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Bar Carts for Serious Summer Entertaining at Pottery Barn

wagon party bucket

If your home or your cabin by the lake is the party central for you and your friends, you need great beverage station options. The latest summer collection at Pottery Barn gave you something to think about. See how you could do it.

Wagon Party Buckets

Having a wagon is awesome to keep the cart close to the action. The removable galvanized bucket and tray provides convenience. If you are driving a car with a large trunk, you could easily bring this bar on wheel to a large picnic at the park or the beach. Continue Reading


Summer Entertaining at Costco

summer entertaining gears

summer entertaining gears

I went to Costco yesterday to buy essential household products and baby wipes. While shopping across the aisles, I spotted a few items that would make your summer entertaining more special.

First, the BPA-free acrylic beverage dispenser, that almost look like glass, is ideal for outdoor entertaining, especially if you have a pool. A friend of mine bought it last summer. She used it for our annual summer BBQ. I was impressed by how well it works and how good it looks. Your iced tea or lemonade will not be water down since you keep ice cubes on the bottom compartment. And on top of that, it costs only $19.95 CAD (if I am not mistaken).

My second suggestion is based on practicality and affordability. The Bridge Flower Planters ($49.99 for a 5-pack) are great for condo owners and renters since it is tailored for balcony railings. You can also use them to put flowers on fences.

lady susan serving tray

Third, the lady susan serving tray ($19.89) can be used any time of the year to serve crudités, fresh seasonal fruits or nuts.


Adorable Party Supplies at Shop Sweet Lulu

8 oz, round bottles for milk, limonade or other beverages

8 oz. round bottles for milk, chocolate milk lemonade or other beverages

If you wonder where to get these adorable small bottles that are so popular at baby showers and weddings, have a look at Shop Sweet Lulu on Etsy. They also carry the traditional French square bottles.

french square glass bottles and wooden taster spoons for ice cream

Shop Sweet Lulu also sells wooden ice cream spoons, dots and stripes birthday candles, nice striped straws, polka dot party cones and baking cups with cute festive patterns that you can use to serve candies, ice cream as well as cupcakes.

polka dot candy cups

If you need a large number, you may be better to buy your beverage bottles in bulk. I found the square bottles in different formats at SKS Bottle & Packaging.

+ 8 oz. Round Bottles, $12 USD for 4 at Shop Sweet Lulu
+ 8 oz. French Square Bottles with a black plastic cap, $16 USD for 4 at Shop Sweet Lulu
+ 8 oz. French Square Bottles without caps, $66.36 USD for 84 at SKS Bottle  & Packaging
+ Flat Wooden Ice Cream Taster Spoons $2 for 20 at Shop Sweet Lulu
+ Polka Dot Candy Cups $4 for 20 at Shop Sweet Lulu