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Adorable Bakeware at Anthropologie

stoneware bakeware anthropologie

stoneware bakeware anthropologie

I am so excited because, at last, Anthropologie first store in Montreal will open this Friday. This means that I will not alway leave the store empty-handed because I don’t want to carry big bags to the plane. My husband will appreciate too since we won’t need to visit the store every time we go to the States. By the way, I booked our flight to New York City today. We will go for a long weekend this November. On my agenda is to bring our son to the toys exhibit at MoMA.

To celebrate Anthropologie store opening, I compiled a list of baking things that I want. The first thing that caught my eye are the Spades measuring cups. They are simply too cute! The same is true for the Resaro bakeware series and the Jacquard Tea Towel Set. I have less than 48 hours left to make room in my kitchen cabinets.

I’m curious to know “What is your favorite item this fall at Anthropologie?”

FYI, Anthropologie will be located at 2130 rue de la Montagne in Montreal.


Duo Colour Icing Kits

two tone cake icing with Lakeland Duo Colour Icing Kit

two tone cake icing with Lakeland Duo Colour Icing Kit
photo: Duo Colour Icing Kit £4.99 at Lakeland

Decorating your cakes and cupcakes with two tone icing is made easy with this kit. Double pastry bags are attached to a specially designed coupler to deliver a control flow of two tone icing. The set comes with 6 nozzles. When you are selecting your flavours, simply remember that both icings should have the same consistency. At first, I advice that you fill the bag by alternating between the two sides to get a feel of how much icing can go into each compartment.

reusable double pastry bag set
photo: Reusable double pastry bag set $14 USD at

This would be a great cake decorating tool to have around Halloween and Christmas. Since the Lakeland Duo Colour Icing Kit is only available in UK, I  found an option in the United States. You will only need to add more piping tips to the double pastry bag set at Kerekes Bakery & Restaurant Equipment in Brooklyn, which also operates Their set only comes with a star pastry tube.


Four Ramekins with a Dash of Color

modernize your ramekins

modernize your ramekins

Lately, I have been tired of my classic white ramekins. They work well but the style feels a little bit dated. Therefore, I start a search for more modern options. So far, I found four colourful ramekins that caught my attention. My short list reads like this:

No. 1 – My favorite is a part of the House by John Lewis collection. I love the steel color of this uncluttered ceramic ramekin. Safe up to 200°C (392°F) £3 each

No. 2 – The Rachael Ray Round Ramekins are top rated at I like that they are oven safe to 500°F. They are available in many colours: orange, indigo blue, green, yellow, chocolate brown. $24.95 USD /$25.30 CAD for 4 at

No. 3 – Another popular model are the Bakeware Ramekins by Chantal. It looks great in lime. It also comes in apple red, indigo blue, vanilla (beige) and plain white. $19.95 USD / $20.15 CAD for 4 at

No. 4 – My last choice might not be as modern but it earns its place for convenience. Like the ramekins by Rachel Ray, the two-tone stoneware ramekins by Trudeau are oven safe to 500°F. $4.95 CAD at Linen Chest

I am still undecided. Therefore, I welcome your input.


Three Hostess Gift Ideas for Bakers

hostess gifts for bakers

hostess gifts for bakers
Gingham Spatulas on sale at $3.00 to $5.99 at Sur La Table | Progressive Brown Sugar Keeper $14.95 at Sur La Table or Chefs Catalog | Chicago Metallic Individual mini pie pan $24. 95 USD at Sur La Table or Crate & Barrel

I suggest pretty, useful and stylish for these mini gift round up. The Gingham Spatulas will add pretty in your kitchen. It reminds me of something that the girls in Pushing Daisies who uses to bake.

I read good things about the next product. Who does not look for a solution that prevents its brown sugar from drying out? There is nothing more annoying than to find out in the middle of a recipe that your brown sugar is hard as a rock. A moist terra cotta disc does the trick. Remember to re-soak the disc every 3 months for 15 minutes if you do not wish to have a bad surprise. You can store the disc in the airtight lid of Progressive brown sugar keeper when not in use. I own a few Progressive products and they work well.

Last but not least, have a look at this individual mini pie pan set that will enables you to serve beautiful savory and sweet pies to your family and friends. It comes with a neat two-sided dough cutter that will assure the perfect top and bottom crust size. The best part is the festive design.


Home Made Cookie Stamp

cookie stamper home made baking tool

cookie stamper home made baking tool

If your baked goods rival the fare found in fancy sweet shops (and why wouldn’t they?), this cool kitchen tool may be just what you need to remind snackers your creations are the real home made deal.

The 2.75″ stamp is made with food-grade silicone and features a sturdy wooden handle made from sustainably harvested trees. It even comes with a special peanut butter cookie recipe, but the stamp would also work well for shortbread and sugar cookies.

+ Home Made Cookie Stamp $14.95 USD at NerdSeven
+ Home Made Cookie Stamp by Suck UK


Holiday Bakeware for all the Family

snowy railway cake pan

snowy railway cake pan

When I decided to write a post about cute holiday bakeware for families with young children, I head to my top 3 shopping destinations for inspirations. And I found plenty. Each one has its own style.

snowy village cakelet pan

Display the Railway Cake Pan and the Snowy Village Cakelet Pan on a footed cake plate or a large rectangular tray. Cover the floor with icing sugar. It will simulate a nice floppy snow.

christmas bake :: non-stick silicone molds by lekue

The most tempting molds for me were the 3D Christmas tree molds available in two sizes. Use them to make your own chocolate Christmas trees. The assembly is so simple to do that it can be done by a young child. They will be easy to demold since they are made of non-stick, 100% platinum silicone.

gingerbread man cakelet pan

For fans of the gingerbread house, I have 3 suggestions. A gingerbread man cakelet would be a fabulous treat for Santa. When you have time to relax between Christmas and New Year Eve, bake with the kids your own gingerbread house. I suggest that time because many parents are too busy before Christmas to spend one afternoon baking a gingerbread house. Here are the recipes by Wilton to make a Christmas Chocolate Candy House and the traditional Grand Gingerbread House.

gingerbread house mold pan by wilton

A simpler project would be to bake a big gingerbread man cake. It would be a hit on your Christmas dessert table. The only drawback is that, for reasons that I cannot explain, almost no retailers carry Lékué’s Celebrate collection in North America.

+ Railway Cake Pan $36 USD at Williams-Sonoma
+ Snowy Village Cakelet Pan $36 at Williams-Sonoma
+ Gingerbread Man Cakelet Pan $19.95 at Williams-Sonoma
+ Big 3D xmas tree by Lékué 18.56 EUR / about $23.34 USD
+ Small 3D xmas tree by Lékué 18.56 EUR / about $23.34 USD
+ Gingerman by Lékué 22.80 EUR / about $28.68 USD
+ Gingerbread House Pan $24.95 at Crate & Barrel


New Kitchen Tools by Joseph Joseph

joseph joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

new kitchen tool products by joseph joseph

I am looking to renew my basic melamine cooking utensils with a more heat resistant version. I want something that will last. The Elevate kitchen utensil series comes with a unique twist. The utensil’s head is raised to prevent it from touching worktop surfaces. Therefore, no more messy marks on our counter. You can buy the 6 kitchen utensils separately or in a gift box that comes with a spoon, a slotted spoon, a turner, a slotted turner, a ladle and a spaghetti server.

joseph joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

Elevate is not the only new product by Joseph Joseph with neat features. The Adjustable Rolling Pin eliminates the guess work in two ways. First, a pastry width measurement guide is etched on the wood of the rolling pin. It comes with a set of removable disks of different heights. The disks raise the rolling pin over the work surface. Insert the right disk to make sure your dough reached the required thickness.

The Y-Grinder is two grinders in one. It comes in white,green and gray. Finally, the Hands On salad set has a pair of hand-like salad servers that nicely hanged on either side of the bowl. I used at home a set of stainless steel hand-like salad servers. I love the concept! I prefer them to the traditional salad servers.

The Y-Grinder and Hands On were winners of the Reddot design awards 2010 and Design Plus 2010.

USA [affiliate links]
+ Salt & pepper Y-Grinder by Joseph Joseph $32.95 USD at
+ Hands-On salad set by Joseph Joseph $40.14 USD
+ Elevate 6-piece utensil set by Joseph Joseph $29.11 USD
+ Adjustable Rolling Pin by Joseph Joseph $19.95 USD

Canada [affiliate links]
+ White Y-Grinder by Joseph Joseph $39.99 CAD
+ Hands-On salad set by Joseph Joseph $39.99 CAD
+ Joseph Joseph Elevate Slotted Spoon $6.25 CAD
+ Adjustable Rolling Pin by Joseph Joseph $19.99 CAD


Pretty Mini Pies

pretty mini pies fashioned with the lattice pocket pie mold and the apple pocket pie mold

pretty mini pies fashioned with the lattice pocket pie mold and the apple pocket pie mold

Talk about a simple way to bring sophistication to your table. I imagine that many of you will wish to recycle this idea for baby shower and tea parties. And they are very easy to make with the special pocket pie molds available at Williams-Sonoma. You could use them for savory and sweet pies.

Lattice Pocket Pie Mold

Here are a few tips. Dusting flour on all surfaces between each pie is crucial for good results. I suggest to lightly brush some water to seal the edges.

apple pocket pie mold

Get the apple pie mold for a back-to-school party, or to celebrate the fall harvest season.

+ Lattice Pocket Pie Mold $9.95 USD at Williams-Sonoma
+ Apple Pocket Pie Mold $9.95


Cupcake Wrapper Kits for a Kids Birthday or Baby Shower

jungle animals and circus animals cupcake wrapper kits for kids birthdays

jungle animals and circus animals cupcake wrapper kits for kids birthdays

Decorative cupcake wrappers can infuse in a flash the essence of your party theme at an affordable price. Plus, no need to be or to hire an expert cake decorator.  Jungle animals and circus animals are favorite themes for a kid birthday. Every kid will have one of those in their childhood.

wheels and transportation, dots cupcake wrapper kits for a birthday or baby shower

Another model that is always handy to stock is the car and fire trucks. I like the Sweet Dots Cupcake Wraps’n Pix for a little girl birthday or a baby shower.

These sets come with 12 cupcake wrappers and 24 pix. All that for only $3.49 at New York Cake & Baking Distributors Wilton. I discovered this go-to spot for pastry chefs and baking lovers in NYC by reading the Behind the scenes articles at Amy Atlas Events. The best thing is that you do not have to live in New York City to get your hands on their stuff since they deliver worldwide.

January 29th, 2013 Update: It seems that NY Cakes and Baking stopped to carry them. Head to Wilton to get it. I updated the sourcing links.

+ Jungle Pals Cupcake Wraps’n Pix $3.49 /set
+ Big Top (Circus) Cupcake Wraps’n Pix $3.49 /set
+ Wheels Cupcake Wraps’n Pix $3.49 /set
+ Sweet Dots Cupcake Wraps’n Pix $3.49 /set


Not your Usual Heart Cake Pan

heart cake at muji

heart cake at muji

What a clever and adorable idea! Imagine the reactions of your guests when you cut the first piece of cake. I feel it is more unique than the typical individual heart cake pans. Just for the reveal, I want to add this cake pan to my bakeware. Besides Valentine’s Day, it would be perfect for a bridal shower or for Mother’s Day.

heart cake pan at muji

I spotted it at the global Muji shop. I did not find it on Muji USA. If you have any clues on where to find this scalloped round mold, please inform me. I want to get other options in case that I could not find any at the many Muji stores in Tokyo.

+ photos: Muji Rhythm


Milk and Cookies Baby Shower

milk and cookies baby shower inspired by cox and cox

Milk and cookies is a classic theme for baby showers. Having a few cool props adds a special touch to the theme. Here are some items I found at Cox and Cox that will enable you to customize the party. I think the hands and feet cookies are adorable.

creme brulee dishes by sophie conran by portmeiron

I suggest you bake flavored creme brulee to bring a grown up touch. Lavender creme brulee is divine and chic. I bought my brulee dishes at Linen Chest.

+ Retro-style Milk Bottle on sale £5.40
+ Hands & Feet Metal Cookie Cutters on sale £12.75
+ Sophie Conran By Portmerion Brulee Dishes on sale £20.70 for pack of 4