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New York City Sweets

where to buy sweets in nyc

Kerrin Rousset, a New Yorker now living in Switzerland, has been following her sweet tooth around the world for over 10 years. As a food and travel writer, she combines her two greatest passions in life. She loves calling Zürich home, being in the heart of Europe with so many cultures and cuisines at her fingertips. She is always on the search for authentic, traditional foods, local specialties, and most of all – the sweet stuff in life.  When not traveling, she is at home baking, photographing, tasting chocolate collected from all of her travels and of course, planning her next adventure. The endless travels, tastes and discoveries are all shared on her blog,  and Twitter. Just don’t be surprised if you too have a sweet tooth after reading!

Ask 10 New Yorkers where to find the best sweets in the city, and you will most likely have 10 different lists of places, with few, if any overlapping addresses. And they probably are all the best. Every neighborhood in the city has its cache of places with “the best” cookie, brownie, hot chocolate, ice cream, candy, cupcake… or even macarons now too. With just a short visit to the Big Apple, you’ll want a mix of fun, delicious and very New York addresses. Virtually impossible to list them all, and difficult enough to narrow down the selection to just a small handful, I have shared below the places I never miss on each transatlantic trip.

Everything is worth a taste

city bakery in nyc

City Bakery

3 West 18th Street (map)


It would be worth the detour for Maury Rubin’s Pretzel Croissant alone, a masterful blend of sweet and salty, soft and flaky, and both satisfying and addicting. But everything else at the long pastry counter is worth a taste too. Fresh batches of oversize chocolate cookies, beautiful tartlets and pies are baked all day long. [...]

Where to find the classic candies

economy candy in nyc

Economy Candy

108 Rivington Street (map)


A 10 kilo bag of Jolly Ranchers, a block of halvah, a bag of chocolate covered graham crackers, an oversize PEZ dispenser, or just a stroll down memory lane – you’ll find them all and so much more in the crammed shelves in this Lower East Side institution. This old-fashioned, family-owned candy store might be [...]

Try the the “A.M. Quickie”

Jacques Torres chocolate in nyc

Jacques Torres Chocolate

350 Hudson Street (map)


If New York City has a Willy Wonka, Jacques Torres is it. You’ll probably catch him running around with a wide grin on his face in his chocolate factory downtown. He loves what he does and it comes out in his product. Simple perfection describes his chocolate covered cornflakes and his caramel chocolate popcorn. The [...]

Cereal Milk is a must

cookies and pies from Momofuku Milk Bar in nyc

Momofuku Milk Bar

207 2nd Avenue (map)


Pastry chef Christina Tosi has been getting raves about her desserts ever since the words “cereal milk” went up on the blackboard at the Milk Bar, the sweet extension to celebrity chef David Chang’s forever busy flagship restaurant, Momofuku Ko. Her trademarked Cereal Milk soft serve, Crack Pie (toasted oat crust with a gooey butter [...]

Best cookies

Spot Dessert Bar in nyc

Spot Dessert Bar

13 St. Marks Place (map)


It’s surprising that Pichet Ong’s small dessert café in the East Village isn’t more well known, considering it may have one of the best cookies in the city. Far from a basic chocolate chip cookie, this enormous treat is made with multiple layers of chocolate and could be dessert all on its own (just don’t [...]

For chocolate and cookies

chocolate bars and cookies by Vosges Haut-Chocolat in nyc

Vosges Haut-Chocolat

1100 Madison Avenue (map)


There are two beautiful boutiques with chocolates on display like jewelry, chocolate bars on the shelves and bright bursts of purple in the packaging and on the walls. Owner and chocolatier Katrina Markoff is from Chicago, but her shops’ chic ambience and ambitious offerings fit in perfectly with New Yorkers. Chocolate with rare spices, flowers [...]

4 Responses to “New York City Sweets”

  1. My sweet tooth is so happy right now! Thanks to Kerrin’s advice, I had the chance to visit City Bakery, Momofuku Milk Bar and Vosges on my last trip to NY and loved all of them! Can’t wait for my next trip there!

  2. Great list Kerrin – thank you for sharing!

    Vosges Haut Chocolat, Jacques Torres, Momofoku – loving your suggestions! One of my best friends is flying to NYC next week for a couple of months, I’ll send her the list right away, I’m sure she’ll love it 😉

  3. LOVE this list. There are so many dessert spots in NYC, it’s nice to have guidance for when I make my way up there from DC.

  4. Kerrin’s taste is impeccable, so I’m sure this list is an absolute winner. My sister and my best friend (separately) are visiting NYC from Australia around Easter. I will have to share this with them!

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