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ENTERTAINING, Gift WRAP | February 14, 2012 | by Heather Watterworth

Corinna Wraps Spring Flower Workshops

gift wrapping workshop

Though we’re in store for a few more weeks of winter, spring flowers are already showing up at markets and in stores – we’re already thinking about spring decorating! If you’re eager to brighten things up with a bunch of blooms, and want to learn how to transform potted plants and bulbs into something spectacular, [...]

GIFT IDEAS, Gift WRAP | February 15, 2011 | by Heather Watterworth

Personalized Flower Wrap

diy flower wrap paper

Spring bouquets have started popping up in markets, a perfect pick-me-up in the middle of a very cold month. Pass on the pick-me-up to a deserving recipient with a bunch of blooms in a personalized flower wrap, as shown on the blog of letterpress studio Tokketok. Just cut a square of kraft or decorative paper [...]

GIFT IDEAS, Gift WRAP | January 27, 2011 | by Heather Watterworth

DIY Monogrammed Ribbon

velvet ribbon bookmark

With my ribbon collection now organized, I’m on a hunt for creative projects that will help me use up my stash and, in turn, allow me to replenish it with new colours, textures and patterns. This simple DIY project from Martha Stewart is a smart way to get custom ribbon for cheap. With the heat [...]

GIFT IDEAS, Gift WRAP | December 24, 2010 | by Kim Vallee

Christmas Gift Wrapping

christmas gift wrapping supplies

Christmas Eve is a big day in Quebec. Tonight, we will be celebrating with the family. Before I wrap my last presents, I want to wish you and your family a Wonderful and Merry Christmas time. I will publish a little during the Holiday season but I will mostly rest and plan what is coming [...]

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December 19, 2010 | by Heather

Holiday Wrapping Supplies: Olive Manna...

Olive Manna gift wrapping supplies

After every Christmas, I am faced with the same dilemma: a few half-used rolls of wrapping paper I must store for 12 months, [...]


December 15, 2010 | by Heather

Holiday Printables Round-Up – Part 4:...

Holiday printable packaging :: Christmas gift wrap and candy boxg

There are so many amazing FREE printables available for Christmas. So many, in fact, that we had to split our round-up into [...]

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November 29, 2010 | by Heather

Gold Gift Wrap Ideas from Shim + Sons

gold gift wrapping by shim + sons

Don’t you love receiving a gift that’s impeccably wrapped? It’s almost like receiving two presents in one: a pretty package and the [...]

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September 9, 2010 | by Kim

Canning Labels, Stickers and Tags by RiverDog...

dot canning labels and scallop tags by riverdog prints

Gift tags, labels and stickers enhance the basic canning jars to a sophisticated level. It adds the finishing touch to your homemade [...]


May 11, 2010 | by Kim

Give Luck. Give Love. Give Joy.

gift love fabric gift wrap at chewing the cud

Chewing The Cud has a collection of fabric gift wraps with lovely messages. Give Luck seems to be only available in blue. [...]


April 19, 2010 | by Kim

Furoshiki Making (wrapping cloth)

furoshiki techniques

The art of furoshiki making has been across Japan since centuries. Furoshiki is often presented in Western countries as a gift wrapping [...]


March 23, 2010 | by Kim

Tea Bag Cookies as Party Favors

tea bag cookies as seen on frost me

An adorable idea for a party are those tea bag cookies made by Kimberly of Frost Me. To reproduce, prepare your favorite [...]


December 23, 2009 | by Kim

Easy to Made Muslin and Burlap Gift Bags

gift wrapping bags made of burlap and muslin by maya made

How you wrapped your gifts makes a statement. People are exploring new ways than the predictable paper gift bags. For small items, [...]

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