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Eco-Chic Party Essentials

recycled bottles : bamboo serving trays : cork tray : coasters ecochic spring party ideas

As more and more people are concerned with what is happening to the environment, many are looking for party ideas on how to throw an eco-friendly party. Recycling things makes a huge difference. With a little bit of imagination, you can find new purposes to used objects.

So instead of heading to the store for new stuff, hunt the flea market to dig vintage tabletop items and home accessories. Throwing an eco-chic party is an excellent way to persuade your friends that they can both live in style and care for the environment.

And you are not limited to the rustic look anymore. I found items that rock. I selected four eco-friendly products and an eco-friendly idea to help you prove your case to your friends on Earth Day.


Corks can also protect your tables and countertops from hot pots and pans. Martha Stewart designed a cork trivet. You will need about 50 for a medium sized trivet. Use corks as a holder for the table place cards, to display the cheese tags for the cheese platter.

The bended Cork Tray looks pretty cool. Designed and developed for Branch, the Cork Tray is a more sustainable version of Urbana Design’s bended plywood tray. A big advantage of using cork, the top creates a non-skid surface.


The Golden Brown Serving Trays are by Bambu, the maker of Veneerware. The trays are 100% organically-grown bamboo, with non-toxic adhesive and natural food-safe wood oil.

I introduced Veneerware last October as the most stylish eco-friendly disposable dishes. I still think that.

Recycled Glass Dishes

The rustic charm of the Del Sol green tinted bottles comes from used glass containers. The glass is shaped in molds and then, embellished with rustic seams and thick rims. These 32 oz. stoppered bottles can be used for dressings, oils, vinegars, lemonade, ice tea and water.

The bad news for North American tree huggers is that the Del Sol tableware collection is made in Spain. Old glass bottles, bowls and plates can be found at the flea market.

Recycled Tires

Some items can be fun like the Six-Pack Coasters made of recycled tires. The package-storage is quite ingenious. Inspired by the conventional 6-pack, simply pop out each individual coaster for use. When finished, pop it back into its handy “ring” for storage. The Six-Pack Coasters are handmade by JoshJakus in Oakland, California.

How to: Cork trivet on Martha Stewart
Buy online: del sol recycled bottles at Sundance Catalog price: $25 USD for 3
Buy online: Serving Trays: Golden Brown by Bambu – price: $22 USD sm, $42 lg
Buy online: Cork Tray at Branch – price: $150 USD
Buy online: Six-Pack Coasters by JoshJakus – price:$18 USD


The highs and lows in eco-friendly disposable plates and utensils

bambu and bagasse disposable dinnerware at branch

This is the first article of my new eco-chic party and stylish green living column. Stay tuned every Wednesday for more.

Although real dinnerware is the ultimate choice, it is not also possible due to time, group size and money. If you need to use disposable tableware for an event, what are the environment friendly choices out there?

The high version of environment friendly dinnerware

Launched in 2006, the bambu All Occasion Veneerware collection displays contemporary clean lines. The materials are peeled directly from the 100% organically grown bamboo stalk; but really no one gives supplements to one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. bambu is the ultimate in trendy chic right now.

The making of All Occasion Veneerware uses no bleaches or dyes. After disposal, the plates, trays and utensils biodegrades in 4 to 6 months. Bamboo is available at Branch and

The prices are slightly cheaper at where you get 2 packaging sizes to cater to small and large events. Choose between the 8 pack and the 100 pack for plates, and the 24 piece kit (8 knives, spoons and forks) or a bag of 250 utensils (single type).

bambu Veneerware trays and sporks are designed for one-time use that may be composted when done. Therefore, you can fully set up your buffet table with environment friendly dinnerware. A spork is a spoon and a fork in a single item.

The low version of environment friendly dinnerware

The top left picture shows plates, oval platters, cups and bowls made of 100% biodegradable, compostable sugar cane fiber (bagasse) that is a byproduct of the sugar refining process. The utensils are made of 80% potato starch and 20% vegetable oil.

Their look is not impressive but they will make you feel good. Unbleached, FDA-approved food-safe that are comparable to Chinet brand plates for sturdiness. You can buy those Biodegradable Plates, Cups + Utensils in pack of 50 units at Branch.

Spread the words

If you use environmentally friendly products at an event, do not be shy to nicely highlight the facts at the event. Write down in chalk compostable, environment friendly and fair trade on small slate coasters. Decorative place card holders are another option. But do not forget to spread the words, so people become aware of the alternatives.

Learn more: Web site of bambu
Buy online: bambu All Occasion Veneerware at Greenfeet – starting at $ 5.50 for 8 salad / dessert plates
or $65.95 for 100
Buy online: Biodegradable Plates, Cups + Utensils at Branch – starting at $6.50 for 50 salad / dessert plates

+ Recyclable and disposable Social Plates for all drinks