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Yellow and Grey Elephant First Birthday Theme

yellow and grey elephant first birthday theme by party perfect

yellow and grey elephant first birthday theme by party perfect

Yellow and grey is a nice color combination for any party. It is sophisticated while the yellow carries plenty of festive vibes. Plus, if you plan a baby shower, the advantage of a grey and yellow palette is that it is gender neutral.

Sara of Party Perfect had the design sense to add a ball of wool. It adds coziest to the theme. Plus, I am always on the looking out for ways to hang things from the furniture or the ceiling when I have a party at home. After all, we do not wish to leave a permanent mark.

You can find more inspirations for sophisticated elephant party decorations here.

+ photo: Party Perfect


Adorable Train, Fire Truck and Car Cupcakes

transport themes :: train, fire trick, bus and car cupcakes by fera rosalina

transport themes :: train, fire trick, bus and car cupcakes by fera rosalina

Cake maker Fera Rosalina made these awesome cupcakes for two kids parties. Fera also designed cute labels. A coordinated fire truck birthday cake was the inspiration for the car and fire truck cupcakes.

Trains and cars are easy birthday party themes that everyone loves.  Parents appreciate that they can find lots of affordable playful items to decorate and entertain the kids. Plus, it is not hard to plan activities around those two themes.

+ Fera Rosalina’s Fire truck, bus and car theme cakes
+ photo: Thomas cupcakes – the train
+ photo: Fire truck cupcake


Cupcake Topper Kits for Stress-Free Kids Party Planning

meri meri cupcake kits :: cupcake cases and toppers for baby showers and birthdays

meri meri cupcake kits :: cupcake cases and toppers for baby showers and birthdays

There is no need for fancy skills in cupcake decorating with the cupcake sets designed by Meri Meri. Those will be perfect for a kids birthday or a baby shower. Their collections are sophisticated and very affordable. Amongst the favorites, you will find:

+ the Circus Cupcake Kit
+ Oh Baby Baby Cupcake Set
+ the Pirate Cupcake Set
+ the Ready Set Go Cupcake Set

meri meri cupcake toppers and cases for boy birthday themes :: pirate party and racing cars

Each set costs $11.95 USD and includes 24 cupcake cases and 24 cupcake toppers. Therefore it is really an inexpensive solution that will make a statement at your party. Meri Meri also sells coordinated centerpieces, invites, bunting, napkins and more for each theme. Ideally, I would use the design of their cupcake cases and toppers as my starting point and find by myself the rest of the party decor. This way, I would get a custom look. But if you are in a hurry, you could save time by getting more items from the collection.

+ Meri Meri’s Party Shop


Sublime Ready to take Off Party Theme by Amy Atlas

ready to take off borthday party by amy atlas :: airplane cake

ready to take off borthday party by amy atlas :: airplane cake

It is not because I was making plans this evening for my upcoming trip to Japan that I felt the urge to show you this inspiring birthday theme for a little boy. It comes to no surprises when we know that Amy Atlas organized it for her son’s birthday. Most little boy will adore an airplane theme.

ready to take off boy birthday party details designed by amy atlas

It feels sophisticated and fun. The kids must have enjoyed it. She put attention to details from the runway table runner up to the airplane cake, the party hats and the cupcakes. See more pictures of the blog of Amy Atlas.


Birdie Birthday Party Theme for a Little Girl

Lorena Siminovich artwork for kids :: mushroom collage on wood and growth chart

Nicole’s little girl will be 2 years old shortly. She wrote to me because she is looking for inspirations for a birdie birthday theme. I often find that looking at art print for kids is an excellent starting point. I have to warn you that you will probably want to buy an art piece or two. On the other hand, if you do, your party decor will be transformed into a useful souvenir.

I love the illustrations made by Lorena Siminovich. Her style talks to me. It is playful yet sophisticated enough to appeal to the discerning parents. Another advantage to be inspired by art is that it gives you a color palette.

Be Crafty with the Bird Silhouette

Bird silhouette designs are relatively easy to find if you look at baby clothes, home accessories, handmade toys and invitations. The silhouette shape already carries a childish vibe. It is simple to make your own template and be crafty.

birdie birthday party design ideas

You can add a festive look for a 2 years old party through the use of pattern and colors. Look for beautiful pattern, like you see here on the Bird Baby Bib, to make your own birthday banner with fabric or paper.

Invitations and the Cake

birdie birthday party theme :: invites and cupcake toppers

A beautifully decorated cake is a must. Serving mini cupcakes at a kids’ birthday party is easier to serve then a big cake. And if you have left overs, it is quicker to give a cupcake away to your friends. From the sophisticated birds in the nest cupcakes from Martha Stewart to the do-it-yourself cupcake toppers on a stick, there are lots of options that look great.

For the invites, I like the simplicity of the Birthday Party Birdie Invitations from Vanessa Cavaco. She also make matching round stickers and favor tags. Vanessa has a good eye. She is the one who spotted the  lovely felt birdie cupcake toppers and the bib, both available on etsy.  Look at all her finds for the theme.

More Art Prints with Little Birds

stretched art for kids from oopsy daisy

Finally, I invite you to revisit my post on Birds in a Tree decor for a nursery. You could use the wall decals I showcased or be inspired by the stretched art pieces for kids.

I hope all these ideas will inspire you to create your own birdie birthday party theme. It is a fun theme to play it.

Mushroom Collage on Wood by Lorena Siminovich – limited edition $140 USD at Petit Collage
Cheerful Blossoms Growth Chart $59  at Petit Collage
+  Baby Bird Baby Bib by the Groovy Mommy on etsy $15 USD
+ Baby Bird Cupcakes by Martha Stewart
+ Birdie cupcake toppers by The Cupcake Girls on esty $18 for set of 4
+ Birthday Party Birdie/Bird Invitations from Vanessa Cavaco on etsy $1.20 USD


Ladybug First Birthday Party Theme

ladybug first birthday party mood board

Angel Brave of Because Life’s Eventful contacted me a few weeks ago because she needed help in figuring out details for the first birthday of her little girl. Angel decided on a ladybug theme and she aims for a refined look. A sophisticated ladybug theme is more challenging than it seems. Doing sophisticated giraffe, owl, bird, elephant, and even monkey is easier because many modern designers have embraced those animals.

The key with any theme is to think outside the box. So instead of just looking for items with a ladybug motif, I searched for dot pattern dinnerware, I worked not only with red and black but also with green and white. The green comes from the fact that ladybugs are often used by farmers to eat insect that could destroyed their crops. I taught about a summer garden even if the party is happening during winter.

You also need to be practical for a first birthday. Therefore, I selected acrylic tumblers to not worry about the little kids breaking a glass.

+ Invitations: Printable Little Ladybug Invitation – DIY by The TomKat Studio $14 USD on etsy – the party circles are sold separately
+ Adult Dinnerware: Circle Chic Pattern by Mikasa – Black dinnerware mixed with red serving ware $39.99 USD for 4-piece plate setting
+ Glassware: Green Gingham Acrylic Tumblers on sale at $9.98 for 12 – 6 tall, 6 short

Dessert table Collage

I added more colors for the dessert table. After all, it is a kid birthday. I am sad that I did not found who made the ladybug cake. I found that Alana Hodgson made a similar cake.  I like to splurge of a memorable cake and there are awesome cake maker these days.

ladybug cake and dessert table for first birthday party

+ Kid plates: Felix salad plates by French Bull $8 for 4
+ Chocolate: John & Kira’s Ladybug & Chocolate Gift Tower $49.50 USD
+ Candy: Hammond’s Red Apple Cinnamon Lolli $14.95 USD for 4
+ Birthday Cake: photo of Ladybug Cake via Cake Central

As you can see, I elaborated a deconstructed ladybug by mixing modern patterns, colors and moods. Best of all, you will be able to reuse many items for other occasions. And if you need more inspirations, check out the Little Ladybug Birthday Party featured on the blog of The Tom Kat Studio.


DIY Cupcake Tower Topper Project

doing your own cupcake tower topper

Sara of Party Perfect shared on her blog how she built a cupcake tower topper for the second birthday of her son. She designed a clever, easy to make cake topper. I am sure that it will inspire you to adapt her ideas for any occasions. Well-done Sara!

+ photos: Party Perfect


The Get-set Placemats Bring Fun to the Table

get-set placemats hello jungle by hello hanna

Anne Schultz of Hello Hanna sent me an email to introduce her awesome playful placements for kids. These placemats will keep your kids occupied while you are preparing the meal. I think it is a great idea since you probably notice that kids enjoy very much playing with stickers. My nephew and niece are doing it all the time.

get-set placemats for kids parties and play dates

For a party or a day-long play date, you are ready to go with a fun activity. Plus, on the back of placemats, there is an activity area. You can vary the activity every time or let you kid draw what they like.

Four pop-up characters with their own sheet of stickers are packaged in set of 8 placemats. Kids can choose their character and dress it the way they like. I like this product for the peace of mind and its creative value.

get-set placemats hello robot by hello hanna

Get-set placemats is available in three themes: robot, animal jungle and girlie dolls. You could buy a set to make every Sunday breakfasts feel special. The placemats are printed on heavyweight uncoated paper stock. Therefore, they are not reusable.

The gals behind Hello Hanna, Anne Schultz and Jina Choi, are moms living in San Francisco, California. They used their knowledge of early-child development to to spark kids creativity.

+ Get-set placemats $14.95 USD


Cute Treat Bags and Halloween Costumes for Kids

halloween treat bags and costumes for kids at pottery barn

When I was a kid I used to plan weeks in advance my Halloween costume. One year, I dressed like a poor hunchback and carried a brown paper bag as my treat bag. Otherwise, I always trust my puffy pumpkin treat bag made of plastic to bring home a load of candies. I collected so many sugar treats that I do not recall a year where I ate all of them.

If you are looking for a vast selection of adorable treat bags, Pottery Barn Kids has 15 models in stock. No more plastic. Instead their treat bags are made of soft felt and lined with percale. The regular models cost $12 USD while a few premium treat bag designs cost $19. The Lady Bug tutu costume and the puffy alligator are cute.

pirate costume set

Dressing your boy as a pirate like that can be expensive. You could only buy the 6-piece pirate accessories and try to make the attire or vice versa. If you let go the hook that could be cumbersome to carry around, the rest is fairly easy to find at any store that sell toys. In fact, look around your house, you may have some items in the toy boxes or your drawers.  The 6-piece pirate set includes the sword, the pirate hat, the belt, the hook, the eye patch and the bandana.

+ Treat Bags at Pottery Barn Kids $12 – $19 USD
+ Kids Halloween Costumes $29 -$69 USD
+ Pirate Costume $59 USD
+ Pirate Accessories $59 USD


Funky Forest Interactive Eco-System Installation

funky forest interactive eco-system installation for kids by theodore watson and emily gobeille

Two Amsterdam artists, Theodore Watson and Emily Gobeille of Zara Parade created Funky Forest in 2007. This is an interactive ecosystem where children used their body movements to influence the life of a forest and a river.

Kids can use their body or place pillow rocks and logs to divert the water flowing from the waterfall to the trees to keep them alive. It is playful and instructive since if the trees lack water, they would wither and die. Kids could press their bodies against the forest to build new trees. The shape of the tree will be influenced by the child body. When the eco-system flourishes, the kids are rewarded by the emergence of lovely flying creatures. I wish I could play!

Besides the artist value, I wish to talk about this since I see it as the future of kid parties. Imagine booking a venue with similar installation as a playroom. It would be awesome. See how much kids enjoyed the Funky Forest on this video:

+ Theodore Watson
+ Zara Parade
+ Via ArtEverywhere


Super Mario First Birthday Party Theme

super mario first birthday party theme :: cupcake towers and favor tables

No need to get fancy fondant cupcakes to make a lasting impression. You can go a long way with figures, stamps and creativity.

How This Mom Did It

Look at the impressive party realized by swishersweets80. I applauded that this mother got her supplies from several stores. Therefore, the result is not too matching. She nicely decorated the cupcake stands simply using red, blue and green gift wraps. Her stands could be used for a circus theme. They become Mario stands when she added the accessories. Video games, especially the ones from Japan,  are great because you can find a whole range of branded items that you can use as party decorations.

For favors, you can find soda drinks, candy boxes and figures at video games stores. Her favor bar included Rainbow Colored Barber Poles, Mario Bros. Band-Aids found at Urban Outfitters, Red and Green Caps and Fake Mustaches purchased at, Coin boxes filled with Chocolate Coins and Gum Coins, and Mario Themed Mini-Stamps found at

super mario first birthday party theme :: super mario figurines, party decorations, cupcakes


You can play Mario games on the Wii. I suggest Mario Kart Wii with a Wii wheel or WarioWare: Smooth Moves which is a bunch of mini-games. You can play Mario Kart with the standard Wii controllers. A Wii wheel cost about $10. For an extra $30, everyone can drive with its own Wii wheel controller. Or you can ask a few friends to bring their Nintendo DS so you can host a tournament of Mario Kart.

This theme is not just for children. I know that my husband would like it for his birthday party. Remember the old arcade theme I did for him last year.

+ Super Mario Coin Boxes $44.99 USD for a box fo 12 at [affiliate link]
+ photos by swishersweets80 on Flickr – rights reserved
+ learn how to make your own cupcake stands