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Amy Butler’s New Tech Skins

amy butler ipad skins

amy butler ipad skins
Amy Butler’s Apple iPad skin in Heirloom Blue Sky $29.99 USD at Skinit

Skins give characters to your mobile devices. I also think that it is a sure way to make sure that no one miss theirs for yours. Although I’m afraid that Amy Butler’s bohemian patterns might be too busy for the front of my device; they look stunning from the back. I bet that iPad had never look so stylish.

I need a case to protect my iPhone — I dropped my iPhone a couple days ago while crossing a street. But, by looking at the above picture, I am contemplating the idea to let go on my case and dress up my iPad with one of her fabulous skins.

amy butler iphone skins
Amy Butler’s iPhone 4 skins $14.99 at Skinit – shown here: Gypsy Cobalt Charcoal and Floral Couture

If you are interested, pop by Skinit to pick out a new favorite amongst her 25 patterns and take advantage of the  current 20% savings offer with the code STYLE.


Introducing Parson Gray: New Fabrics by the Husband of Amy Butler

curious nature parson gray

curious nature parson gray

David Butler, the husband of the well-known fabric designer Amy Butler, will launch shortly his own line of fabrics. David is the man behind Amy’s photography and graphic design. They worked together since 1992. Curious Nature is his first collection of quilting/fashion and home décor fabrics for Westminster/FreeSpirit.

curious nature fabric collection by parson gray

Amy described his collection as his folk modern interpretation of natural elements weaving together a balance of hand-drawn patterns inspired by Japanese indigo and mid-century fine art. Curious Nature is divided in 3 groupings: Rare Earth, Ocean and Mineral.

rare earth by parson gray

The collage  and groupings make you appreciate how you could mix and match the patterns. The muted colors he used are soothing and energetic. Curious Nature has a good mix of manly and gender neutral patterns, which speaks to me since I live with two boys. The Home Décor line will be larger prints on weight cotton. The line will be available this winter. I will keep my eye open since I need to reupholster a chair that sits in my living room.

ocean by parson gray

Ocean is filled with various blues and greens while the Mineral series is made of tone of bone, smoke, silver and dark grey (or black, I am not sure).

mineral series by parson gray

The Parson Gray’s Website is not ready yet. In the meantime, you can like Parson Gray on Facebook.



New Amy Butler’s Solstice Travel Bag Collection

solstice traveler bag collection by amy butler

solstice traveler bag collection by amy butler

Amy Butler launched Solstice, her third collection of fashion handbags and luggage from Kalencom. The Solstice collection is available in a softer palette. Amy took her inspirations from the graceful silver engravings on decorative doors and archways, elaborate stone carvings, fanciful scrollwork and drops of rain on lotus ponds that she saw while visiting India and Bali.

solstice collection :: honeysuckle tote by amy butler

I featured the Take Flight traveler bag (top left) and the Honeysuckle tote (bottom left). They could be just what you need to travel in style this Holiday season.

+  Solstice Travel Bags and Handbags by Amy Butler for Kalencom.


New Amy Butler Fashion and Travel Bags for Kalencom

fashion travel bags by amy butler for Kalencom

Fans of Amy Butler who are week-end travelers or who often take a-week vacation under the sun would be thrilled by this news. You can get a fabulous carry-ons designed by Amy Butler. As usual, the patterns are divine.

I would love to get a navy Dream Traveler-Sari Flowers for Christmas. Sadly, the Graceful Traveler-Fuschia Tree that is on wheels is too big to bring to the cabin of an airplane. Other travel essentials are the carried-away everything bags that come handy to bring your beauty products and makeup.

fashion bags by amy butler for Kalencom

The fashion bags are big enough to carry all your stuff across the city. The Josephine bag or the Abina tote would suit the needs of a creative business woman, a mother or a fashionable university student.

See the entire Amy Butler for Kalencom collection here.

+ Dream Traveler – Sari Flowers $260 USD
+ Abina tote $180 USD
+ Josephine Bag $160 USD
+ Carried-away bags $22-$42 USD


Amy Butler’s Hand-Tufted Rugs for Chandra

amy butler designs :: hand-tufted chandra rugs

As many of you, I am a fan of Amy Butler’s stunning patterns. Her latest creation is a collection of hand-tufted rugs for Chandra. They look amazing. There are 19 designs in total.Some patterns were taken from her fabrics and bedding collection.

If you are interested by any of those rugs, the “Where to Buy?” information should be revealed soon.

+ Slideshow of Amy Butler for Chandra Rugs
+ Via Poppytalk

ENTERTAINING HOLIDAY entertaining PARTY ideas + decor

Reinventing Valentine’s Day


If you wish to escape seasonal hearts and the red rose overloaded displays, I devised a solution to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day without taking the predictive road.

What I did is to go back to the root of this festive day which is celebrating love. And I asked myself: How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are in a long term relationship? I have been married for thirteen years. So my husband and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day like we did in our first year of romance.

Be a part of your love story

I believe that sharing happy memories brings strength to a couple. Therefore, I composed a scheme around reminiscences. Looking back at old photos bring back wonderful memories. I suggest that you challenge your partner to find the top 20 photographs of happiness together.

At the beginning of the night, hang your selected photos up on the footfalls multi designed by Umbra. After eating a wonderful home cooked dinner, look at the photographs and relive these wonderful moments. I am sure it will spark things up.

You should also make new amazing memories that day. So why not take some time off and enjoy the conversion in a park or in front of a lake. If you live in the right climate, organize a romantic picnic with champagne. Trip Trap is foldable wood veneer bench. Pretty and

For a beautiful tablecloth, nothing looks more amazing and festive that the fabrics designed by Amy Butler. Bella is the first line of fabrics Amy designed for Rowan. I selected the Okra / Kashmir but I heisted a minute since I am fond of my going out purse made with the Duck egg / French wallpaper fabric.

For dessert, I suggest you bake either a molten chocolate cake or a lavender crème brûlée. These cute Crème Brûlée Dishes costs only $3.50 at Crate & Barrel. They are big enough for you to share one dish. How romantic! For the breakfast the morning after, bring out the coffee on this very affordable, modern veneer tray.

Buy online: Cassie Leather Jewelry Box at Pottery Barn – price:$49 USD
Buy online: fotofalls multi designed by Tom Vincent for Umbra – price:$42 CAD
Learn more: Trip Trap by Nyheder
Buy online: Belle fabric collection by Amy Butler
Buy online: Willow Wood Tray at Crate & Barrel – price: $19.95 USD
Buy online: Crème Brûlée Dish at Crate & Barrel – price: $3.50 USD
Via: The LEAN sitting machine on Yanko Design