would like to eat for dinner.

Another place that a bulletin board comes handy is the office. For an home office, a dry-erase magnetic wall panel is often the best choice. I compiled a list of stylish and fun message boards by Three by Three Seattle.

If you have the space, the Bamboo Dry-erase Wall Panel is a great choice. Optional channel panels can be added to the basic panel. It is perfect for a craft room. I think that the channel panels are a must. You can tailor it to your  needs since they offer several possible configurations.

magnet dry-erase bulletin boards

The 12 x 12-inch Hang on Board provides three hooks to hold a pair of scissors, personal accessories, utensils, keys, etc. For a narrow spot, look at this vertical dry-erase magnet board that is backed with magnets and that can also be mounted with an adhesive tape. Both models are available in white, spring green, silver, and real bamboo.

Fun Magnets

bright colors dot magnets and the mighties

For a punch of color on your board, go with bright dot magnets. Three by Three Seattle makes a kit with ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1 inch diameter colorful vinyl dot magnets. Know that they supplies their Mighties magnets with anyone of their magnet boards.

+ Bamboo Dry-erase Wall Panel $40-$100 USD at Three by Three
+ 4×11 inch Dry-erase Magnet Board $10-$13 USD at Three by Three
+ Hang on Board $25-$30 USD at Three by Three
+ Bright Color Dot Magnets $7.95 USD at See Jane Works
+ Mighties $13.95 USD at See Jane Works


Chalkboard Calendar Wall Decals

diy weekly calendar by pinch design

diy weekly calendar by pinch design

Having a calendar always open in front of you with your to-do list helps you better manage your time. Because we are talking about things to do, you need a method to easy reassign your priorities. This is why I like the idea of mixing a chalkboard with post-it paper.

People wither keep nearby a weekly or monthly calendar. You could write on a post-it the things that can be reallocated to another day since moving a post-it is easy. Write in chalk what you must do by a specific date. At the end of the month or week, plan the next one.

Using chalkboard wall decals or art work allows you to reuse the same support over and over. I particularly like this DIY weekly calendar featured on Ohdeedoh last year (top picture).

chalkboard calendar decals by scribble on everything

Scribble on Everything makes a weekly chalkboard decal set that is available in 2 sizes. It comes with a pack of dustless chalk and an extra space for taking notes.

ferm living's chalkboard calendar stickers

Ferm Living makes a perpetual monthly Calendar Wall Sticker set. Their set comes with post-it. The day numbers are written on the stickers. Instead of moving around the day number, you could write what day it is. The mural measures 39 inch (100 cm) in width.

+ DIY Weekly Calendar on Ohdeedoh
+ Weekly chalkboard decal set by Scribble on Everything – small $36, large $65 USD
+ Ferm Living’s Calendar Wall Sticker $125 USD


Ideas for A Small Craft Space

craft station

craft station

When I designed the new floor plan for our home, I made sure to allocate a small part of the den (that we use as a library) to become a craft station. It is a small space. I have 57 inches of wall to play with. After looking at many possible configurations, I am leaning for a single desk with storage and top shelves.

Since I do not wish to spend a lot of  money to furnish it, I browsed the IKEA catalogue in search of the prefect desk for my space. My craft space will be located just beside the nursery door, in an open space. Therefore, having closed storage is essential. I also want something cheerful that will stimulate my creativity. I think that I found a good solution with the MICKE work station.

The things I like about it:

  • the adjustable shelf inside the storage compartment. It is designed for a computer tower but I could configure it to suit my need;
  • I won’t have to make many holes on my wall with the storage unit equipped with a magnetic writing board and shelves;
  • it comes in orange

Another option would be to take the small MICKE desk workstation and place the drawer unit on casters next to it to expand the work surface. I will wait until I see it in person to make a decision.

I am looking for a way to have easy access to wrapping ribbons and my growing Japanese washi tape collection. One solution could be to hang two GRUNDTAL rails.

Inspired by a Creative Kids Corner

creative kids corner from the happy home

Have a look at the superb craft corner that Belinda Graham of The Happy Home designed for her two kids. I love it! She put to good use the  GRUNDTAL rail. And I am impressed by the way she transformed the basic LÄTT table and chairs from IKEA with simply black paint and several washi tapes.

+ larger MICKE desk workstation $139.99 CAD
+ small MICKE desk workstation $89.99 CAD
+ MICKE drawer unit on casters $79.99 CAD
+ GRUNDTAL rail $6.99 CAD and up, depending of the size
+ Creative kids corner photographed by Belinda Graham of The Happy Home


DIY Kraft Paper Sketch Pad

Kraft Paper Wall

Kraft Paper Wall

Though a chalkboard wall can be extremely useful as a family message center, a revolving menu or a catchall for inspirational ideas, they can also look messy and cause a mess as a result of all that chalk dust. Not to mention that chalkboard walls are walking the fine line of being overdone.

The DIY Kraft Paper Sketch Pad is smart idea from Sarah.Wandering as an alternative. She cleverly rigged rolls of inexpensive kraft paper on a curtain rod to provide a clean canvas for ideas, schedules and sketches. Best of all, when you need to tidy the room – or your thoughts – you can tear off the paper and start anew.

Check out all the details on Sarah.Wandering.

+ DIY Kraft Paper Sketch Pad from Sarah.Wandering

Idea Paint to Create Your Own Whiteboard

idea paint

Many of you like the idea of a chalkboard but cannot live with the mess that chalk does on our floor. This product delivers the liberty to write on the wall without the mess. What it does is to turn any surface into a whiteboard.

Idea Paint has many applications in our home from the kids bedroom, to a message board on the kitchen or to keep track of your to do list in your home office. What do you think?

You can watch this video of their kiosk at Dwell on Design 2009.

+ Idea Paint for the Home
+ via a Guy Wasakawi’s tweet


Back to School Inspirations: from pencils to food for your thoughts

back to school inspirations :: pencils :: jams :: fabric hoop bulletin boards

I am ending my day as I started it: with some quick links. This time, they are all connected to back to school.

+ the top left image shows you how you can use vintage boxes and every day containers to carry around your pens and pencils – via Sarah’s loft.

+ for breakfast or to give you energy with an oolong tea, enjoy some Jam Butters and Buttermilk Biscuits via Sunday Suppers

fabric hoop bulletin boards by kelee81 – via design to inspire

A Pencil Collection for Artists

After seeing those pictures, you may be tempted to start collecting 500 color pencils by Social Designer. Made from China, the pencils would be shipped from Japan.

collect display 500 pencils

Unique and luxurious display units are available. I like their originality. A wall of 500 neatly stored pencils that are organized by colors looks awesome. The storage cases vary in prices from $41.50 to $260. The flower vases and the Aurora wall units (not shown) are the 2 most expansive.


DIY Magnetic Boards for my Organizing Monday

You can personalize these small projects to suit your taste. I gathered three projects to give you an overall view of what is possible.

diy magnetic boards for messages and photos

You can interact with the Frames wallpaper by painting some frames and hanging photos or cute papers. Casasugar suggested you put magnetic primer under the Frames wallpaper to be able to use magnets. The magnetic primer means that you can do it with any color of paint. Look at the adorable kid room. Finally, for the more traditional magnetic boards, check out a DIY project on Curbly.

1. Graham & Brown’s Frames Wallpaper designed by Taylor & Wood $40 USD/roll
2. How to make a Magnetic Photo Board for Under $15 via Curbly
3. Magnetic Kids Walls tutorial by RustOleum


Vintage Cute Décor for the Office

whale chalkboard and skeleton key rack :; three potato four

It may be Twitter than inspires me but this whale chalkboard is simply adorable. I would like to put it on my new office. The chalk will sit safe and snug inside the pre-drilled blowhole at the top of the board.

Another cute item is the skeleton key rack. It measures 8 inches in width. Hooks can be handy to hang keys or small notes. This is a brand new item that looks vintage.

Both items are sold at Three Potato Four, a store with cool vintage style stuff.

+ Whale Chalkboard – $40 USD
+ Skeleton Key Rack – $16 USD


Back To School Essentials

back to school essentials :: desktop file storage and message boardsThis stuff will create a fun and stimulating desk space for students.

To make your life easier, you also need to get organized. Here are some gears to lessen the stress of the back-to-school frenzy.

Desk Storage Solutions

FileFolder is a versatile desktop filing system. Made with magnetic and durable powder-coated laser-cut steel, the slim desktop file storage can be wall mounted. And it is available from Etsy in black or white. Custom colors can be requested.

Crystal clear acrylic desk accessories make it easy to spot your stuff while solid color storage reduces the clutter effect. We all aim for the polished look shown on the orange bookcase. As a rule of thumb, I suggest solid colors as they both decorate and organize your study area. But stick to one or two harmonizing colors.

Agenda and Message Centers

Since you often live with roommates, you need a system to communicate daily tasks and deadlines. Your mother is not there anymore to remind you of these mundane details, so it is best to get a message center. It is also a must for families with young children.

Pushpins or magnets? You get the best of both worlds with the metal-backed EVA foam that lets you stick up pictures and pages with magnets or pushpins. Every magnet and pushpins are topped in pliable silicone.

If you need a larger message center, make a statement by mixing the silver boards and the black boards. For its overall flexibility, the tactile message board available at CB2 gets my seal of approval.

The Puzzle Calendar is a kit of Lego-style blocks printed with dates and events. Let your imagination flow in keeping your agenda.

The International symbol magnets will look great on the fridge. The hip and modern symbol magnets seem to become a home décor trend. Remember the eye-catching Dorogaya Magnetic Calendar by Serhiy Chebotaryov.

I will continue to scout the stores for cool stuff to make your home office a place where it feels great working or studying.

+ FileFolder by Eric Mackey – price: $40 USD
+ Format desk accessories at CB2 – price: $6.95-$24.95
+ Silver tactile message board at CB2 – price: $29.95 USD
+ Puzzle Calendar at Urban Outfitters – price: $14 USD
+ International symbol magnets at CB2 – price: $8.95 USD for 18 magnets