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Bubble Valentine Printable from Armelle

armelle valentine bubbles printable diy

armelle valentine bubbles printable diy

If your little ones have had their fill of frosty outdoor fun, here’s a fun Valentine’s Day project to keep them busy for an hour or two, and get them excited for the next holiday in the calendar.

armelle valentine printable bubbles bag diy

Caroline of Armelle: The Blog wanted to create a candy-free Valentine her son could give his classmates. She paired small, inexpensive containers of bubbles – usually found in the wedding section of craft stores – with a free printable card and coordinating stickers for a fresh and fun alternative to standard Valentines.

Get the full DIY and free printables on her blog.

+ Free Bubble Valentine Printable via Armelle: The Blog
+ Wedding Bubble Bottles, $4.95 USD,


Happy Baby: Our First Halloween as Parents

star wars family

star wars family

Zack’s first Halloween was a team effort. My husband chose the Halloween theme last July when he bought at ThinkGeek the Darth Vader costume that Zack wore. Yes, we have been waiting for this moment. The hardest thing was to imagine how a 7-month baby could celebrate Halloween? After a few talks, we decided that a staged photo will nicely commemorate the day.

baby darth vader

We needed a spot that would deliver a sci-fi vibe. We knew that we had the perfect backdrop when we saw these lit blue glass doors. Like they say, the rest is history. The choice of our costumes was a no-brainer. My husband wanted to be Obi-Wan Kenobi. He grew his beard for two weeks. He was happy to shave this morning. I designed and made Jerome’s cape with the help of my mother. A friend lent me her Princess Leia costume. I attached the Darth Vader “helmet” headpiece to a black hat with safety pins. That kept Zack warm and it maintained the helmet in place.

zack as vader

We made nice memories that we will treasure for a long time. Zack was curious at the actions that were going on outside. He was so interested by what was happening that we had troubles to find a way for him to focus on the photo shoot. I can’t blame him. They were plenty of new things for him to discover. He smiled when he saw for the first time a lit Halloween pumpkin on our street. He enjoyed the costumes. Finally, I felt proud of what we did when two young trick and treaters encouraged the rest of their group to have a look at the cute Star Wars baby.

A special thank to Bettina Forget for her help in capturing on photos these precious memories.


New Uses for Old Things: Holidays Cookies Wrapped with Office Supplies

old cd envelopes cookie gift wrap

old cd envelopes cookie gift wrap

This post is about finding a use for your old office supplies. If you still have an box of CD envelopes lying around, I saw on Better Homes and Gardens a way to transform them into cute cookie packages. Instead of a printed ribbon and a Holidays adornment, you could decorate the envelopes with a beautiful string and affix a gift tag. I wish that I could insert a gold cake pad but at 6 inches, the smallest cake circles are two big for a CD envelope. This is why you need to use a scrapbook paper or gift wrap paper to add a festive backdrop. The only downside is that I would feel the need to cover the cookie with food-safe cellophane before inserting it into an old CD envelope.

christmas cookies wrapped in mailing tubes

If you plan to ship them, why not wrap your Christmas cookies in mailing tubes? I showed you three ways to add a Holiday touch to plain mailing tubes last year.

Gingerbread People Cutouts
+ Three-Pepper Spice Cookies


Blood Bath Props for an Horror Movie Halloween Party

Butcher's Apron and blood bath shower gel

Butcher's Apron and blood bath shower gel

You can scare your party guests in an unusual room of your home, that is the bathroom, with the Blood Bath collection by Spinning Hat, a London based gift design company. Designed to recreate an ultra realistic horror movie shower scene, the products range from a shower curtain, bath mat, shower bath, a butcher’s apron and Dead Tired pillow cases.

Butcher's bloody Apron packaging

Do not throw away the box of the Butcher’s Apron, seeing it is enough to put your guests in the mood. The possibilities of scenes are limited by your imagination. You do not have to stage the obvious.

blood bath shower curtain and bath mat

Blood Bath Shower Curtain $19.99 USD at Think Geek
Horror Movie Bath Mat $19.99 USD
+ Butcher’s Bloody Kitchen or Grilling Apron by Spinning Hat  $17.94 USD
Blood Bath Shower Gel £4.99 at Spinning Hat – since they are out of stock at Think Geek


DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

super hero halloween costumes

super hero halloween costumes

I recall when I was young how my mom and I made my Halloween costumes. This was part of the fun and it helped to build the excitement for the big day. The choice of ready-to-wear Halloween costumes has incredibly increased since. Still, we should not overlook the ease to create Halloween costumes for kids.

On Martha Stewart, you will find how your kids can make their own Superhero Cape and T-Shirt. Supplies are felt, sparkly paper, or holographic metallic-effect film to produce the hero icon that you will glue to a long-sleeve t-shirt, polyester satin to make the cape, grosgrain ribbon for decorations, fabric glue and a safety pin.

devil horns kids halloween costume

The hardest part of the DIY Devil Horn project seems to mold the horns out of  lightweight air-drying modeling clay. Paint them with acrylic paint and if you like, apply glitter. You then attach the horns to a headband with hot glue.

bag of grocery :: zoo keeper :: kids halloween costumes

You will need a couple of hours to realize this gross bag of grocery. Parents who made it commented that it was easy to do. And since the design dated from 2004, there is less chances than another kid show up with the same costume.

A zookeeper costume is not hard to recreate. All you need are khaki clothes, a safari hat, plush toys and a handmade net. You can make the net by putting a netting on a basic strainer that was stripped of its cup. You could glue a couple butterflies inside and outside the net.

cat burglar kids halloween costume

Finally, I like the cat burglar costume since it can be done with things that you have at home. Laurie Gelman of the now gone “Cookie” magazine used aluminum paper to fashion the jewelry. You could find big fake jewelry at a local Dollar store or a toy store.

+ Superhero Cape and T-shirt – how to from Martha Stewart
+ Devil Horns – how to from Martha Stewart
+ Bag of Gross-eeries from Family Fun
+ photo: MSN video – ideas from Cookie magazine


Halloween Trick or Treat Ideas

halloween parfait topped with a witch hat

halloween parfait topped with a witch hat

The first idea that caught my eye are these DIY witch hats that topped a poisoned parfait from the Bewitched Halloween bash designed by Paula of Frog Price Paperie. The witch hat decorates the spoon; there are no instructions but it is not hard to figure out how she hand crafted them. It could become a wonderful art project to do with your kids on a weekend afternoon.

halloween donuts on a broomstick

From the same party, I love her donuts on a broomstick idea! You can create your own broomsticks with rafia and wood skewers.

candy bar at a gender-neutral baby shower :: orange palette

The third idea illustrates an affordable container solution to create your own candy bar.

+ Bewitched Halloween bash at Hostess with the Mostess – photos by Heather Stine Photography
+ photos: Elephant and Alphabet baby shower styled by Fresh Chick Design Studio


A Round-Up of 4th of July Party Free Printables

4th of July cupcake toppers

This post started when Emily Henning of Seaside Creative contacted me to submit her Fourth of July printable cupcake toppers and food tent cards. I particularly like that she played with the shades of blue and red.

4th of July drink parasols

I went on a hunt to find more party decor items that will go well with her look. I found them at Martha Stewart. The parasol drinks are superb. The set includes 5 patterns.

patriotic ice cream cone wrapper

Nicely wrap your ice cream cones in a patriotic cone wrapper. You could use the cones to serve nuts, popcorns, or if you select a thicker paper, french fries.

For party favors, you can either make the easy to do Flag Favors or the fabulous Rocket Favors. Both will delight your guests.

4th of July Printables by Seaside Creative
Parasol drinks by Martha Stewart
Patriotic ice cream cone wrapper by Martha Stewart
Flag Favors by Martha Stewart
Rocket Party Favor by Martha Stewart


Vintage WWII’s Fourth of July Dessert Table

Vintage 4th of July dessert table

Vintage 4th of July dessert table

The 4th of July dessert table styled by Marcie of Celebrating the Moments is absolutely gorgeous. She decided to craft a theme around the WWII era. Her attention to details and her use of vintage props set the mood. This is how you create an ambiance.

Vintage US flag Cookies for the fourth of july

She asked her friend Marilyn of Whatever Whimsy to decorate fondant flag cookies and button cookies. I like how Marilyn was able to infuse a vintage feel to the flag cookies. Go see Marcie’s blog, there are plenty more photos.

Vintage wwii  4th of July party theme

+ photos: Celebrating the Moments
+ via Pizzazzerie


My First Mother’s Day

my first mother's day at laika

my first mother's day at laika

We simply celebrated my first Mother’s Day the day that my son reached 2 months old. My husband, our son and I had a late brunch with his grandmothers. It was the first time that we went out at a restaurant with our son. It went well and Zack enjoyed again his ride on the stroller.

flowers for mother's day

My husband signed the card that goes with this beautiful orchid bouquet with his name and the name of our son. This was so sweet of him!

I wish to all mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day filled with joy and love. Mine was.


“Birds in a Nest” and Easter Bunny Tabletops

bird in a nest plate and tabletop

I got you last-minute tabletop inspirations for Easter. This design is based on bird and nest to pair with the housewarming food presentation ideas that I presented earlier this week.

easter bunny themed tabletop

All you need to create an impact is a few tableware items based on your theme. You could go with an Easter bunny or a “bird in a nest” salad plate next to a “birds on a tree” salt and pepper set. Continue Reading