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Small Spaces can be Spacious

gary chang's hidden bathroom and his kitchen on movable partitions

architect gary chang\'s movable walls in his Hong Kong apartment

We are used to living in spacious rooms in North America. When I traveled to Japan, I noticed how lucky we are. But this does not mean that people who live in tiny condos have to give up on living well in their limited space. One architect who certainly demonstrated that you can accomplish a lot in a tiny apartment is Gary Chang.

gary chang\'s hidden bathroom and his kitchen on movable partitions

Gary lived in Hong Kong. He totally reinvented the 344-square-foot apartment where he grew up. His secret weapon for maximizing space is a clever system of sliding walls. Each movable partition reveals storage units, or the kitchen or a luxurious bathtub. Overall, he created 24 configurations for his small apartment.

architect gary chang designed his own hydraulic murphy bed

His creative design shows us that it pays to think outside the box. Watch this video for a tour of Gary Chang’s apartment.

+ floor plan on the New York Times – photography: Marcel Lam, see more photos