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Cute and Smart Storage Solutions in Montreal

smart storage :: box for clothes ::  jewelry box :: document boxes

A friend J. asked me yesterday where she could find cute storage boxes in Montreal. She asked for something similar to what is available at The Container Store. Here are the places I suggest.

For the Home

  • California Closets in Westmount
  • Au Printemps – three stores: Montreal, Outremont and Westmount
  • The Bay, downtown Montreal – the House and Home collection is interesting but I did not check lately their inventory.
  • IKEA carries a surprising collection.

For Your Desk

  • The most complete Semikolon product range in Montreal is probably at Essence du Papier, three stores in Montreal
  • Multimags on Saint-Laurent Blvd, before Prince-Arthur, carries a small collection that is worth a visit.

If you do not find what you like on those stores, know that The Container Store delivers in Canada.

Do not know other stores in Montreal with cute smart storage solutions?

1. VACKER at IKEA – price: $17.99 CAD
2. KASSETT collection at IKEA – price: $4.99 to $17.99 CAD
3. Store-all jewellery box at Zone Maison – price: $30 CAD
4. Portofino Photo Storage Box at The Container Store – price: $19.99 USD
5. Semikolon Document Box at The Container Store – price: $17.99 USD


Daily Quick Links | Inspiring Stationery

Emery Desk Accessories and book boxes at pottery barn :: notebook by bound to :: p-hook by pyloneer

This is my daily collection of noteworthy stuff that I saw online.

+ Look no further than Pottery Barn for a fashionable desk organizer collection. The Emery Desk Accessories mixed well with Book Boxes, a collection of storage accessories with hinged lids and magnetic closures. Via Apartment Therapy Los Angeles

+ Writing in a beautiful notebook feels wonderful. I like to think that I am more creative this way; it is my justification to buy so many notebooks and journals. Etsy seller Bound To makes journals, notebooks and sketchbooks. I discovered that I share a passion with Holly of decor8

+ Leave it to Japanese to invent funky stuff. If your bookcase is packed, P-hook by pyloneer can enables you to easily get out the book that you want. Sold by the dozen in a matchbox, P-hook is made of recycled paper. At this point, you will have to travel to Japan to grab your hand on a box. Via Apartment Therapy Los Angeles

+ These Beautiful Black and white Ceramic Canisters are now on sale at Pottery Barn. I share their design philosophy when they state “the key to dynamic display is combining objects that complement one another without matching precisely.” Via Shak In Style

+ If you need a boost for your blogging activity or if you wonder if adding videos is right for your blog, watch the advice of Gary Vaynerchuk on How to build a good show on the Internet. It is all about content and community


Stationery on the Go by Carrie and Tuck | Time Saving Ideas

stationery notetote Carrie and Tuck :: Russell + Hazel mini binder

We are constantly on the moves. If we can take advantage on all the moments we wait or relax outside our house to do write down ideas, to do list or complete our social correspondence, we would have more time on our hands.

The Concept

This is why I was thrilled when Carrie and Tuck contacted me to sample their notetotes.

Jane Boatman Geller was inspired to create a functional and fashionable tote to take to the beach, the pool or on vacation. The tote holds social stationery as well as the writing tools to keep in touch with friends and family.

I requested the hot pink model. I am even more excited now. Their tote closely matched the Russell + Hazel mini binder that I used to write down suppliers, keep small sheets of paper and store long-lasting tips.

For my projects, I started used the Action Book by Behance. Even if I am an electronic age girl, I enjoy the freedom of a pen and paper.

Nice Gift Ideas

The tote is nicely done. The writing accessories stay well in place. It has my seal of approval. Carrie and Tuck provides even more stationery pattern options as refill packs, available for $18 each.

Remember this notetote as this would make a wonderful birthday gift or a baby shower gift.

+ Bright Pink Notetote by Carrie and Tuck – price: $39 USD
+ Russell & Hazel Mini Binders at Upper Case Gallery – price: $16 CAD
+ Action Book by Behance – price: $15 USD


Lifework: Herman Miller for the Home

lifework by herman miller :: home office modern furnitureWith the emails, browsing the Web, RSS reading, we all need some kind of home office.

With the popularity of condo units and open concept living spaces, many people do not have the luxury of a closed office. If you put together a workstation in our living room or bedroom room, you dream of a more stylish design than the office furniture look.

Design Issue

With people relying more on laptops than desktop computers, a simple desk table with limited storage is all you need. The small filing cabinet for sorting the bills and paperwork may be stored in a closet or integrate next to your workstation.

Herman Miller is well established in the office furniture industry. They just launch a new modern collection for home office called Lifework. I guess the popularity of the Nelson Swag Leg Desk, work table, and armchair demonstrates that there is a market for modern home office furniture.

Frankly, I have mix feelings about Lifework. I like the Airia desk and media cabinet with the Leaf personal light (top right picture). But I prefer the Nelson Swag Leg Desk. The most successful is the Cognita storage bench. That bench can serve as a seat, storage, and hospitality piece in a living area.

What do you think about Herman Miller’s Lifework?

>>> Sourcing:
Learn more: Lifework portfolio by Herman Miller
Buy online: Herman Miller’s Nelson Swag Leg Desk [] – price:$1799 USD
Buy online: Herman Miller’s Nelson Swag Leg Rectangular Work Table [] – price:$1199 USD
Buy online: Herman Miller’s Nelson Swag Leg Armchair [] – price:$399 USD
Via: ICFF Report: Herman Miller [dwell blog]