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Valentine’s Gift Ideas: Smelling Good and Looking Pretty for Valentine’s

scented candles and perfumes for valentine's day gifts

scented candles and perfumes for valentine's day gifts

Now that you groomed yourself, you can think about looking pretty and smelling wonderful to seduce the love of in your life. Here are 5 gift ideas from some of the fashionable Style Collective girls. I let them describe their gift suggestions.

1. Anya from I’m the It Girl

“Roses are predictable but Roseros are certainly not. French luxury perfumiers Diptyque pay homage to the ‘opposites attract’ love between Beauty and the Beast with a duo of candles, and with help from famed French illustrators Kuntzel+Deygas. One is Rose, a romantic garden rose, and the other, Eros, its spicier counterpart. Together they create a perfect harmony, hence the name Roseros.”

Because your home must also smell right to set a romantic mood.

2. Anita from I Want I Got

“The DaLish Cosmetics and Jessica Jensen collaboration is the perfect makeup duo. Choose from five limited-edition kits, [each] including a selection of DaLish Cosmetics and a pink embossed ostrich-leather cosmetic bag. Look for my favorite lipstick color, Ruby Red, in the Berry Delight kit.”

Be My Valentine Kit $48 at DaLish Cosmetics and at Jessica Jensen.

3. Michelle from BEAUTY EDITOR

Smell like a boy (in a good way), whether or not there’s actually one in your life this V-Day. Designed by actress Kate Walsh, this new fragrance captures the scent of a guy, on a girl.”

The Boyfriend Kit is sold exclusively at Sephora for $95 USD

jewelry for valentine's day gifts

4. Coco from Coco&Lowe

“Lowe and I have fallen for this beautiful yet simple gold Mini Hamsa Curb Chain Bracelet by Jennifer Zeuner. Not only is gorgeous, the Hamsa (or Khamsa) is supposed to ward off the evil eye – SCORE! Positivity 1, Negativity 0! Happy Valentines Day.” $190 at

5. Afiya from The Style House

“The only thing more delightful than a little love note is something sparkly.” Afiya selected a necklace by Lanvin.

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Mimobot for Star Wars Fans | Gift Ideas

mimobot darth vader

mimobot star wars collection

For the Star Wars fans in your life, here is a collection of USB flash drives with their favorite characters. One neat feature is that a face is revealed by removing their helmet.

mimobot darth vader

Like in video games, some models carry an Easter egg. For example, one of 6 Darth Vader flash drives reveals the classic Anakin pale face. A limited edition of 500 units each provides Stormtrooper Han or Stormtrooper Luke with an extra cap. You have the choice to show the character shows their hair or the Stormtrooper helmet.

To reminisce a famous scene of the movie, have a look at this cute video featuring the Mimobot USB drives.

You can buy the Star Wars Mimobot series online at or at these retailers (list for Canada and United States). Mimobot also makes an Hello Kitty line and an artist series designed by pop-culture famous artists.

+  Star Wars Mimobot series $34.95 to $94.95 USD


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

silhouette family portraits and handmade soaps as mother's day gift ideas on etsy

silhouette family portraits and handmade soaps as mother\'s day gift ideas on etsy

Think about family portraits and little things that give her time for herself for this Mother’s Day. They might be the most original gift ideas but you are certain that it will please her. On those categories, I suggest:

terry bath scrubber and mitt for a mother\'s day gift ideas

+ Custom Personalized Family Silhouette Print that you will take the time to frame $22 USD by Nella Designs on etsy
+ Moroccan Mint Square-Glycerin and Goat’s Milk Soap $4 USD by KcSoapsNmore on etsy
+  Terry Bath Scrubber and Bath Mitt $15 USD and $9 at Pottery Barn


MarieBelle Chocolates’ Blue Box for Valentine’s Day

mariebelle chocolates signature blue and brown boxes for valentine's day

mariebelle chocolates signature blue and brown boxes for valentine\'s day

If you are not ready or if you already gave her the Tiffany blue box, here is another signature blue box that will please her this Valentine. I like the drawings on the artisanal chocolates. It is common these days to see design like the chocolates made by Christopher Elbow. The MarieBelle chocolates gain points for being more cheerful and adorable.

You can buy it online from MarieBelle Chocolates or find at a retailer near you that carry the collection. I spotted this gift idea on Parcel Post, the blog of Urbanic Paper, a boutique in Venice, California. I wish to leave a message to my dear husband. I saw on the store listing that it may be available at Indigo.

A must-go in SoHo

mariebelle chocolates retail space :: cacao bar and tea salon in soho, new york

I noted on my agenda a visit to the Cacao Bar and Tea Salon that is inside their retail space in SoHo. Their line of hot chocolate seems awesome and many rave about it. Another idea is to sit down for a nice cacao at their Parisian style salon. It is on the pricey side but indulgences are in order on Valentine’s Day.

+ MarieBelle Chocolates


Griffin + Chilewich Elan Form iPhone Case

griffin elan form chilewich iphone case

griffin elan form chilewich iphone case

Last November I received an email announcing the new Elan Form Chilewich Case for iPhone 3G and 3GS. I like the placemats from Chilewich. Therefore, I was intrigued by their design. But not long before, I bought a Paul Frank Julius silicone case that got too big after a couple weeks of usage. For that reason, I wanted to give a thorough test drive before introducing the Griffin + Chilewich case.

I love it! It looks great and it stays in place. I selected the light grey, which I think is more feminine than the gravel (dark grey). Do not worry about the pale color. The outer layer is covered with the same woven vinyl that Sandy Chilewich designed for her placemats. If you are looking for an iPhone case, this is one you should consider.

The Griffin + Chilewich Collection is available at the Griffin website, the Apple Store, and the MoMA Design Store.

Griffin + Threadless Collection

griffin + Threadless iphone case

But Chilewich is not the only design brand that collaborates with Griffin. Threadless is another one. You can add original art from the Threadless community of designers to smooth, sleek shells designed by Griffin. So far, only one pattern is available in the Griffin + Threadless Collection.

+ Griffin Elan Form Chilewich Case for iPhone 3GS – Light Gray $39.95 USD
+ photos: Griffin Technology’s Co-op Initiative


nyDesignroom Laptop Carrier and Shopping Bags

nydesignroom laptop carrier and canvas shopping bags

More bag options for the fashionable city girl. The laptop bag is available for a 15-inch and a 17-inch laptop version. If you have a 13-inch laptop, I find that a 15-inch flat carrier is often not too big. Plus, it comes handy to bring a magazine with me. Ask then first for exact dimensions, if this is the case.

The silk-screened Canvas shopping bag is big enough to fit a picnic for 2. It is ideal for a stop at Central Park. These bags are made in Brooklyn. You can shop online at nyDesignroom or visit their showroom Thursday to Sunday from 12 to 7 PM.

+ Laptop Carrier $110 USD
+ Shopping Baaag $55 USD
+ via Design Milk


New Amy Butler Fashion and Travel Bags for Kalencom

fashion travel bags by amy butler for Kalencom

Fans of Amy Butler who are week-end travelers or who often take a-week vacation under the sun would be thrilled by this news. You can get a fabulous carry-ons designed by Amy Butler. As usual, the patterns are divine.

I would love to get a navy Dream Traveler-Sari Flowers for Christmas. Sadly, the Graceful Traveler-Fuschia Tree that is on wheels is too big to bring to the cabin of an airplane. Other travel essentials are the carried-away everything bags that come handy to bring your beauty products and makeup.

fashion bags by amy butler for Kalencom

The fashion bags are big enough to carry all your stuff across the city. The Josephine bag or the Abina tote would suit the needs of a creative business woman, a mother or a fashionable university student.

See the entire Amy Butler for Kalencom collection here.

+ Dream Traveler – Sari Flowers $260 USD
+ Abina tote $180 USD
+ Josephine Bag $160 USD
+ Carried-away bags $22-$42 USD


Creative Ways to Give Plants for Mother’s Day

vertical garden by flora grubb

Forget the typical floral arrangements this year and be original with your Mother’s Day gift. I spot three ideas that would make a lasting impression. The focal point of a courtyard garden designed by Floral Grubb is this succulent vertical garden. Sempervivum and a little horizontal bed with Myers asparagus and echeveria create an amazing vertical garden. What is more impressive with this view is that the courtyard has a concrete deep soaking bath.

succulents planted in fine china tea cups

Floral Grubb also did the succulents planted in china cups. If you wish to do-it-yourself visit a flea market to find an assortment of fine China cups and saucers. You can also use teapots or cream and sugar pots. Either bring your vessels to your florist or plant the succulents yourself. Tie a nice handmade tag to the handle. Write on the tag how to take care of the plant.

grow your own edible flowers

Growing your own vegetable garden is all the rage. Why not give your mother a potted garden filled with leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, fresh herbs and edible flowers? As a premise to her gift, you can serve this salad made with arugula, feta, pine nuts and edible flowers. It is the salad recipe by The Lylah Blog.

+ Vertical Garden: Flora’s blog
+ Succulents in a tea cup: Apartment Therapy San Francisco
+ Edible flowers salad and Flower Beds: The Lylah Blog


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Design-Savvy Mom

Four unique gift ideas that say to your mother that she is special.

mother\'s day gift ideas :: modern bird feeders :: trivets :: desk organizer

+ Since I have a thing for apple and bird feeder, it will come to no surprise that Apple Bird Feeder caught my eye. $25 USD at Modern Tribe

+ Desk Tidy designed by Daniel Black and Martin Blum will look great in the kitchen next to the phone. $34 USD at MoMA

+ The design of the Voila Trivets designed by Eric Janssen will please your mother and father. $50 USD each at MoMA

+ I adore the architectural reference of the Folding Bird House designed by Jesper Moller Hansen and Dorthe Weis. Sadly, I will not be able to use in my backyard visited by an army of squirrels. Make sure to find the right spot before hanging this birdhouse. It is a MoMA exclusive. $50 USD


Cats and Joy for my Tuesday’s Quick Links 2009.03.03

retro kitty bed by little kittyville

+ I may get a Retro Modern Pet Bed for my cats. These cat beds look so cool. They are $69 for a bed with a wood base, $82 for an acrylic base. You only see two of their fabrics on their Etsy shop but Little Kittyville proposes a wide selection of fabrics.

acrylic rings by qift on etsy

+ Keeping with the cat theme, I convert an acrylic jewelry piece into a table accessory. Imagine the look of your table if you assemble a pet ring with two side rings by Qift on a napkin. By mixing the combination, you would make one-of-a-kind napkin rings. $12 per pet or side ring. 1 pet with 2 side-rings for $30 USD. Via Moderncat

+ Fiona of Cartolina Cards told us a fantastic news today. Anthropologie will sell her stylish notebooks. It feels good seeing people having success.


Antique Replica Porcelain Milk Bottle Vases by Alyssa Ettinger


Following the concept of yesterday’s post about vintage style glass milk bottles, I scoured on Etsy these cute porcelain vases from the talented Alyssa Ettinger.

Alyssa likes to fashion her vases with everyday object textures. I showcased her knitwear ceramic vases for Christmas 2007.

Her Milk bottle collection is available as a set or individual vases. She produces them in different bottle sizes. They are dishwasher proof.

She sells them as flower vases but I wish to use them for milk. Alyssa confirmed me be email that all her products are food safe. I am glad that we can use her bottles for drinking liquids. The bottles are dishwasher safe and will show any imperfections, if any, of the antique bottles she used as a mold. I think this fact adds desirable character to her pieces.

These milk bottle vases are only available on etsy. My birthday is in a few months; I will put her Milk bottles on my wish list.

Feb. 26, 2009: I updated my text to reflect the fact that they are food safe.

+ Alissa Ettinger’s Milk Bottle Vases $30 to $100 USD