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Fall Home Decor at Home Sense

fall 2010 home decor at home sense

fall 2010 home decor at home sense

I attended the media event by Home Sense to present their fall collection. It was in Montreal a few weeks ago. I like what I saw. But I waited until the products hit the stores to introduce them to you. One collection is reminisced of early twentieth century industrial era.

old airplane camera and scooter at Home Sense fall 2010 collection

I like the old airplane, camera and scooter to decorate a little boy room or a study. London style also has a big role in the fall line. The small London cases would be great to deliver a one of a kind party invitation.

lamp collections at Home Sense

The metal lamp collections are stunning. It features several models of vintage style pharmacy lamps and the ever popular photographer tripod floor lamp. If you are looking for similar lamps, you should check them out because the prices at Home Sense are hard to beat. You can pair the lamps with one of their old-style clocks.


For the home accessories, I like the charm of the stone coasters, the wood games and their beautiful paper weights. Tomorrow, I will show you their gourmet food and kitchen collection.

paper weights and table wood games

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My A to Z bookends on the cover of Canadian House and Home

cover of canadian house and house June 2009

Sometimes you look at a picture and it feels strangely familiar. This how I felt when I first laid my eyes on the cover of the June 2009 edition of Canadian House & Home. It took me a while to put the fingers on it because what is familiar is a small detail.

My best friend gave me for Christmas the year I moved to my first apartment the A to Z black ceramic bookends. These bookends followed me in every place I lived. Right now they rest on the top shelf of my bedroom bookcase.

The couple who lives on that nice stylish apartment are bargain hunter. I suspected they found the A to Z bookends at a flee market or a garage sale. As you can see by  taking a tour of their living room, H&H style editor Michael Penny and his wife created a beautiful home on a shoestring budget. My bookends are also a BILLY bookcase from IKEA. I did not add the thick trim; maybe I should. The magazine shows the rest of the apartment. The article is full of good saving tips.

+ Photo by Angus Fergusson for Canadian House & Home


Centerpiece and Tabletop Ideas for Mother’s Day

mother's day centerpieces :: vazu ter off top expandable flower vase :: gerbera dill chrysanth ::

I was planning to showcase the actual Mother’s Day table I designed for my mom but due to my surgery, I will skip this year. I still can talk you about the design.

Mother’s Day Tabletop Ideas

My scheme revolves around my baroque black & white dinnerware set.

It is becoming a habit to use this dinnerware set for Mother’s Day. I composed a Girlie Mother’s Day inspiration board with the same set last year. This year, I decided to add vibrant pinks and greens to brighten up the black & white tableware.

A Portable Flower Vase

Recall Vazu from last year. It is the fun and innovative expandable flat flower vase.

The Tear Off Top is a more cheerful version with less packaging and all the advantages of the original. Since Vazu is designed to carry around cut flowers, a cute packaging has no real purpose most of the time. The Tear Off Top vase is half the price of the original.

Tear Off Top is available in 4 patterns in a choice of 3 colors each. Vazu USA kindly sent me three samples of Tear Off Top flower vases with cute pink and red hearts for my setting.

MushiMushi – Love Is All harmonizes the best with the design of my Mother’s Day tabletop. For an casual outdoor brunch or a teen birthday party, check out the EnFlor pattern. At this price, you can afford to spread many vases across the room.

Finishing Touch: the Flowers

A simple bunch of fuchsia gerberas looks great for any family event. Keep them long as much as possible; the idea is to see to create a well-defined section of green stems between the vase and the flowers. You can use a rectangular or an oval pinholder to perfectly align the gerberas. In the pink family, the Pink Purple Ranunculus Flower is a classic choice.

I prefer the fresh look of bright green flowers. I enjoy the Spider family and the Galiaro Green Chrysanthemum. Other choices include a handful of long lasting chincherinchee, dill, and button chrysanths.

For floral inspirations, I always check these two sites. The Flower Council of Holland and the Flowers & Plants Association both keep you up-to-date with floral design trends. The So simple. So try it is a wonderful initiative of the Flowers & Plants Association to demystify the art of floral arrangements.

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Vazu MushiMushi – Love Is All at Vazu USA – price; $4.99 USD
Photo credit: Gerberas from the Colorful Grey Inspirations Spring 2008 [] – Rights reserved
Photo credit: Mini-trees of chincherinchee [] – Rights reserved
Photo credit: Button chrysanths in a plastic pan scourer [] – Rights reserved
Photo credit: Dill in a test tube [] – Rights reserved
Photo credits: Dinnerware set and left bottom picture taken by Kim Vallee ­- Rights reserved


Find Calm Bedrooms at IKEA

calm bedrooms at IKEA

The Web site of IKEA has a new feature. For their latest worldwide campaign, IKEA features four Calm Bedrooms as an interactive catalogue.

A microsite showcase four styled bedrooms for women and couples. You see how people used the space through slow motion animations.

What is cool is that you can change angles and click on the furniture to get more information. I like that the new information opens another tab so I can still watch the film.

Four personas, four looks

Like I said earlier, the flash animations featured film clips in accentuated slow motion. The films tell the stories of a specific demographic group.

Each film is based on the same scenario that is repeated for 4 decors. Each film highlights first how a woman endured stressful situations during the day and is longing for her relaxing bedroom.

So whether you are looking for new bedroom furniture or not, I invite you to check out the Calm Bedrooms microsite. It is entertaining once you passed the alarm clock section. For my non technical readers, the alarm clock may seem long but the time is necessary to upload the flash animation.

For Canadians: Four calming bedrooms
For Americans: Four calm bedrooms
Via: IKEA, un catalogue virtuel! by Dominic Arpin


Stylish Plexiglas chandeliers by Incidence for the budget-conscious

Plexiglas and glass chandeliers by Incidence

Chandeliers are popular for dining rooms and the bedrooms. Crystal chandeliers are gorgeous but not everyone can afford it.

That is why I am thrilled to show you these stylish chandeliers made of Plexiglas and glass.

European flair with Incidence

The first collection is manufactured by Incidence located in France. As with many European design products, you can choose from an array of colors and chandelier models.

The design is sophisticated. I particularly enjoy the uses of 2 or 3 tones; it adds a modern twist to a classical model.

The green model with a single light would look great in a powder room. You could place 3 chandeliers in a row to dress up a long entrance hall. At only 38 ? a piece, it is not even an indulgence.

Unfortunately, I did not find a retailer in North America that carries the Incidence chandelier collection. So if you know one, feel free to pass along us this information. Follow-up story: Since then, I found a small boutique in Montreal with the chandeliers by Incidence on stock.

Lucite chandeliers by Titus at Home Depot

Canadian manufacturer Titus supplies Home Depot

I went online to find a source for affordable Lucite chandeliers. I found a few at the Canadian stores of Home Depot. For once, Canadians can buy a superb collection that is not available in the United States.

They are produced by a company from Toronto called Titus Manufacturing. They lack the French flair of the chandeliers by Incidence but they are still beautiful.

They are also available in several colors. The pink, red or green even make them suitable for a girl bedroom.

The fabric shades are a nice touch. Why not change the fabric of the shades with a beautiful patterned fabric that complement your decor? If you are unsure how to do it yourself, look online for a professional in your area. If you go to a good textile store, they make be able to recommend someone.

The budget-conscious who are looking for a cool and stylish chandelier should check these out.

Learn more: Web site of Incidence – start at 38 ?
Buy online: Concerto collection by Titus Manufacturing at – start at $179 CAD
Buy online: 5 lights Bella Chandelier by Titus Manufacturing at – price: $139 CAD

+ Incidence chandeliers in Montreal