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HOME + GARDEN | April 21, 2014 | by Kim Vallee

Yippee! We Bought a House


I was a busy bee this Spring. First, I founded a business partner. I will tell you all about it later. For now, I want to tell you about the other huge change in my life. We bought a house in the suburbs. After careful considerations and months of discussions, it became clear that we [...]

HOME + GARDEN, OUTDOOR space | June 5, 2013 | by Kim Vallee

Bacsac Expanded its Line with the Colorful Batyline Collection

bacsac batyline collection

photo credits: Bacsac Batyline collection Here is a flexible way to add a splash of color on your terrace. The new planting pots by Bacsac are ideal for an urban garden. Like their predecessors (the Bacsquare), these 100% recyclable, weightless and portable bags are easy to move outside on the balcony or in the garden. When not in use, [...]

HOME + GARDEN, OUTDOOR space | June 3, 2013 | by Kim Vallee

Port-a-Bach: Glamping in an Upcycled Container

port-a-bach taking it easy outside

photo credits: Paul McCredie for Atelierworkshop Inspired by the Romotow concept, I continue my search for modern looking holiday home with a small footprint. Personally, I prefer a smaller place because it requires less maintenance. Since sleeping in a tent for several days in a row is not what I have in mind when I want to [...]

HOME + GARDEN, OUTDOOR space | May 23, 2013 | by Kim Vallee

Romotow: An Awesome Compact Travel Trailer

romotow caravan

Romotow caught my eye for several reasons. First, it looks cool! Second, it is built around delivering spacious and convenient mobile living area in a compact box. Third, it is versatile. You could use a Romotow as a caravan for your vacation. The rest of the year it could become your backyard office. Companies could find [...]


May 16, 2013 | by Kim

Boxbee: Simple Urban Storage Delivered at...


Many urban apartments and condos lack closets and storage space. Nobody wants overcrowded closets or filling their small spaces with large storage [...]


May 13, 2013 | by Kim

Decorating a Terrace with Tulip Lamps

tulip lamp for myyour

photo credits: Tulip Lamp for Myyour A quick look at my logo is all you need to understand why I share this [...]

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May 13, 2013 | by Kim

Cool Organizing Gadgets for your iPhone and...

cord wrap by bobino

photo credits: Cord Wrap by Bobino It was my birthday this weekend. I received wonderful gifts from my friends and family that [...]


May 10, 2013 | by Kim

An Outdoor Furniture Store in Montreal...

outdoor furniture store for condo owners in Montreal :: le balconier

photo credits: Le Balconier Le Balconier, a newly opened store (mid-April 2013) in Montreal, fills a need in the market. It is [...]

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April 16, 2013 | by Kim

Retro Style Handsets: From Ericofon to POP...


In my case, you can’t totally blame it on the Mad Men effect since I bought my original Ericofon long time ago. [...]

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April 9, 2013 | by Kim

My Tips for a Spacious and Luxurious Bathroom...

bathroom design tips :: montreal en sante spring 2013

If you are thinking about renovating or redecorating a bathroom, I invite you to read my tips on how to give your [...]


March 18, 2013 | by Kim

Things that Work: The Drum Pouf Series by...

drum pouf coffee table in bedroom

photo credits: Drum Pouf by Softline Design Team For its space saving versatility, I have a thing for the pouf and coffee table [...]


March 11, 2013 | by Kim

Free Printable: A Fabric / Laundry Care...

fabric / laundry care symbols guide

Back in 2009, I wrote a post about tableware symbols. I never thought until today to publish one on fabric care symbols. [...]

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