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Etsy handmade goods are now at Indigo

lily and val Be Full Of Joy print

After West Elm and Hudson’s Bay, Indigo is the latest retailer in Canada that carries a small collection of Etsy handmade wares. It continues to show that consumers want less mass-produced objects in their life. I am glad to see that more and more chain retailers are willing to bring small makers and designers into their shop. Indigo selected a mix of home decor, tabletop and entertaining, and style items from Etsy wholesale program.

Studiopatro piece of cake tea towels
Studiopatro tea towels $24 CAD

This initiative will make your gift giving easier. Personally, I put the Studiopatro tea towels and the Lily and Val chalkboard prints on my birthday’s wish list; which is next month. They fit nicely with the kitchen decor of the house we bought this week.

So, if you are in Toronto, drop by the Etsy pop-up store at Indigo’s Toronto Eaton Centre location. They opened April 1st, 2014. Otherwise, you can buy the Etsy at Indigo collection online.


Selecting an Art Piece to Frame for The January Cure

art framing project hallway for january cure

In case that you don’t follow Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, yesterday assignment was to choose and frame an art piece. I was ahead of that project since I had the frames and the posters. I used this opportunity to hang them on the wall. I had to stop the project a few months ago because I broke the frame glass while putting in the first poster in. I still have to replace the glass but, with my husband’s help, the posters are framed. I’m so happy that the posters are now on the wall and to have been able to cross an item from my project list. Continue Reading


iPhone Cases by Artists at Society 6

iphone cases at society6

I needed a new iPhone case. My current has seen better days. I thought about getting a new one for a while. Then, my son broke it while he tried to remove it.

I want a case with a personality. For that reason, I eliminated the big-box stores and even the Apple store. I explored the selection at Treadless but none fit my style. I found what I was looking for at Society6, another print on-demand store that represents artists. The art collection at Society6 appeals more to my taste. I also found that their art collection is more diverse. You can spend lots of time exploring it. With filtering, it took me about 15 minutes to find the right one for me.

Here are some models that I like.

iphone cases at society6
Paris by Gabriela Da Costa | Voyage over Edinburg by David Fleck | Coffee iPhone case by Cassia Beck | $35 each

iphone cases at society6
Aki iPhone case by Cynthia Decker | Paris je t’aime by Nika | Autumn Berries by Iris Lehnhardt $35 each

I hesitated between Voyage over Edinburg and Coffee. I finally ordered the Coffee case. When I look at the circles, it stimulates my imagination. Overall, the design feels more like me.

It costs $10 to ship to Canada one or two cases. When I saw that it would cost me $10 for delivery, I told my disappointment to my husband who replied “Let me check their selection, I need a new case too”. This is how I found out that it costs the same to ship two cases. He bought the Boba Fett: Bounty Hunter iPhone case by Chris Mason. I can’t wait to receive mine.


Turn your Instagram Pictures into Prints with DeepSquare Prints

deepsquare prints of your instagram photos on a desk

deepsquare prints of your instagram photos on a desk
Photo: DeepSquare Prints $25 for 4 assorted prints of your Instagram photos

Today, I am happy to report about a cool product for all Instagram fans. Today is a great day for the two founders of Static Pixels, Massimo Farina and Lawrence Tenuta, since they launched their first product: DeepSquare Prints. They saw a market with Instagram prints. Like they say on their Web site, it’s hip to be square.

deepsquare instagram prints hung on a wall

What you get is a 5-inch square print of any of your Instagram pictures printed on recycled paper-based board. Each print has its own stand and wall mount. I imagine DeepSquare Prints to be used to make a love story wall at a wedding or to share memories at a milestone birthday. They are also an easy way to decorate your office with pictures that you speak to you.

deepsquare prints stand

You can order 4 five inch prints on rigid paper board for $25. Shipping is $5 across North America or $10 for international delivery. They are Forest Stewardship Council certified.

Their InstaOrder program enables you to order from your iPhone 4 prints of the photo you have just taken. This eases the process of giving actual prints to your friends and family. Visit Static Pixels for more details.


Illustrations by Hillary Bird | Etsy finds

hillary bird's art prints for kids

hillary bird's art prints for kids

I am currently looking for a series of art prints to hang on the short hallway that leads to my son’s nursery. I am leaning towards 3 medium size art prints that would fit into the 20-inch RIBBBA shadow box frames or a 20-inch tall RIBBA frame. But whatever I do, I need at least one frame of this size.

Another solution would be to showcase 2 medium prints and a series of three 5×7 prints. I got this idea after I saw the kids prints realized by San Francisco Bay area designer and illustrator Hillary Bird. If I was going with this plan, I would be together the the Expedition, the Crystal Lake,  and the Teatime. I also like the warmth of the Rescue. Then, the question becomes what to put next to those. One reason that I hesitate to commit at this time is that I would prefer that the main character was a boy with the bear.

+ Hillary Bird’s Prints $15 USD for 5×7 on Etsy


Cheerful Illustrations by Gayana | Etsy Finds

gayana illustrations

gayana illustrations

These prints are perfect for the start of the weekend. Gayana sells on Etsy motivational illustrations. Over ten years, Dan Daniloff has been collecting quotations and aphorisms about life being, love, happiness voiced by the great people of the world.

+ You can’t buy happiness print $15 USD by Gayana on Etsy
+  Life is too short to drink… print $15 USD
+ via The Besotted Brand Blog


Vintage Science Charts for a Nursery or Toddler Room

vintage science charts

vintage science charts

When I spotted those cute vintage school charts on Shelterrific this morning, I immediately thought that they would look sharp on a baby or toddler room. They carry a childish vibe and it will make a change from the usual ABC or 123 posters. The best part is that they can grow with a kid.

animals hibernate or migrate vintage science chart

Each chart measures approximately 12.5 x 15.5 inches. To unify the look make sure to use identical frames. You could go with white, cream or black frame. You can find those on Etsy from Scottie in a Canoe.

This post closed this month feature on nursery and toddler bedrooms.

+ COMPASS and SPEEDOMETER mid century School Chart $20 USD
+ THE SUN 1960s Science School Chart $20 USD
+ MIGRATION and HIBERNATION vintage mid century Classroom Science Chart $20 USD


Home Decor Trend: Mauve, Lilac and Berry Tones

mauve lilac and berry tones :: fall 2010 home trend

mauve lilac and berry tones :: fall 2010 home trend

I wrote a fall trend report for Style Sheet by where grellow was the center of the attention. Another trend that is worth noting is the mauve, lilac and berry tones trend. I touched it on my fall 2010 trends for HGTV with a few accessories. Let’s explore it further.

Furniture, pendant lamps, art prints and paint colors enable you to let in those nice red-blueish tones. I prefer the mauve and lilac to last year’s purple. I feel that it is easier to coordinate. I am fond of the glass pendant lighting collection by Niche Modern. It has a unique, industrial yet sophisticated design, especially in that rich tone. We see a lot of black or grey used as accent color with this color palette.

Traditional Style

plum trend used with traditional style furniture

Plum, mauve and lilac are not reserved for the modern style. It applies as well with traditional style decor. On the October 2010 issue of Living etc., they show the crocus Zephirine wallpaper next to a stunning blue sofa. The result is awesome.

+ EVRT Studio – Atlas Oats Print $120 to $160 USD at 2Modern
+ Niche Modern’s Plum Pendant Lighting $440 to $1,195
Inhabit Plankton Pillow $60 – $68
+ Moire Tibet Pendant by Shine Labs $350
+ Suzanne Lounge Seating for Kids $1,726 – $4,064
+ Designers Guild’s Zephirine Wallcoverings – color: crocus – photo by Damien Russell for Living etc.
Fox Point Armchair $615 painted in Martha Stewart Living Paint in Blueberry Pie $ 25 a gallon


Nursery Posters | Etsy Finds

Custom Baby Birth Posters by chaiv on etsy

Custom Baby Birth Posters by chaiv on etsy

It is sweet to incorporate details about the baby’s birth in a nursery. One fun and elegant way to do that is through personalized art prints. Etsy is the place to find great posters, typically made by graphic designer moms. My heart is torn between two sellers as I cannot decide which one I prefer the most between the art prints of Penny People and the posters by Chaiv. They both played with typography to create remarkable custom-made posters.


Chaiv developed a unique design concept where birth details with the baby name are nicely layout on a custom made poster. Although there are plenty of information for a small piece of paper, the result looks great. You get to choose between two styles, available in two the color palettes of your choice.

custom baby birth poster and nursery poster by chaiv on etsy

Chaiv’s poster size is 11″ x 14″. They also make nice generic number posters and cute Dizzie Chick alphabet posters. They mix well with the custom baby birth poster, if you stay in the same color palette.

Penny People

Penny People found a clever way to write a baby name. I bought one for a friend who got a baby last year. Her alphabet print displays all the 26 letters of the alphabet in a personalized way. You get to choose between 7 colors for the baby name.

nursery posters custom alphabet print and number print by penny people

I also like her Number print. They are available in 8 x 10 and 13 x 19 formats. You won’t have any problems finding a frame since they fit in an Ikea Ribba Frame.

+ Custom Baby Birth Poster Style 2 by Chaiv $40
+ Dizzie Chickie On Alphabet Hill Poster PINK $28
8×10 Alphabet Print, 7 colour choices for names $15 – 13×19 Alphabet Print $25
+ 8×10 Number Print by Penny People $15 – 13 x 19 Number Print $25


Watercolor Arts of Caitlin McGauley

new-york based watercolor artist Caitlin McGauley

new-york based watercolor artist Caitlin McGauley

NYC-based watercolor artist Caitlin McGauley likes to collaborate with her clients to create custom art piece. Her clients often give her photos as the starting point. Then, Caitlin will reinterpret it in her own style. I think it is a great way to commemorate an event.

The Daily Candy did a short video interview with Caitlin. She seems to be nice.

+ watercolor: Caitlin McGauley
+ via A Design Affair