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Molecule Dish to Serve Condiments

molecule dish designed by voonwong & bensonsaw :: serving bowls

molecule dish designed by voonwong & bensonsaw :: serving bowls

When I went to Japan, almost every meal was presented with several condiments served in tiny bowls. But there is no need to eat Japanese food to use the Molecule dish at a dinner or a cocktail party. I saw that the small and medium sizes are both on sale at Merchant4. This handmade bone china server dish is from the Setcast collection that I introduced before.

+ Molecule dish by voonwong & bensonsaw on sale at $48 for the small dish, $56 for the medium


Farmers Market Baskets

bone china farmers market baskets at jason home and garden

bone china farmers market baskets at jason home and garden

These adorable fruit baskets would add a nice touch to any outdoor party this summer. The Farmers Market baskets are made of a sturdy bone china in a glossy finish. You can buy them online at Jayson Home & Garden or at the Chicago store.

+ Farmers Market baskets small $20, medium $32, large $38
+ Via Oh Joy!


Shopping at Lekker Home in Boston

lekker store in bostonIf you follow me, you probably noticed that I am a fan of the Lekker Home store. For the ones that do not know this store, it is an indie store with a single location. Their reputation is due to their unique inventory.

The owner is a Natalie van Dijk Carpenter, a woman born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She currently lives in Boston. Nathalie often traveled across Europe to bring to America amazing design products. Nathalie imports home décor accessories, tableware and furniture that otherwise would never be available in the United States. Innovative USA brands find some shelf space at Lekker Home like my new fave, Modern Twist from California.

Staying in a hotel that was only 10 minutes by foot from Lekker Home, I could not miss the opportunity to check the store.

Dinnerware for entertaining

Although Lekker Home does not carry formal dinnerware set per se, you still find several options for when you are having friends over. Let me assured you that the dinnerware collections are as interesting in person as online. I adored the comfortable, modern and stylish shape of Elixyr Collection by Kahla.

Go for the Elixyr 5 Piece Set with a cappuccino cup with saucer instead of the saucer. The rest of the 5 pieces include a dinner plate, a salad plate and the remarkable bowl with handle. A small curve creates a handle for the plates.

For more details, watch the video.

My purchases

Naturally, I could not leave the store without buying a few things. I restrained myself and brought home 5 tablescape accessories:

  • Silicone Placemats by Modern-Twist: the brown bird motif
  • Coaster Notz by Modern-Twist : set of 4 Trees of Us in brown
  • Vinotagz Designed by Modern-Twist : set of 6 stem markers
  • Black and Sand Bread Bag by Stelton
  • Utilo Teastick by Blomus

I felt in love with the silicone collection by Modern-Twist. I really like the fact that the placemats and coasters still reveal the wood grain of my chocolate-brown dining table. Their illustrations are all inspired by nature. It is hand silk-screened on non-toxic silicone that can be wiped down after use.

What is interesting about this line is that you can write a party greeting, used it to identify the wine at a wine tasting event or write down the guest names. Make sure you use a ballpoint pen. Simply clean them with soap and lukewarm water.

Designed to identify your glass, Vinotagz comes in a set of 6 stem markers. The storage box of Vinotagz fits cleverly on the neck of a wine bottle. Next time you contribute the wine for a dinner party, insert a pack of Vinotagz in every bottle. You host will be delighted by your hostess gift.

I selected a reversible black and sand because they are more versatile that the single color bag. It will harmonize well with my cupboards and my stainless steel appliances that have hints of black.

My husband is a tea lover. I prefer to serve each person their favorite tea. We were seduced by the clean lines, the practicality and the eco-friendly aspect of the single serving Utilo Teastick.

It is good for my wallet that I do not live in Boston because I would shop at Lekker Home all the time. But you can shop online. Lekker Home delivers in the United States and if you call them, anywhere in the world.

Birds N Trees Brown Silicone Placemats by Modern-Twist – price: $22 USD
+ Coaster Notz Pebbles – price: $22.50 for a set of 4
+ Bread Bag Black/Sand by Stelton – price: $32
+ UTILO Teastick by Blomus – price: $21
+ Kahla Elixyr Collection – price: $78 for a 5-piece set
+ Web site of Modern-Twist


Egg candle holders by Michelle Mason

egg candleholders by michelle masonMade from English fine bone china, these egg shape candle holders are lovely and modern. They are sold in pair, one medium and one large egg, nicely packaged in a recycled board gift box.

UK artist Michelle Mason designed her latest creations so you can watch the wax drip like egg yolk. It is a fact that the British people like to eat soft-boiled eggs on the morning.

I like the romantic idea but not the wax stain on my tablecloth. If you are like me, you got two choices:

  • Buy no dripping candles but you lose the concept
  • Rest the pair of egg candle holders on a tray or a wood board

I prefer the second option.

Decorating your home at Easter or for a brunch

Better yet, a single tulip or a branch fits into the hole. So get a few pairs. Mix and match candles, empty eggs and plants to create a dramatic effect in your home.

Having small vases like those is practical because you can easily move them around to suit your mood and spatial needs. These would look amazing for a brunch. Imagine them at a key element of your Easter tablescape.

Customers outside UK should order the Michelle Mason products from Hidden Art Shop since these accept International orders. Several retailers across UK carry some or all products by Michelle Mason, look at her Web site to locate shops.

About Michelle Mason

Founded in 2006, Michelle Mason is a UK-based lifestyle brand of contemporary interior products. Michelle studied illustrations at Chelsea College of Art. She holds a Communication Design Master Degree.

Buy online: Egg Candleholder at Hidden Art – price: £69.75 the set
Around Britain: UK stockists of Michelle Mason