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Create Cork Creatures with Pins

corkers wine bottle pin animal

corkers wine bottle pin animal

Planning to take a bottle of wine to that dinner party this weekend? Though your host probably won’t turn it away, a favorite bottle of red (or white) is a somewhat conventional take along.

Pretty packaging may be one way to dress it up, but Corkers – a new creation by Reddish Studio – offer something unexpected.

corkers wine bottle tag moose animal

Smartly packaged in a wine bottle hang tag are push pin sets that bring bottle corks to life as adorable animals. Available in six creatures – monkey, deer, buffalo, bear, bunny and crow – each pack includes the body parts for one creature.

wine bottle pin cork animals corkers

Corkers are sure to add some interesting conversation, creativity, and whimsy around the dinner table. We’ll drink to that!

+ Corkers, $8, Monkey Business
+ Reddish Studio
+ Via Not Cot


Halloween Lovely Animals Cake Toppers and More by Kikuike | Etsy Finds

halloween love kitty and cat cake toppers by kikuike

halloween love kitty and cat cake toppers by kikuike

The Kikuike’s team produces adorable cake toppers. I applaud their originality and the fun element that they bring to wedding cake toppers. They produced a limited edition of their Love Angels especially for Halloween. As a cat lover, I am partial to the Love cats cake topper. The bride cat wear make-up and you can choose the make-up colour to match your wedding color.

halloween love penguins cake topper

The Love Penguins sit on a cloud base and come with their Halloween accessories: a broomstick, pumpkin and bat.

lovely monkeys wedding cake toppers

Who can resist the lovely monkeys cake topper? Not me. Kikuike sculpts all kinds of animals. They also make the typical human bride and groom cake toppers. The animals won my heart.

Not Just for Weddings

cupcake tower birthday top ornaments

You will find on Flickr the extent of their cake topper creations. Kikuike also makes Japanese style dollhouses. The cake counter could be a sublime inspiration for the top of a kids birthday cupcake tower.

Halloween edition of the Love Kitty, Love Cats cake topper by Kikuike  $120 USD on etsy
+ Halloween edition of the Love Penguins cake topper $120 USD
+ Lovely monkeys cake topper $120 USD – photo on Flickr
+ Birthday cake ornaments by Kikuike on Flickr


Jungle Animal Theme for a Baby Shower or a First Birthday Party

animal jungle theme for a baby shower or a first birthday party :: pouch by oktak

animal jungle theme for a baby shower or a first birthday party :: pouch by oktak

You probably wonder what is the relationship between a pouch and a party theme. Sometimes, you find inspirations in the usual place. It started with a purchase I did this morning. I bought this yellow and white XL frame pouch with a collapsible handle designed by Oktak. My favorite handbag over the last years was yellow and I missed it. This burst of color complements many of my outfits. Plus, I like the sunny shade.

As I examined further the fabric pattern, I realized that those jungle animal shapes would be wonderful for a baby shower or a first birthday party. The silhouettes are simple yet sophisticated. If you are not a talented artist, you can draw the basic shapes from a coloring book and a kids book. You may have to make a few adjustments to get it right.

As for the color palette, I think that the festive yellow and white combination works every time. It is gender neutral. It is suitable for kids and adults.

One Day Sale

If you interested in buying pouches and fabric handbags, Oktak hosts a 10% sale all day. The rebate does not show up on her etsy store but in her newsletters Aki of Oktaktold us to check out as usual, and she will refund the 10% through PayPal. I bought a few items in the past from Oktak, so I do not worry about the process. In fact, I received a confirmation of my refund during the time it took me to write this post.

+ XL frame pouch with handle – yellow shapes on white by Oktak $45 USD


Tired of cupcakes, serve the delightful cookies of Eleni’s Cookies

New cookie collection at Eleni\'s Cookies in NYC

Cupcakes are cute but sometimes we need a change of scenery. Arrive to the rescue the luxurious and whimsical Eleni’s Cookies from a cookie shop in New York City.

These cookies are made from the finest natural ingredients. But why does this shop stand apart from the crowd? It is due to the way they decorate their cookies. If you serve them at your event, be prepared. These cookies are conversation pieces.

The way the owner Eleni markets her cookies is by theme instead of flavors. Several themes are designed for the hobbies, common Holidays and life celebrations. Their beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness collection looks and tastes wonderful.

New collections are available

The Party Animals set is really cute for a kid birthday party or it you are having a movie night featuring BBC’s Planet Earth on high definition. My husband and I started watching Planet Earth yesterday night. I recommended this TV series to anyone.

Animal faces, new baby boy or girl and party time are new additions to an already vast catalogue.

A luxurious way to serve them

We do not often think of serving our cookies on a tiered cake pedestal as Eleni did for her New Baby Girl shower pack. But really we should. You could also prepare in advance guest plates with 2 or 3 cookies per person.

We often have celebrations at the office and cookies like those are perfect. They are easier to eat than cakes and people on diet can eat only one. The Birthday mixer contains cookies, brownies and one Happy Birthday Cake sugar cookie favor.

Each set comes in a tin cookie box. This makes it easy to bring them as a hostess gift or a housewarming gift.

Something to remember

For party favors, special 5-inch cookies are sold wrapped individually in a cellophane bag. If you are interested, they shipped their edible treats all over the United States.

I recalled that I have to introduce Eleni’s masterpieces to you when looking at their Halloween treats and their wedding collection earlier today. I have to thank Barefoot in the Orchard for that little reminder.

Buy online: New Baby girl by Eleni’s Cookies – price: $65 for 17 cookies
Buy online: Party Animals by Eleni’s Cookies – price: $65 for 14 cookies
Buy online: Thanks Again Gift Box by Eleni’s Cookies – price: $65 for 16 cookies
Buy online: Birthday mixer by Eleni’s Cookies – price: $70
For Canadians: HD-DVD Planet Earth, The Complete BBC Series on
For Americans: HD-DVD Planet Earth, The Complete BBC Series on
Via: Eleni published on Barefoot in the Orchard


The Animal Kingdom Baby shower party theme

Anna Bella Baby fine stationery :: girafe and elephant toys by Wren handmadeFollowing Blueprint hip baby shower, I come up with another stylish inspiration for a baby shower party. This time my inspiration starts out with the Wren handmade fabric stuffed animals.

Fabric stuffed animals instead of plush animals are popular these days. You can find many styles on etsy stores. But my favorite ones are the giraffes and elephants by Wren handmade designed by Laura Normandin. The animals are cutely shaped and I like the fabric selection at Wren handmade. The 11 inch high giraffe and the 8 inch high elephant each cost $60 USD.

Be aware that the Wren handmade stuffed toys are for kids over 3 years old. But why not decorate the baby room with them until then? Display the animals on individual thick shelves nicely distributed on a wall or on the top shelf of a bookcase. Both options look great.

How to design a sassy and modern animal kingdom baby shower?

Now that the theme and the style are clear, I got to find the right invite. Luckily, I found the perfect baby shower invitation card at Anna Bella Fine Stationery. The Animal Parade card has the right styled elements; it pairs well with Wren animal collection. There is even a giraffe and an elephant on the invite design. You can use this design for baby announcement or a baby birthday party.

Anna Bella Fine Stationery invite cards can be ordered in quantity of 15 or more. And at $1.89 each with your return address printed on the envelops, they are a good deal.

Develop your color palette around Dijon mustard yellow hues, greens and blues for the buffet table. Look at the modern pattern melamine plates and trays that are all the rage this year. Do not overuse the patterns, mix them with some solid color service ware. You want to create a simple modern look.

Look for tableware that reintroduces some of the elements of your decor. For example, try to find some small plaid pattern table linens in a soft color combination. Table runners and place mats look more hip than a table cloth. And they are more appropriate for a baby shower party.

Stylish baby bedrooms with dwellbaby

dwell baby bedding

I have been a fan of dwell bedding since their beginning. They updated and diversified their baby collection not long ago. This one looks even better than their first baby bedding collection.

I found a few patterns and accessories right for our Animal Kingdom party. If you opt for a crib set as a gift, why not spread some coordinating accessories around the room to add to the party theme.

Dwell makes fabric stuff animal pillows. The set comes with three 14 x 21 inches pillows: one pig, one elephant and one giraffe. I suggest you mix them with the fabric animals from Wren. The baby cubes are lovely and they would be great baby shower gifts for the parents.

My suggestions for the crib sets start with Animals, a simple chocolate animal drawing combined with distinctive geometric patterns. Forest crib set comes in 2 color weave combinations brown and petal (pink) or brown and sky (blue). Garden Blossom is a stylish floral and vine designs against the subtle backdrop of tans and pinks. Online retailers sell these 4-piece crib sets around $350 USD each.

An artsy education gift

wall cards by eeboo

These illustrated wall cards by eeboo caught my eyes when I went shopping at Indigo. Each card set is illustrated by a different artist. Each card is 8 by 10 inches.

It will take you no time to create a featured wall by hanging the cards for your party. Choose the wall card style that goes better with the baby room design.

A decorative tip for the parents, if you install wall shelves running across the room, break the wall card grouping once in a while with the Wren fabric animals and other decorative items. And leave more than a couple inches of empty spacing between the cards if the space allowed it.

A theme that can grow with the kids

Babies outgrow their nursery eventually. Dwell thought about it when they design their kid bedding collection. The collection of dwellbaby and dwellkids share the same color palette and some patterns. So you can still use some baby accessories with the kid bedding. Better yet, chances are that you will not have to repaint the room right away.

dwellkids :: bedding for kids

After I compiled my elements for this story, I noticed that I share similar tastes with the Dwell stylists. The Read-to-me wall cards by eeboo are displayed on their kid rooms. This is one of my favorites.

An Animal Kingdom party theme is not just great for baby shower parties. They are a fun kid birthday theme. For young kids, your birthday celebrations can include a safari game, costume dressing and even a visit to a zoo.

End of the day Update:

Check out the alphabet prints designed by Alison from Strawberry Luna. You can get an Elephant print, a Giraffe print. The Owl and the Lady bug prints are gorgeous.

Each print is hand screened and at $15 each, these limited edition prints are more than affordable art pieces. I found them tonight when reading Apartment Therapy: Chicago.

+ Elephant fabric toys by Laura Normandin at Wren handmade
+ Giraffe fabric toys by Laura Normandin at Wren handmade
+ Baby announcement, shower and milestones at Anna Bella Fine Stationery
+ dwell bedding and home furnishing
+ Wall cards by eeboo
+ Alphabet Prints from Strawberry Luna published on AT:Chicago blog

+ Baby Shower for Urban Chic Parents
+ A Cool Modern Baby Shower Party
+ Animal Themed Dinnerware for Infants