Why the Finns are right when it comes to early childhood education?

If you’re on Facebook, you probably saw on your feed the clip from Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade Next” that talked about Finnish children who spend comparatively little time at school, don’t get homework and yet receive one of the best educations in the world.

I’m all for it. What happens in Finland validates my own observations and belief. Observing how my son and his little friends behave showed me that kids learn essential emotional, social and cognitive skills when they play, explore, experiment, invent, make and create art projects. Moreover, I don’t see why, as a parent or a society, we would need to push them away from enjoying their childhood. Continue Reading


Teaching emotions to young kids with a simple craft project

Posting on Facebook a photo of a simple craft project imagined by our son led to our discover of teru teru bozu. Teru teru bozu is a traditional Japanese dolls made of tissue paper or cloth hung in front of the window to prevent rain. These ghost-like dolls became popular in the Edo era. Children of that era hang them the day before important events or festivities. Continue Reading


Parents, do you make this mistake?

Something happened last night that reminded me of what it is to be a parent. What triggered it is something that all parents do at one time or another. We do it without thinking about what message it send to our kids. I know. I almost did it a few minutes earlier. Seeing the scene through strangers made me question these little remarks. Continue Reading


5 apps for your kids that won’t make you feel guilty about screen time

Let’s face it! There is time when letting your children play games on their iPad or your iPhone makes your life easy. With these 5 games for kids ages 4 to 8, you won’t feel bad to let your children play because they use their brain to solve puzzles or to create.

1. Thinkrolls 2 by Avokiddo

avokiddo thinkrolls 2

With 270 levels, Thinkrolls 2 is a logic puzzler that parents and kids approve. Kids use properties of matter and basic physics to make their Thinkrolls roll, float, glide and teleport in order to complete each level. The chapters gradually introduce the scientific concepts in terms that young kids understand. By solving each level, kids discover what to do. Continue Reading


Greetings from Somewhere: a fun introduction to chapter books

I believe that introducing kids to chapter books around 5 prepares preschoolers to kindergarten. The key is finding the right chapter books for their age. What I look for is the right combination of illustrations mixed with an engaging storytelling. The stories have to be easy to comprehend and bring educational values. My son and I read four books from this early chapter book series so far. The Greetings from Somewhere series by Harper Paris check all the boxes. Continue Reading


I want simple. I want joy. I want space. The KonMari Way.

I embarked in a journey to simplify my life. One journey that is filled with what matters to my happiness and to the happiness of my family. One journey that made me reconsider the amount of stuff we buy. One journey towards getting rid of the things I don’t use or enjoy anymore. One journey surrounded by what makes my life better.

Simplify my life starts with the everyday. Like many of you, looking for stuff in our home or the mess are a source of small family disputes. They are unnecessary irritants in our life.  The solution: finishing up the little things that bother us and tidying our home once and for all. Continue Reading


Party Planning Tips for a 5th Birthday Party At Home

My son turned 5 last week. After considering different options, we opted for a home party with only 7 of his friends. I never shy away from hosting a party at home. A few parents told me I was courageous to receive 7 kids ages 4 to 7 – some who never have been at our house before – without parents. But, it went very well! Like my husband said, the mess in the playroom is the same whether you have two kids or 8 in it. Continue Reading


With Cubetto, kids learn how to code without a screen

Last night, I pledged a Kickstarter campaign that reached its funding code in 17 hours! Now, the makers of Cubetto hope to stretch their goal further in order to develop sooner than expected more maps and more stories for their wooden programmable robot. As I’m writing this, the third wave of early bird price is still available.

Cubetto combines Montessori learning principles with computer programming concepts inspired by LOGO Turtle. Continue Reading


Tinkering at Fabrik, the kids makerspace at Montreal Science Center

I started to seriously read about STEAM education last November because I care about how to transmit these scientific, creative and social skills to my son. One book helped me understand how to do it. I devoured Design, Make, Play: Growing the Next Generation of STEM Innovators. I keep a notebook filled with lessons learned by researchers, practitioners, educators, and facilitators who were in charge of imaging and running makerspaces in libraries and museums. All that researching made me impatient to see a makerspace in action. Continue Reading

LIVING with kids

Where to eat well in Gatineau and Ottawa with kids

Last fall, we had a great time with our 4 years old boy visiting the Gatineau/Ottawa region for a weekend. Our only plans for the weekend were meeting some friends on Sunday and visiting the Children’s museum. Whenever I’m in vacation, I rely on Yelp to find restaurants. Once again, I was reminded of how practical Yelp is.

The filtering options make it easy to cut down on the number of reviewed restaurants. As a rule of thumb, I focus on restaurants with 40 reviews or more. I also take the time to read the most recent reviews to get a feel of the place, to see if it fits our criteria, what we’re craving for at that moment. Then, I check the food pictures and visit their web site. Frankly, I rarely made bad choices with this technique. Continue Reading