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Caffè Italia


Start your day by having one of the best coffees in town at Caffè Italia. Walking into Caffè Italia is like being transported to a little town’s cafe in some remote part of Italy.  Caffè Italia has been in business since 1956 and the décor hasn’t changed much since. It is very basic and includes a long espresso bar, a few scattered tables, a foosball table and a couple of TVs (to watch the soccer games of course!). The menu is minimal (sandwiches, cold imported drinks from Italy, biscotti, pannetone and a few baked goods) but the coffee is phenomenal! Order a latté and a piece of pannetone to start your day right. Notice the Italian shampoos and shaving creams sold alongside the pastries :)



6840 Blvd. Saint-Laurent,
Montreal, QC  H2S 3C7
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