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The Modern Cakes of Eat Cake Be Merry

eat cake be merry pink flower cakes

Liz Shim is the cake maker and decorator behind these awesome cakes. Looking at her pink flower cake creations, it is clear that she has a modern style.

stylish fifth birthday cake by at cake

She created a stylish cake for a fifth birthday party. I like it when parents opt for something playful yet refined. If you replace the topper and the banner, you get a cute design for a baby shower. It could also be the basis of a circus theme.

garden theme cakes with birds and butterflies by eat cake be merry

You can see her attention to details in the way she crafted the butterflies. If you are interested by her cake, know that Liz served the New York metropolitan area. She founded Eat Cake Be Merry with the goal to combine modern, simple, and clean design with delicious cakes.

+ photos: Eat Cake Be Merry
+ via Something Old, Something New


Mr. and Mrs. Owl Cupcakes for this Valentine’s Day

lady owl :: the owl cupcakes are back in a valentine's day gift box by blue cupcake

lady owl :: the owl cupcakes are back in a valentine\'s day gift box by blue cupcake

I love the Valentine’s Day gift box designed by Blue Cupcake. Her owl cupcakes look so adorable. The dozen cupcakes comes with a lady own, a mister cupcake plus cupcakes decorated with a group of flowers or a heart. The 12 cupcakes come a gift box with a personalized card. This is all yours for $40.

Pick-up is available from their bakery in Van Nuys. Since you already know that I am a huge fan of Bleu Cupcake, seeing those made me wish that I was living in the Los Angeles area.

+ photo: Blue Cupcake


Merry Christmas!

yule log cake :: three chocolate mousse

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you are having a great time with your family and loved ones. I did! This is the three chocolate mousse yule log that I bought for our Christmas eve party. It was as delicious as it looks.

If the ski condition is great, I will be back on the slopes tomorrow. I am looking forward to ski again. I may publish a few posts during the Holidays.


The Cutest Christmas Tree Cupcakes

candy cane christmas tree cupcakes designed by bakerella

Bakerella made those eye-catching Christmas Tree Cupcakes.  She used sugar cones to form the base of the tree, candy melts, white and pink sugar crystals,  candy canes, fondant, icing colors, sprinkles (snowflake and confetti) plus the cupcakes.

Her hard works totally worth it. They are superbly done. She pushed her concept by making the little presents. Bravo!

+ Get the instructions on Bakerella


Modern Gingerbread House Competition

sugar shack by Nick Milkovich Architects

Last year, Creative Room launched a friendly Gingerbread competition and auction to raise money for Architecture for Humanity. There are only a few hours left to bid on the edible modern Gingerbread houses designed by 11 architecture-related firms located in Vancouver.

The Earthship Lollipop by eastside design

Even if you do not wish to participate in the auction, I think it is a cool ideas to redefine the look of the gingerbread house. These cute creations illustrate that any type of habitations can feel festive.

+ Creative Room’s Gingerbread Competition + Charity Auction 2009


Baking Your Own Chocolate Bouchons

chocolate bouchons for the holiday

You can never go wrong if you serve a chocolate dessert. These chocolate bouchons is basically a dense chocolate cake. Their shapes make them special. Because of their festive elegant look, serving Chocolate Bouchons is ideal for a Christmas or New Year party. The bouchons are best eaten the day they are baked but since the recipe is simple to make, it is not a problem.

The key is to get 3-ounce timbale molds (also known as aspic or baba molds). The LA times published a recipe adapted from the cookbook Bouchon by Thomas Keller. Fell free to try your favorite dense chocolate cake recipe. Just remember that Thomas Keller’s chocolate bouchons have a texture somewhere between dense cake and denser brownies.

+ Paderno World Cuisine Aluminum Dariole/Baba Molds 3-ounces $29.90 USD for set of 10
+ photo: Mel Melcon for LA Times


Amy Atlas’ Thanksgiving Dessert Table

amy butler thanksgiving dessert table

If you are looking for a Wow factor at Thanksgiving, get inspired by the dessert table designed by Amy Atlas. Do not worry, no need to bake all these. Simply look a good chocolate maker, a cupcake shop and a cookie maker near you who sell Thanksgiving theme treats. Get a few props and start assembling the dessert table. I am sure that the kids at your party will enjoy the table. There are more close-up pictures on Amy Atlas.

+ photo: Amy Atlas


CupcakeCamp Montreal on November 22nd, 2009

cupcakecamp montreal

At last, Montreal will have its first CupcakeCamp. Montreal bakers here is your chance to show off your baking talents. CupcakeCamp Montreal has 3 contest categories: professional bakers, amateur bakers and kids (less than 16 years old). Even the bad cupcake makers can participate. A fourth category is the Failcake contest designed for slackers and evil creative geniuses with horrible, horrible taste.

The event will raise money for Kids Help Phone. A donation of $10 at the door will get your choice of 3 cupcakes and a coffee. You are free to give more. Spread the word by letting everyone knows that you are attending CupcakeCamp Montreal on Facebook and Twitter (via@twtvite). If you wish to sponsor the event, it is not too late.

The event will take place at Bitoque Restaurant from 2 to 5 pm on November 22, 2009. Since it is on a Sunday afternoon, it is easy to come with your family and friends. I hope to see you at the first CupcakeCamp Montreal. And do not be shy to come to say hello. I will be there with my husband.

+ CupcakeCamp Montreal


My Branded Cupcakes by Sweet Things

cupcakes with my logo by sweet things

When Juanita Koo saw on Twitter that I was going to Toronto, she decided to give me a sweet treat. She sent me 6 cupcakes that she decorated with the 2 logos of the brand. It is fun to arrive after a day of meetings to your hotel room and see those waiting for you.

branded cupcakes baked by sweet things :: cupcake shop in toronto

I tasted her chocolate sour cream and her strawberry vanilla cakes. Both were excellent. I was pleased that they taste as good as they look. The size are her cupcakes is just perfect; not too small, not too big. Plus, she does not put too much icing and her icing is not too sweet.

cookware cupcakes by sweet things

I like the tiny potholders and oven mitts she crafted for the Calphalon Culinary Center in Toronto.

If you are in the Toronto area, do not hesitate to contact Juanita of Sweet Things. She does cakes and cupcakes. I am glad that her business since to be doing fine.  For more inspirations, you can have a peek at her adorable baby cakes.