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Found Travel Memories and School Themes at Poppytalk Handmade

travel art prints by matte stevens :: vintage note pad :: blackboard coasters printed with equations

Poppytalk handmade is a great online market place where you can to fall upon unique finds. You can find original pieces like these illustrations by Matte Stevens. It happens to depict two places I have been to.

+ Gramercy Park NYC illustrates a stunning area. It is unbelievable that a fenced-in private park still exists in New York. There is another private park in Queens. Gramercy Park is open once a year to the public. Otherwise, it is only available for the residents of the few buildings that share this property. 8.5 x 11 print $35 USD
+ Canal Street New Orleans $85 USF for a limited edition 16 x 20 print.

+ From Solstice Home, I like the idea of Take a Note or Two for your home office or to keep in the kitchen. Sold on etsy from $18 USD.

+ Avril Loreti designed Blackboard Coasters with equations. Perfect for a back-to-school party. Thereafter, you can use the coasters in your office. $14 USD for 4 on etsy.

Check out the Back-to-school Theme compiled by Poppytalk Handmade as they are more great finds.


Back to School Inspirations: from pencils to food for your thoughts

back to school inspirations :: pencils :: jams :: fabric hoop bulletin boards

I am ending my day as I started it: with some quick links. This time, they are all connected to back to school.

+ the top left image shows you how you can use vintage boxes and every day containers to carry around your pens and pencils – via Sarah’s loft.

+ for breakfast or to give you energy with an oolong tea, enjoy some Jam Butters and Buttermilk Biscuits via Sunday Suppers

fabric hoop bulletin boards by kelee81 – via design to inspire

A Pencil Collection for Artists

After seeing those pictures, you may be tempted to start collecting 500 color pencils by Social Designer. Made from China, the pencils would be shipped from Japan.

collect display 500 pencils

Unique and luxurious display units are available. I like their originality. A wall of 500 neatly stored pencils that are organized by colors looks awesome. The storage cases vary in prices from $41.50 to $260. The flower vases and the Aurora wall units (not shown) are the 2 most expansive.


Knoll’s Generation Chair Seems More Comfy

Generation Chair designed by Formway Design for Knoll

I sit in an Herman Miller’s Aeron chair at home. It feels great as long as you sit properly. The problem is that I don’t. After you can if you have to sit for hours on a chair. I may cross my legs. I often bend on my left side. I like to move around on my chair.

In fact, I am not alone. That is to address these issues that Knoll launched two weeks ago a new chair called Generation. The flex back top that follows your body movement is one of many innovations that makes this chair different. The URL of the Web site of the Generation chair, Sit How you Want illustrates their concept. I still have to try one but their concept grabbed my attention. The Generation chair is currently available in stores. But you have to wait until Friday if you wish to buy it online.

Other office chair manufacturers are trying to build the ultimate task chair. Check out this video report done last June by Fast Company. They reviewed three chairs including the Generation by Knoll. They seem to like it.

+ Generation by Knoll


Infuse Your Home Office with Style for my Organizing Monday

infuse your style in your home office

We passed a lot on time in front of our computer.  Many of us do it at home. Today I wish to talk about the need to surround your home office with things you love. The goal towards a paperless society means that we need less and less office supplies. This fact frees up space for nice storage ideas and to integrate decor accessories. Make your home office a place where you want to be.

space saving options for home office :: pottery barn furniture

Even if your desk is on a hall or a corner of a room, it can look pretty. City dwellers often look for a desk that provides space saving. The top picture is the Graham Secretary Deck with the tall hutch used here as a bookcase. A desk with a fold-down front is perfect to hide away the paper. The three bottom drawers and two cabinets provide multi-purpose storage. If you do not need it as a desk later, it is good to know that the Graham desk with the hutch makes a practical bar station.

porter smart technology hutch and graham desk and hutch at pottery barn

A desk hutch is a great way to save space and neatly display your office supplies and mobile gadgets. The Porter Smart Technology hutch adapts to your need. First, the hutch comes with a hanging dowel for organizing ribbons and other crafts. Behind the top drawer, you can access a five-outlet power strip. Or you could replace the hanging towel and the top drawer with three vertical partitions for added filing space. The idea is to customize your desk to your needs.

small furniture, two looks :: pottery barn Bedford Rectangular Desk Set

See how you can create different looks with the same desk. The above three desk is the same; it’s the Bedford desk at Pottery Barn shown in three finishes. Each room has its own personality.

+ Graham Deck/Bar and Hutch $599-$1599 USD at Pottery Barn
+ Porter Smart Technology Desk Hutch at $299 USD at Pottery Barn
+ Bedford Small Desk Set on sale at $499 USD at Pottery Barn
+ Bedford Rectangular Desk Set on sale at $649 USD at Pottery Barn


Compact and Functional K Workstation by Miso Soup Design


This beautiful workstation caught my eyes for its impressive space management. Pay attention to how the curved shape of this desk and bookcase is developed. The desk and an integrated bookcase seem to be made of a continuous sheet. I would like to verify my assumption but there is no product description on Miso Soup Design.

This is the work of Miso Soup Design, an ingenious New York- based architecture and furniture design firm know for their quest for innovative use of technology. Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan are the directors of Miso Soup Design.


I imagine well the K workstation in an urban studio and a small condo unit. Sorry but I was not able to find the price (which I evaluate to be in the upscale range) nor if, when and where you can buy the K Workstation. I am still showing you because it is a marvel piece of technology (maybe I should have posted it on my another blog).


Facebook, LinkedIn and the iPhone killed the Rolodex a second time

people+places set by russell+hazel

People+Places set may be the coolest Rolodex you can own but on my book, it is not enough to stop the paperless trend.

When was the last time you used a Rolodex? Even if the trend starts with email software, the advent of the smart phones rendered the Rolodex completely obsolete.

What It Used to Be

When I worked as an event designer, I placed business card holder sheets on my cute Russell+Hazel mini-binders with 100% linen cover. It was handy to carry around the list of my favorite caterers and other suppliers between home and the office. I do not use this cute binder anymore. I still love its look but I prefer to move around lightweight with my iPhone.

This year I wondered whether or not I should renew my red Moleskine pocket Weekly Planner with an integrated notebook. I did it since I often write appointments and I took many notes last year.

Social Networks Role

Nowadays almost every business contact that I meet either becomes a friend on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Social networks provide us other means to keep in touch. They are often more efficient since we get access to a new range of information.

The Ultra Mod Rolodex

It is clear that Russell+Hazel makes the ultimate modern chic Rolodex. Like I commented on The People St. Clair Studio, it is second to none from a visual point of view. The People+Places set comes with kelp or multi-color tabs.

Sadly for them, I would not spend $56 on something that I will not use. Moreover, I am looking at streamlining my interior. So less is more on my desk. But if you wanted one, the People+Places set would be it.

+ People+Places Set by Russell+Hazel $56
+ Red Moleskine pocket Weekly Planner $12.99 USD
+ Via The People St. Clair Studio


Home Office on a Budget | Daily Quick Links 2009.01.05

home office on a budget

+ If you dream of a George Nelson’s Swag Leg desk for less, check out the swoop desk at CB2. At $329 USD instead of $1800, you will have money left to accessorize your home in style. Via Apartment Therapy New York

+ Equip yourself with the walnut waste can and the walnut desk accessories, exclusively at CB2. $24.99 to $39.99 USD

+ Monika, who is trying out for a spot on the AT:San Francisco editorial team shows us how to make our own magazine files. Also measure that it fits on your shelves. Before you start this DIY project, measure the sizes of all your magazines. The key to a stunning bookcase or collection is repeats. She produced a magazine file template that is wider, taller and deeper than store-bought. The Nickel Plated File Card Holders with Finger Pulls can be found at Paxton Hardware ($0.56 each).

Special Discount for At Home with Kim Vallee’s readers

+ One of our advertisers decide to give a break to AHWKV readers. For the entire month of January, Poster Cartel offers a special discount only for you. Use the code KV40 at checkout to benefit from 40% off on everything on their site. With the savings, it would not cost a lot to decorate your home.


Reduce Your Footprint with a Perpetual Calendar

I rely more and more on the calendar on my iPhone but I still like the feels of a wall calendar. In this era of green living, it makes sense to use a perpetual wall calendar instead of replacing our paper calendar each year.

Here are three modern perpetual calendars that will nicely decorate your office:

kikkerland futuro perpetual calendar

+ FUTURO Calendar designed by Pieter Woudt for Kikkerland. A schedule printed on the backside gets you going until December 2020 while an insert provides the information until December 2152. So you can leave it on your testament as a legacy. $22.16 at

perpetual calendars - D/M/Y :: moma red acrylic perpetual calendar

+ You insert a red wooden peg into the hole to indicate the month on the Perpetual Calendar – D/M/Y. Then, you align the top bar with the date and the day of the week and you are all set. $30 at design Within Reach

+ MoMA proposes an Acrylic Perpetual Calendar available in orange, black or red. $35


Shopping at IKEA for the new office

shopping at ikea

With the walls in two tones of blues and the doors painted red, I selected red to be my accent color. Our furniture is beech veneer with a few black pieces.

I went to IKEA tonight to purchase the new IKEA 365+ BRASA pendant lamp in red. I like the shape. I checked the inventory online and they were supposed to have it stock. Unfortunately, there were two black lamps plus one white but no red lamp in sight.

I was glad that I noticed a red KULLA pendant lamp in a dining room setting as I entered the store. I like the fact that the cord and the ceiling attachment were also red. Moreover, KULLA has a plate covering the globe. Since we will walk under the pendant, hiding the globe is a tempting feature. KULLA will do.

I stocked a few red storage boxes, 5 light blue eating bowls and red small SALONG vases to decorate a black and beech Expedit bookcase that we already have. I plan to make a row of light blue bowls and a row of red vases.

I also bought 3 red RINGUM rugs for the entrance hall. It will be like the 3 points of etcetera. I will show you the end results once we settled down in the new office.

+ KULLA pendant lamp – $99 CAD
+ IKEA 365+ BRASA pendant lamp – medium $49.99, large $69.99
+ KASSETT Magazine file – $4.99 CAD
+ KASSETT Box for paper with lid – $11.99 CAD for 2
+ RINGUM rug – $9.99 CAD


A Sneak Preview of the Office and an Announcement


I own a company with my husband. For more than a decade, I worked as a user interface designer then, as a Web designer. I enjoyed it but it was time for me to do something else. That is when I started to be an event designer for social events, working mostly on milestone events.

During that time, I started blogging in French. And later on, I switched to an English speaking blog with At Home with Kim Vallee. I never looked back. I found what I was looking for.

Simplify My Life

Less than 2 months ago, we removed all the clutter inside our house. It was more than 10 years of accumulation. Now, we are doing the same at the office in a more drastic way. We are moving to smaller premises because we reoriented our business over the years and we need less space. I feel rejuvenating. Jerome, my husband, also says that its feels like a new start.

I let go of my private office. I am only there a few hours a month anyway since I prefer blogging from my home office. Instead I will share a desk in Jerome’s office. The office is smaller but will be cooler.

We will get advanced phone technology. I will even get a phone number for At Home with Kim Vallee that I will be able to access from home or the office. How cool is that! It is great to live with a geek that takes care of all the technical stuff.

Looking at the Women & Moms Blogs Movement

By the way, I will be launching another blog in a month or two. But do not worry, At Home with Kim Vallee stays my main focus.

The new blog will be called Women Shaping the Web ( The idea is to explore the dynamic universe of the women and mom blogs. I will be about what is happening and the cool innovations from a user point of view. I will also share tips on how to market and how to improve your blog.

Like I told you before, women and mom blogs are an exciting domain. I am proud to be a part of it. I strongly believe that we moved from a Male Internet to a Female Internet. The new blog will be an extension of the presentation I gave to PodCamp Montreal last September. I hope that you will follow me in Women Shaping the Web, since you are the ones that I think will be shaping the next Web.


In the main time, I give you a glimpse of the office in the middle of painting. It is in an old building, full of characters. I am happy about my choices of colors. I am looking at way to tone down the lights on the main room. I will ask the electricians to turn them upside, so the lights goes on the ceiling. If this is not enough, I am exploring the idea of making a screen with colored acrylic sheets.


Vintage Cute Décor for the Office

whale chalkboard and skeleton key rack :; three potato four

It may be Twitter than inspires me but this whale chalkboard is simply adorable. I would like to put it on my new office. The chalk will sit safe and snug inside the pre-drilled blowhole at the top of the board.

Another cute item is the skeleton key rack. It measures 8 inches in width. Hooks can be handy to hang keys or small notes. This is a brand new item that looks vintage.

Both items are sold at Three Potato Four, a store with cool vintage style stuff.

+ Whale Chalkboard – $40 USD
+ Skeleton Key Rack – $16 USD