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A little bit of self-promotion

I wish to tell everyone that will be in Montreal on Saturday that I will be a speaker at PodCamp Montreal 2009. I hope to see you there. I will share my best blogging tips and will be on a panel of top design bloggers from Montreal.  For more details, check out the post I wrote on my social media blog.


kim vallee\'s interview on pepper design blog

Two weeks ago, I opened a new series on Pepper Design Blog by being the first interview Morgan did with a blogger. Follow her blog if you wish to spice up your home and your party. Last Friday, she interviewed Chris of Celebrations at Home. Chris gave wonderful tips to style your place to the party theme.


Cooking and Fun Housewares Design

preserved lemons :: moving announcement cards :: battery salt and pepper set

Some quick links to start the week.

+ First Sunday Suppers shows us how to preserve lemons, a must in Moroccan cuisine. You can find their twist on the lemon chicken tagine. Their recipe has preserved lemons, green olives and golden raisins.

+ An original moving announcement from FPO (for print only). The recipient can cut the pieces and assemble a moving truck. You can carry it on your purse and get it out when you need something to get your kid occupied. Via Snippet & Ink and Oh So Beautiful Paper

+ The last thing fits the color palette of my blog. It is fun tableware that I wish I knew where to buy. Antrepo designed  this salt and pepper shaker set as two rechargeable batteries. Because of the cool concept, I forgive them for putting only one hole on the pepper shaker. Via Death by Kerning and Lovely Package


At Last, Crate and Barrel in Canada!

crate and barrel store in toronto, canada

Every time we go to the States, I must take a peek at Crate & Barrel. I typically need a ruse because my husband knows it will take me a while to walk around the store.

I brought back only a catalogue from all my visits. What about the cute home accessories or the nice tableware that I spotted? This is now a thing of the past.

I am thrilled. I just learned that the first Crate & Barrel store in Canada is scheduled to open in September 2008. This leaves me some time for making space on my cupboards.

My dear husband should write this down on his agenda: extend our stay in Toronto the next time we go to a FacebookCamp.

Green Cooking

By this time, it may be late for the fun green and white 50s retro print of the Farmers Market line. The multi-purpose lidded Garden Market Storage Bowls would add a nice touch to your buffet or summer table. The flat bottoms with a ring of gripping rubber of the Market Bowl Set come handing during the cooking preparation stage.

The stainless steel Compost Pail designed for the kitchen comes with a filter that absorbs odors for approximately 3 months.

Bring a fresh take on mixing, preparing and serving. The hand-painted stripes of purple and green ring enliven these white earthenware bowls. I enjoyed the modern country charms of the Cali Striped Bowls, made in Portugal. They are on my wishlist.

canadian prices at crate and barrel

Ordering from The United States

Right now, Canadians can order online from Crate & Barrel but there is a brokerage fee of $5. In reality, we are shopping on the US store with a Canadian checkout.

The system is not completely seamless since we see the US prices until the end of the Canadian checkout process. Then, the prices are adjusted for the exchange rate and the duty fees, if any. 

I suspect that process will change after the opening of the first store at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto in September 2008.

What’s is Next?

The Toronto store is just the beginning. Another Crate & Barrel store, located in Calgary, is scheduled to open in 2009.

Do you like Crate & Barrel?

>>> Sourcing:
Learn more: Canadian Web site of Crate and Barrel
Buy online: Garden Market Storage Bowls with Lids at Crate and Barrel – price: small $7.95, medium $9.95, large $12.95 USD
Buy online: Market Bowl Set at Crate and Barrel – price: $18.95 USD for 3
Buy online: Cali Striped Bowls at Crate and Barrel – price: small $9.95, large $14.95 USD
Via: What We’re Waiting For. []


New Spring 2008 Collection at Fabulous Stationery

fabulous stationery note cards :: bags shoes  invites moving announcements

If you are looking for personalized note cards, check out the latest collection of bold drawings at Fabulous Stationery.

Bags and Shoes

With a production time of 5 to 7 days, it is too late to order your custom Sex and the City invites from the new shoes and bags collection. Still, keep these note cards in mind for a bridal shower, a girl makeover party or a bridal party.

A bride to be can order a custom set for each of her bridesmaids. Simply select the illustration that fits the best the bridesmaid’s personality.

Moving Announcements

There are several options to choose from a mid-century house to reference to condo living and home decor accessories. You do not need to live in a Palm Springs modern house to order those as long as you want to say “Come to see my new hip place”, these designs are OK.

If your house integrates environment-friendly materials, opt for the recycled eco-notes with eco-envelops. The paper is eco-friendly but I think they use standard inks. The Eco Still Life model supports 2 lines of 20 characters each for the cover.

How it works?

Each card model is available in three color scheme. Fabulous Stationery sells 25 cards and envelops for $45. This basic price includes your own cover text and the return address. Then, you can opt to upgrade the paper, add an inside text, a gift box, a matching notebook and custom RSVP cards.

>>> Sourcing:
Learn more: Spring 2008 Collection at Fabulous Stationery
Buy online: Penelope at Fabulous Stationery – price: $45 USD for 25
Buy online: Ines Too at Fabulous Stationery – price: $45 USD for 25
Buy online: Desert Oasis at Fabulous Stationery – price: $45 USD for 25
Buy online: Jackie at Fabulous Stationery – price: $45 USD for 25
Buy online: Ludwig’s Lounge at Fabulous Stationery – price: $45 USD for 25
Buy online: Eco Still Life at Fabulous Stationery – price: $45 USD for 25


Introducing the new Birth Photo Announcement Cards at Penny People Designs

pbirth photo announcement cards at penny people designs

New parents can save until April 18th, 2008 with the Buy 1 Get 1 free event on their new Birth Photo Announcement Cards. From their design studio in Toronto, Penny People Designs ships worldwide.

Penny People will double the ordered quantity of any Birth Photo Announcement cards if you answer Eupdate to the question “How did you hear from us?” during the checkout process. Offer valid until April 18th, 2008.

The design of the Penny People cards can be changed to suit your taste. So do not worry if you do not like the shown colors, the fonts or the fact that the picture is in black and white. As far as I understand, these design changes cost nothing.

Added Attention

Because Penny People knows that you will be quite busy after the birth of your infant, parents-to-be can receive the envelopes early for an additional $3.00 mailing fee. Therefore, it makes senses to order the birth announcements prior to the arrival of your baby.

Remember that you can order party favor gift boxes with a personalized stickers that match your invites.

Buy online: Birth Photo Announcement at Penny People Designs – price $2.75 each
Buy online: Personalized Candy Box 2″ x 2″ Box & Sticker – price: $1.25 each CAD
Buy online: Personalized Candy Box 2.5″ x 3.5″ Rectangle with Sticker – price: $1.60 each
Learn more: Blog of Penny People Designs


Kim Vallee to be Guest Speaker at this March Montreal Girl Geek Dinner


I invite you to an event on March 26th, 2008.  I would like to meet you at the next Montreal Girl Geek Dinner. That night, I will be speaking about how to create your online brand identity from my own experiences.

If you are a blogger, you realized that blogging has made it possible to “become a media”. The concept of my speech is to share my experiences, be inspirational and exchange ideas with the group. See you there.

For more information and to confirm your presence, check out the March Montreal Girl Geek Dinner event on Facebook.


A Facebook Group for At Home with Kim Vallee

At Home with Kim Vallee Facebook group

If you are on Facebook, I invite you to join the group for my blog. I want to create a place where we can share entertaining experiences and exchange on fine living.

You visit my blog for my inspirations. My intent with the Facebook group is to be more about you. I want to know about your entertaining ideas, the home products you like and your lifestyle. As a tastemaker, it is important that I stay up to date with your needs and desires. I feel the Facebook group it the perfect forum to do that.

Do not be shy to start the conversation. Tell me about your taste, your ideas and your opinions through the wall or the discussion board. As a member, you will be able to upload your own posts, photos or videos about your parties and your home projects.

I hope to meet you on the At Home with Kim Vallee’s Facebook group.


A page on Facebook for my blog

at home with kim vallee blog

If you are a member of Facebook and you like my blog, you may be interested in becoming a fan of At Home with Kim Vallee.

I created a page on Facebook so we can exchange on what you would like to see on my blog. So far, I also published photos of my own dinner parties and tabletops. These pictures are inspirational but I do not feel writing about them on my blog.

What’s new

I work right now on updating my blog to a newer version. For one thing, it will be easier for you to find contents. So stay tuned! I will use the Facebook page to make future announcements when it is appropriate.

Join: At Home with Kim Vallee’s fan on Facebook


Personalized social stationery never look so much like you

Personalized invites and note cards by Penny People Desings

Whenever we wish to make an announcement, send an invitation or thank somebody properly, we want something that represents us. You can glue your picture on a folded card board but frankly, this DIY approach is not the most sophisticated one.

Designer Lindsay Stephenson of Penny People Designs takes the personalization concept to a higher level. You customize the Penny People from her card collection to look like you by changing the skin tone, hair style and hair color. The cards from this Toronto-based stationery studio display cute modern drawings.

Baby Stationery

For announcing a newborn, the Baby makes 3, 4+ cards looks adorable. You customize individually the mom, the dad and the baby. If you want to give something more special to your relatives, make a nice package with the note card or the correspondence card inside a picture frame.

Select a personalized gift tag or sticker from Penny People selection and create the ultimate gift wrap look. Depending on the size of the gift, a 2-inch sticker may look more proportional than the gift tag. A simple Kraft paper and a solid coordinated color paper will look best with any of the patterned gift tags and stickers.

Personalized cards make unique birthday gift

designer address labels and moving announcements by Penny People Designs

The martini girl can get a nice set of invites for her next party. If you do not find what you like, you can request a more custom look for an additional fee. At the top of the service chain, adding your own custom Penny person is possible for $150 CAD. What a great gift idea for the birthday of someone that has everything.

Personalized social stationery is not just for you; think of it as an extraordinary gift idea for your friends and family. For a housewarming party, why not bring amazing designer address labels for the host? At $10 a sheet of 30 labels, you can afford a few pages.

The minimum order quantity at Penny People Designs is low. For most cards and notes, you need to order just 12 invites. Wedding invitations has a minimum of 25 cards. Patterned address labels come in sheet of 30 labels. The personalized gift tags and stickers come in multiple of 20.

In an upcoming post, I will introduce fabulous Mom Calling Cards along with my tips on playdate invitations. You will see a few brands beside Penny People’s line.

About Penny People Designs

Founded in 2004 by designer Lindsay Stephenson, the company was born out of a love of paper, design, business, and all things “personalized”. Penny People Designs presents specific product lines for Babies and Moms, Toddlers, Young adults, Adults, Moving Announcements, Holidays and Weddings. The price starts at $1.20 per correspondence card and $1.50 per note card. It comes with an envelope.

July 20th, 2007 Update:
I received last week my address labels from Penny People Designs. They will make a great impression.

More Info: Baby department at Penny People Designs
More info: Wedding department at Penny People Designs
More Info: Stationery & Gift Accessories department at Penny People Designs