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Baby-sized Mousehole for a Playroom

child's fort with a mousehole

playroom for babies and toddlers

I wish we had enough space in our home to have a playroom just to make our own. I saw it on Dear Genevieve. She used the bottom of a bookcase – built on a closet – to make a child’s fort with an entrance shaped as a mousehole. This is brilliant and fun. I can’t imagine a toddler that will not be thrilled by this. But in our case, our son-to-be would have to share it with our two cats.

toddler child's fort with a mousehole entrance

If you want to know more about this project, the Hagop and Claudia’s Playroom episode will air 4 more times this week on HGTV Canada.


Nursery Trend: Owls

owl nursery decor

Owls have swooped as a major design trend, spotted in fashion, textiles and décor. They’re even proving a popular choice for kids rooms and nurseries (just check out Kim’s preview of her baby boy’s nursery for a peek at how she’s incorporating them) since they’re relatively gender-neutral and cute without being too “baby”.

If you’re weary of using a trend as the main decorating theme for your child’s room – should they or you grow bored of it too soon – you can still add special touches with accessories. But there’s really no need to worry about owls being a passing fad: they’ve symbolized wisdom, mystery and protection for thousands of years.

To add a focal point to an otherwise neutral room, removable vinyl wall decals provide all the whimsicality of a hand-painted mural without the commitment.

Owl Accessories

It’s the little details that give a room heart and there is no shortage of adorable – and affordable –  owl accessories available. Wooden and leather details like those shown below add texture to the room and are sure to become treasured keepsakes.

Inexpensive artwork adds charm to a baby’s room and can be swapped out as the child grows or as your taste changes. Etsy is a goldmine of up-and-coming artists offering clever, affordable prints like the “Owl Love You Forever” shown below in the colour of year, honeysuckle.

owl nursery decor

Soft toys and furnishings are the only way to go in a nursery and allow you to add a pop of colour. Cushions, mobiles, stuffed bookends or a fleece blanket customized with baby’s name help to personalize the room. They also make wonderful gifts since the parents-to-be will likely be concentrating their budget on furniture and other major purchases for baby.

owl cushion mobile

owl blanket bookends

+ Tree with Two Owls Wall Decal from SimpleShapes, $74
+ Owl on Tree Wall Decal from NouWall, $68
+ Owl Wall Hook from Cocoon Couture, $89
+ Pink Wooden Owl Bookends from Penny Scallan Design, $49.95
+ French Counting Cards (avail. in several other languages) from Children Inspired Design, $22 (set of 10)
+ Owl Love You Forever Art Print from Oh Louise Designs, $12
+ Bamboo Owl Clock from Decoylab, $78
+ Peppermint Owl Mobile ($85) and Frosty Pink Owl Cushion ($65) from Jolie Petite Chose
+ Personalized Baby Blanket from Admiral Road, $59
+ Owl Stuffed Animal ($36) and Aqua Owl Picture Frame ($40) from Dwell Studio
+ Owl Bookends from Pottery Barn Kids, $29


A Sneak Preview at my Boy Nursery

my boy nursery decorative details

my boy nursery decorative details

We will cover Nursery & Kids Bedrooms during January 2011. To kick it off, I decided to give you a sneak preview at the decorative elements of the nursery of my upcoming baby boy.

I believe that a nursery should be fun. My design idea was to select a bolder color than pastel as long as it still feels peaceful. Plus, I did not want to go for the obvious blue nursery; especially since my husband gave me a light blue Eames molded plastic rocking chair. Instead, the color scheme of the DwellStudio’s Owls Sky bedding inspired me. I opted to paint the walls this nice fir stand green (P5036-41 by Para Paints). It is not obvious on my photo but the green on the walls is slightly paler than the green of the bedding pattern.

The room will be brighten by the pure white crib and the 3-drawer changer. Instead of a closet, I will put a pear stained wood armoire that used to be on my bedroom. It will be located on the opposite wall of the room. The pear stained wood should looks great next to great.

cameron bookcase at pottery barn kids

I have to see the Cameron 3-Shelf Bookcase first (I am afraid that it is too creamy white) but I am looking for something similar. It is not easy to mix furniture from several collections and with different finishes. Therefore, I will wait to see what how these pieces look in the room before I make my final decision.

It is still a work in progress. I will get a better idea when the movers bring part of the furniture in his bedroom. The rest will be delivered in a week or two.


Planning the Nursery | Getting Ready for the Baby

modo baby furniture collection

modo baby furniture collection

One of the most enjoyable experiences of being pregnant is to design the nursery. I know that I already passed several hours on the computer looking for inspirations, furniture, decorative elements or simply to figure out the floor plan and a furniture plan. I want to make sure that my baby boy has an adorable and comfortable room.

Last weekend, my husband and I accomplished many things. We went shopping at several baby stores. I learned a lot. We ordered his crib and a 3-drawer changer with a removable top. Since baby furniture takes on average between 6 to 10 weeks to arrive, we were getting too close to not act now. I am due in less than 14 weeks. I also chose the bedding. I brought home a stroller blanket to always have the colors with me. This way, I will be sure that the drapes, the wall colors, the Eames molded plastic rocker and the rest of the decor will complement each other.

Here is what we bought so far. We ordered the espresso and white Modo collection available at Bébé Plus (a store in Montreal) for the furniture. It provides the modern feel that I like without the price tag of design pieces. At the end of the day, we opted to splurge instead on pieces that will get longer usage.

The crib converts to a toddler bed or a small daybed. We splurge on the crib mattress because we believe that an excellent mattress provides a more restful experience. We bought the Contours two-stage infant-toddler soybean/latex foam crib mattress with a bamboo cover. The high-density soy foam is tailored to the needs of an infant while on the other side, the latex foam is for when he will become a toddler.

The Crib Bedding

owls sky crib bedding by dwell studio

For the crib bedding, you will not be surprised that I went for Dwell Studio. The starting point of my son’s nursery will be the Owls Sky pattern. I like the versatility of the colors in this pattern.

The design of his nursery is more advanced but it is what I am willing to share for now. I want to keep some surprises.

+ Modo 3-in-1 convertible crib $429.99 CAD
+ Modo 3-drawer changer with a removable top $429.99
+ Dwell Owls Sky Crib Set $356.97 USD at [affiliate link]


Nursery Posters | Etsy Finds

Custom Baby Birth Posters by chaiv on etsy

Custom Baby Birth Posters by chaiv on etsy

It is sweet to incorporate details about the baby’s birth in a nursery. One fun and elegant way to do that is through personalized art prints. Etsy is the place to find great posters, typically made by graphic designer moms. My heart is torn between two sellers as I cannot decide which one I prefer the most between the art prints of Penny People and the posters by Chaiv. They both played with typography to create remarkable custom-made posters.


Chaiv developed a unique design concept where birth details with the baby name are nicely layout on a custom made poster. Although there are plenty of information for a small piece of paper, the result looks great. You get to choose between two styles, available in two the color palettes of your choice.

custom baby birth poster and nursery poster by chaiv on etsy

Chaiv’s poster size is 11″ x 14″. They also make nice generic number posters and cute Dizzie Chick alphabet posters. They mix well with the custom baby birth poster, if you stay in the same color palette.

Penny People

Penny People found a clever way to write a baby name. I bought one for a friend who got a baby last year. Her alphabet print displays all the 26 letters of the alphabet in a personalized way. You get to choose between 7 colors for the baby name.

nursery posters custom alphabet print and number print by penny people

I also like her Number print. They are available in 8 x 10 and 13 x 19 formats. You won’t have any problems finding a frame since they fit in an Ikea Ribba Frame.

+ Custom Baby Birth Poster Style 2 by Chaiv $40
+ Dizzie Chickie On Alphabet Hill Poster PINK $28
8×10 Alphabet Print, 7 colour choices for names $15 – 13×19 Alphabet Print $25
+ 8×10 Number Print by Penny People $15 – 13 x 19 Number Print $25


A Boy Bedroom Shows that Small is Beautiful

boy bedroom in a closet

boy bedroom in a closet

Jordan of Oh Happy Day shared the walk-in closet bedroom of her 2-year old son. Jordan did an amazing job decorating the room with flea market finds, IKEA bedding, an eye-catching coat rack, and stylish plush toys. She was not afraid to use colors. Small rooms can be practical. When they are done properly, it will not look cramped. Go have a look at the “It’s beautiful here” coat rack and her flea market shell floral pendant light.

+ photos: Oh Happy Day


CedarWorks Indoor and Outdoor Playsets

rhapsody beds and activity sets by cedarworks

Serendipity swing sets by cedarworks

Swing sets and play sets are a sure way to keep your kids and their friends playing for hours at home. The selection at CedarWorks is to die for. I would love to be a kid again. They have smaller sets but I’m showing you the awesome ones that you would get if money was no object.

The castle aesthetics of the Serendipity Series was the first to caught my attentions. Tons of components are available to stimulate imagination and keep your kids active all day. My favorite parts are the ladders, the rock walls, and the activity ladders. Accessories include a steering wheel, a bucket on a rope and a spyglass.

Indoor Play

But after careful review, I am more impressed by their indoor collection. Some items are available for indoor and outdoor usage.

rhapsody bunk bed with ladder, slide, chalkboard, tree by cedarworks

The Rhapsody bed sets with their choice of loft beds or bunk beds would be super cool for sleep overs and play dates. The bunk bed in the above set acts as a day bed.

rhapsody beds and activity sets by cedarworks

Before you splurge in a bunk bed with an activity center, see how your kids act at night around toys. Some kids may be too distracted by the toys to put that type of arrangement in their bedroom. On the other end, it may provide an extra bed in the playroom.

rhapsody bed

How Much it Costs?

No idea! I was only able to dig online that their sets are expensive. I can’t give you an idea because CedarWorks do not share their prices on their Web site or on their media information. CedarWorks expects that you call them to know how much it will cost. It feels so dépassé (outdated)!

+ Serendipity 1 by CedarWorks
Rhapsody Bed 2
+ Rhapsody Bed 4


Kroom Makes Toy Storage and Furniture with Recycled Cardboard

kiddy set and toy storage recycled cardboard solutions by krooom

Founded in 2006, Kroom transforms recycled cardboard in adorable kid furniture and toy storage solutions. Cardboard can be durable and strong. You or the babysitter will be able to sit for playing with your kid since the stools of the table and stools set can hold 220 pounds.

I enjoy the illustrations printed on the furniture and the storage boxes. I feel that Krooom updated classic kid themes. Tris, in particular, is gender neutral.

recycled cardboard tris table and stool set by krooom

Each series has several components. Items come absolutely flat in the package, they have a moisture resistance and are free of hazardous chemicals. Plus, no tools are necessary for assembly. I read on Inhabitots that they are laminated to protect against accidental spills and splashes.

recycled cardboard storage box on wheels by krooom

Barnes & Noble and Target are listed on Krooom as the only US retailers who carry the line for now. Sorry but I do not know how much they cost. You may like to know that Kroom also makes home accessories that could appeal to students or to decorate your first apartment.

+ Krooom Kids Collection
+ Store Listing
+ via Inhabitots


Papercut Night Lights by Fog and Thistle

papercut night lights by crafter rachel weber of Fog and Thistle

If you are looking for a baby shower gift or a wonderful small Christmas gift for new parents, this could be it. A night light is a must when you live with babies and young kids. but savvy-design parents wish for something more than a basic night light.

Crafter Rachel Weber of Fog and Thistle hand mades these adorable papercut night lights. They all reveal a new element when you turn them on. The elephant is accompanied with a small bird. A baby monkey join his father on the tree. A spotted giraffe is next to the floral pattern giraffe.

I am sure that you will envy Rachel for the following. She appeared on Martha Stewart show where she demonstrated how she assembled one papercut night light.

You have the choice between a regular 5 watt bulb or pay a little extra to get one with a super energy efficient 1.3 watt LED light.


You have the chance to win the papercut night lights of your choice by entering the giveaway on blog of Fog and Thistle. Drawing will takes place next Saturday at midnight.

+ Papercut Night Lights on Etsy $25 USD, personalized models $27


Idea Paint to Create Your Own Whiteboard

idea paint

Many of you like the idea of a chalkboard but cannot live with the mess that chalk does on our floor. This product delivers the liberty to write on the wall without the mess. What it does is to turn any surface into a whiteboard.

Idea Paint has many applications in our home from the kids bedroom, to a message board on the kitchen or to keep track of your to do list in your home office. What do you think?

You can watch this video of their kiosk at Dwell on Design 2009.

+ Idea Paint for the Home
+ via a Guy Wasakawi’s tweet