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Cool Modern Baby Shower Gift Ideas

quilt baby onesie bib burp cloth mobile : baby shower gift ideasI do not have kids but I watched closely the hip modern trend regarding baby gears. I think this trend illustrates well the desire of consumers to get the products they want.

Several hip baby brands and stores were founded by style-conscious parents who did not like what big chains are selling. It is also a sign that more people are not ready to give out style because they became parents. As a stylish living advocate, I am thrilled.

If you are attending a baby shower soon, you may want to check out the inventory of Quilt Baby. Founded by parents of two toddlers, Quilt Baby is an independent modern baby bedding and accessory company located in Asheville, North Carolina.

Practical Baby Gears with Modern Style

Quilt Baby provides high quality, practical products to style conscious parents. Their catalogue contains over 20 bold and fun patterns.

The bedding line features crib sets, quilt and pillow sets plus minky blankets. The hardest thing for you will be to select which patterns to buy from between the cutest bibs & burp cloths. Those are baby essentials that new parents never have enough. The adorable onesies are available in short and long sleeve.

Where to shop?

Quilt Baby products are available through several specialized retailers in the United States and one Canadian store located in my home town, Montreal. You can also shop online with retailers from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Canadians will be happy to know that Purl Mama & Baby sells the Quilt Baby collection at pair.

Store locator: Retailers carrying Quilt Baby bedding and accessories
Buy online: Minky Blankets by Quilt Baby – price: mini $20 USD, regular $38
Buy online: Onesies by Quilt Baby – price: $18 Short Sleeve, $24 Long Sleeve
Buy online: Bibs & Burp Cloths by Quilt Baby – price: $16 per bib, $28-$32 for sets
Buy online: Quilt Baby Mobiles – price: $46 USD
Via: Babygadget


Cute and stylish baby shower ideas

blue and red apron : flip flops : cocktail napkin holder : baby shower gift ideas

Instead of a design mood board, I composed one around potential gift ideas. I will tell you all about why these items have baby shower written all over them.


You probably know by now that I adore aprons. And with a new baby, the mother needs more than one for years to come. It is not because you have a baby that you should stop being fashionable. Since you have less time for yourself, it is better to protect your clothes while you are running your daily errands in the house. For example, when you start to give solid food to your baby, the apron protects your clothes up to a certain point.

This Cherry Tart Chef Apron is from an etsy’s seller called BellaBeeDesigns. A hostess version was also available; I just bought it. Every Bella Bee’s apron is handmade with designer fabrics that are 100% pre-washed cotton fabrics. She used designers like Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry. These aprons are created to withstand many years (even generations) of use and washings.

One special attention of Bella Bee is the recipe that comes with her beautifully packaged apron. Matching potholders, tea towels, totes, handbags and a few baby bibs complete her collection.

Cocktail Napkin Holder

For a dash of retro, go for this Brown Pineapple Cocktail Napkin Holder available at To Bee Named. When you do not have a party, you can put inside hand towels or use as a tray for small baby items.

Flip Flops

Because you want an uncomplicated, comfortable shoe to walk around the house, get the Expecting in Style Flip Flops by Bonnie’s StylePress to the mother-to-be. Theses flip flops have a sculpted arch for added support. Other illustrations are available.


Because no baby showers should be held with a proper invitation, I went shopping at Tiny Prints. I selected a new addition to their line, the gender neutral yellow Teddy Shower. Cute and cheerful!

Anything can be the inspiration for a party décor. One way to assure that the gifts go together is to consult each other or to give a wide enough theme to everyone.

Buy online: Cherry Tart Chef Apron by Bella Bee Designs – price: $45 USD
Buy online: Brown Pineapple Cocktail Napkin Holder – price: $21 USD
Buy online: Blue Expecting in Style Flip Flops by Bonnie’s StylePress – price: $29.95 USD
Buy online: Yellow Teddy Shower at Tiny Prints – price: $31.25 USD for 25 invites


A Baby Shower Party Theme for Chic Urban Parents

parent baby shower partyWith people having children at an older age, the deeper implication of fathers and a higher sense of design than in the past, there is a need for more stylish baby shower party themes.

More and more future parents value schemes that are far away from the same old matching baby showers offered by large retail chains. If you are planning a baby shower party for hip urban parents, I got a few ideas to pull off this challenge.

First, any event revolves around the food, the décor and the atmosphere. That is what I show you on my inspiration board.

The Invitations

Even if it is the first thing you should send, you must work out the details of the party before selecting your invites. An invitation sets the tone of the party. The festive note cards I displayed are miles away from the juvenile look typically associated with baby showers. Since it is a parent baby shower, a gender neutral model is the way to go.

The Baby Circles from Fabulous Stationery is light-hearted and sweet. The color palette mimics the food. An eco-chic option is the Shower box set by Binth. These fresh and modern cards are screen-printed on 100% recycled stock.

The Food

I decided to build the theme around the food. An Italian antipasto feast would be perfect for an afternoon event. Last month, the UK magazine Living etc. featured an antipasti party styled around the fashionable modern country look. One stop by the Little Italy neighborhood nearest you will provide all the food you need.

The best tip from Living etc is to

conjure up an impressive platter in an instant with a selection of Italian cured meats, parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes on the vine and antipasto of all sorts.

Take a look at the Antipasto Platter from for quick clues.

Gift suggestions

No baby shower occurs without a gift distribution. And buying a gift for the discriminating parents is not as easy as it seems. Usually, they preferred buying the basic baby stuff themselves. Available at Greener Grass Design, the handmade one of a kind felt animal by artist Chika of Chikagraphy or the Fresh Produce bags by Eazy Bean should please the cool urban new parents.

Beware that Donatello the Deer is not a baby toy, it is a decorative item. From a design viewpoint, baby bedroom normally incorporate items to give personality to the bookcase. These felt animals would be a winner in all décor style.

The Fresh Produce bags are available in 2 sizes of tomato, green tomato, skyberry, blueberry, gridberry and persimmon.

Mobiles are a key element in baby room. Again, I looked for something more stylish. Kenneth Wingard sells the Antique Brass Open Mo-bi-le-o online and in its San Francisco stores. Its treatment has nothing to do with child play. And why not display them as party décor? It is a great way to reduce the cost of a party.

These big and bold mobiles look great whether you hang them on the living room or the kid bedroom. It is a look that can grow with the child.

Adding a child feeling

If you wish to reduce the grown up factor of the antique brass mobile, there are several things that you can do. One easy way may be to paint all the open squares, each one with its own pastel color. You can play on tints to stay subtle.

You could display monochromatic illustrations inside the mobile. My advice is that whatever you do, make sure that you do not overwhelm the structure.

Recipe: Antipasto Platter on
Buy online: Baby Circles at Fabulous Stationery – starts at $45 USD for 25 custom printed notes cards with envelops
Buy online: Shower by Binth – price: $ 14.25 USD for 6 cards with envelops
Buy online: Donatello the Deer By Chikagraphy at Greener Grass Design – price: $84 USD
Buy online: Fresh Produce bags by Eazy Bean at Greener Grass Design – price: $225 for a small, $270 for a large
Buy online: Antique Brass Open Mo-bi-le-o at Kenneth Wingard price: $92 USD for a 6-square mobile
Photo credits: Italian Antipasti party pictures were taken from Living etc – October 2007 issue

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Tired of cupcakes, serve the delightful cookies of Eleni’s Cookies

New cookie collection at Eleni\'s Cookies in NYC

Cupcakes are cute but sometimes we need a change of scenery. Arrive to the rescue the luxurious and whimsical Eleni’s Cookies from a cookie shop in New York City.

These cookies are made from the finest natural ingredients. But why does this shop stand apart from the crowd? It is due to the way they decorate their cookies. If you serve them at your event, be prepared. These cookies are conversation pieces.

The way the owner Eleni markets her cookies is by theme instead of flavors. Several themes are designed for the hobbies, common Holidays and life celebrations. Their beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness collection looks and tastes wonderful.

New collections are available

The Party Animals set is really cute for a kid birthday party or it you are having a movie night featuring BBC’s Planet Earth on high definition. My husband and I started watching Planet Earth yesterday night. I recommended this TV series to anyone.

Animal faces, new baby boy or girl and party time are new additions to an already vast catalogue.

A luxurious way to serve them

We do not often think of serving our cookies on a tiered cake pedestal as Eleni did for her New Baby Girl shower pack. But really we should. You could also prepare in advance guest plates with 2 or 3 cookies per person.

We often have celebrations at the office and cookies like those are perfect. They are easier to eat than cakes and people on diet can eat only one. The Birthday mixer contains cookies, brownies and one Happy Birthday Cake sugar cookie favor.

Each set comes in a tin cookie box. This makes it easy to bring them as a hostess gift or a housewarming gift.

Something to remember

For party favors, special 5-inch cookies are sold wrapped individually in a cellophane bag. If you are interested, they shipped their edible treats all over the United States.

I recalled that I have to introduce Eleni’s masterpieces to you when looking at their Halloween treats and their wedding collection earlier today. I have to thank Barefoot in the Orchard for that little reminder.

Buy online: New Baby girl by Eleni’s Cookies – price: $65 for 17 cookies
Buy online: Party Animals by Eleni’s Cookies – price: $65 for 14 cookies
Buy online: Thanks Again Gift Box by Eleni’s Cookies – price: $65 for 16 cookies
Buy online: Birthday mixer by Eleni’s Cookies – price: $70
For Canadians: HD-DVD Planet Earth, The Complete BBC Series on
For Americans: HD-DVD Planet Earth, The Complete BBC Series on
Via: Eleni published on Barefoot in the Orchard


My pink French toile baby shower party theme

plates and napkins by Caspari : opera cake

A reader T. asked for my advice. She is planning a baby shower at the office for her sophisticated boss. The baby room décor involved red and white toile fabric with gold and yellow accents.

T. told me she enjoy the French style baby shower board I made earlier this month. But since her event will occur at the office; she would prefer a simpler scheme. I put the accents on what she mostly needs help: paper plates, napkins and cakes.

T. expects 40 guests at this baby shower. From a cleaning time and money viewpoints, she opts for disposable products.

How to determine the decor style?

First, I decided that the napkins will harbor the Toile theme. With that in mind, it appears that a plate model with solid center where the rim as the center of attention will harmonize nicely with the napkins. I feel that full pattern plates lose their appeal once you filled them with food.

Before you start looking for products, imagine the scheme in your mind. It will guide your choice when shopping. You either select what comes closer to your initial plan or decide to update your plan.

Stylish paper plates and napkins by Caspari

I always gravitate towards complementary pieces rather than kits. Here I felt in love with this fuchsia and gold filigree border dinner plate by Caspari available at Fine Stationery. Once you find a great piece, you search for the complimentary pieces. The gold Angel Guest Towel napkins harmonize the plate. Both are powerful pieces. Together they make a statement.

I think that the three-ply-paper guest towel format looks almost as sophisticated as real linen napkins. This format suits very well a baby shower party. I suggest you roll them in advance with utensils inside and tie them up with a tiny gold or pink satin ribbon. A medium paper weight soft pink rimmed dessert plate will finish the meal in beauty and let the place to the dessert.

The light green glass is from cb2. The Satellite HD dish glasses have an unusual modern shape. Use them to serve fruit salad and sorbet in top of drinks. The Green Paper Cups by Caspari is an option for coffee or tea.

A second plate and napkin combination

caspari plates and napkins for a baby shower

I went to Polka Dot Design to compose another combination. The pink rim and gold border square plate looks sophisticated because of the gold border. I found the Rose Festive Toile luncheon napkins. The napkins are also available at Plum Party.

What is for dessert?

French excels at bakery. I suggest you go with classical cakes like the rich Opera Cake or the lighter Passionberry Duo. Serve smaller pieces if you opt for the outstanding Opera cake. Then serve an after-dessert treats called mignardises (bite sized baked items, confections, chocolate and truffles) to add a true French twist. Serve the mignardises with coffee or tea.

Caspari made a commitment to the environment

Although they make disposable napkins and plates, Caspari tries to do less damages to nature. Here is what they have to say about their commitment:

One of our key suppliers is a leader in the use of renewable resources such as wind powered electricity. The fiber they use to make paper comes from managed forests. In addition, Caspari Inc. uses only water based dyes for our napkins and plates. The bleaching of our napkins in preproduction uses oxygen instead of chlorine, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals.

There is no reason why could not bring elegance to an office baby shower party. If you do this, they will never be the same.

Buy online: Paper plates by Caspari at Fine Stationery
Buy online: Napkins by Caspari at Fine Stationery
Buy online: Tabletop accessories at Polka Dot Design
Buy online: Festive Toile collection at Plum Party – available in rose, blue and black
Learn more: European Desserts at Sweet Street Desserts

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The birth of a French Style Baby Shower this Fall

French Style Baby Shower party theme

A reader B. asked me for advice. She needs help decorating a baby shower that she is throwing for her friend who likes Toile fabric. Very French indeed!

I was giving a color palette to start with: brown, black, sage and a hint of pink. Not your typical baby shower color scheme. I like that! Different shades of greens, French vanilla and almost black are hot colors right now. Browns are still going strong. It is the Fall season, so I am making the best of it.

Where to start?

I selected items with a typical French style. My goal was that even if you have access to these specific products, you will be able to reproduce the look wherever you live.

You can mix epochs if you examine the pieces carefully. You do not need to be an expert to do it. For example, the Toile fabric dresses share similar thread styles with the Marie-Antoinette plate set although they refers to different social classes and periods.

The shapes of the plates by Rosanna suit a baby or bridal shower. Make the pleasure lasts longer; use the plates at the event and claimed that it is a rental. At the last minute, surprise the guest of honor by packing them in her take-home boxes.

The coasters are from Paula Scaletta. They do not match the greens of the Toile fabric. Natural green shades often goes together if they pass the test. Put them one over the other to see, stand about 1 foot away and check that nothing clashes.

The Breakfast in Paris set is practical. You will be using it in many occasions. It comes in a set of 4 mugs, mugs and plates at Wisteria. The sugar and cream service set adds the finishing touch.

Flower arrangement

The Fleur-de-Lis was the crest of the French monarchy for a while. Fleur-de-Lis means lily flower. Regular lilies smell strongly and they do lack sophistication; so avoid them at any cost.

Red burgundy or rusty orange calla lilies would be my flower of choices for this party. Three to five nicely laid sideways in a wide but narrow glass vase can go a long way. A large porcelain apothecary jar with a can be transformed into a vase for a day.

If you want to be more daring, I propose you a creative flower arrangement. It is impressive how the floral artists at Blume succeed in adding refinement with the Fall harvest theme. I will post a story about Blume later this week.

Baby shower favors

Your girl friends will adore you if the baby shower favor is the luxurious Provence soap. Basically, the lather is richer. These soaps are made from vegetal oils and their perfumes are extracted from flowers.

I proposed Savon de Marseille with crushed local flowers. At $9.50 a 300-gram bar, they are an indulgence but it is worth every penny. Pure lavender, Crushed verbena, Orange and Rose petals are available at French Soaps, a US and French online retailer and distributor. Buy one of each and save 10%.

For a modest budget, Pre de Provence sells 7 guest soap bars for $5.94 (buy 6, get one free offer). Imported from France, Pre de Provence soap scents are formulated by perfumers in Grasse, Provence. You are getting the real thing in a small size, 25 grams (0.88 oz). Sabina from Barefoot in the Orchard recommended Pre de Provence soaps last month in her blog.

That concludes my food for thought about a French Style baby shower party theme. Have fun B. designing and organizing your baby shower event.

+ Toile Rustic Life in Sage at Fashion Fabrics Club – price: $15.99 / yard
+ Marie Antoinette by Rosanna Inc. – price: $40 USD for a set of 4 plates
+: Breakfast in Paris set of mug, bowl, and plate at Wisteria – price: $84 USD for 4 settings
The Paula Scaletta Coaster Collection by Studio Vertu
+ Web site of Blume
+ Savon de Marseille with crushed local flowers at French Soaps – price: $34.20 USD for 4 bars
+ Pre de Provence Guest Soaps at Pre de Provence Soaps – price: $5.94 for 7 bars
+ Via French Soap published on Barefoot in the Orchard

BABY showers CAKES + desserts FAMILY FOOD + DRINK KIDS party

Be the queen of cupcakes in time for your next kid birthday party

Stylish cupcakes decorations by Cuppacakes and Cupcakes by Joanna Farrow

We are seeing the popularity of cupcakes at birthday parties, baby showers and even as wedding cakes.

The Cupcake wave caught Montreal over the last twelve months with the opening of several cupcake shops; we had none before. We are more used to the taste of French pastries here. So we may judge cupcakes from a different viewpoint than most Americans.

My mom often baked cupcakes for me when I was a little girl. The icing was a nicely done frosting of the right thickest and she even put sprinkles. So I fully understand the nostalgia and the deep feeling towards cupcakes that is all over the cupcakes industry. But the stylish hostess is worried.

Go for stylish cupcakes

Nostalgia is one thing but the world has evolved and even more on how we present food. I am showing you different alternatives in cupcake decoration in order for you to avoid my DON’T version taken from the style shot of Sur La Table Web site.

The stand can work but I do prefer tiered cake stands. The Wilton Cupcakes ‘N’ More Dessert Stands are available in two formats: one for mini cupcakes, ones for standard size cupcakes.

Why the DON’T cupcakes are bad and should be avoid at all costs? From a taste and health matter, there is far too much icing and sugar treats. Style wise, the decoration has no focus. It seems chaotic at best. You can do better than that when entertaining children and grownups.

So I crossed the vast universe of cupcakes to find you nicer alternatives. Strangely, a small cupcake shop in Malaysia called Cuppacakes is the winner of my style competition this morning. All pictures from the left are Cuppacakes’s creations. You have to admit that we are on a higher plain of cupcake design here.

This book (top pictures) with different cupcake decoration ideas can teach new tricks. So people complained that the recipes in Cupcakes by Joanna Farrow are so so but everyone agrees that the decorations were great.

The art of mix and match cupcake designs

What is great about cupcakes are an event is that you can mix and match flavors and decorations. The key elements are that all your decorations must share a common theme and the same color palette.

Apply the same theory that when you mix and match patterns when decorating a room to cupcake design. The effects are more interesting if you do not limit yourself to a single decorative look on all your cupcakes. Cuppacakes’s pictures clearly illustrate that fact.

Stylish with healthy choices

There is more in frosting than the rich butter cream icing. Be creative and use ingredients in moderation. Why not top your cupcake with a delicious Mango meringue, a Matcha tea cream cheese frosting or a Raspberry flavored handmade whipped cream icing? These will add new flavors for the guests to enjoy.

Making whipped creams for icing

Personally, I used icing sugar instead of superfine sugar to add consistence and put it back to the fridge before icing my cake.

Others cooked 2 tablespoons of flour and 1/2 teaspoon of milk while stirring continuously, let it cool down and add the mixture at the end to the whipped cream. I also discovered that you can stabilize whipped cream with gelatin.

If you are new to whipping cream, start with an extremely cold stainless steel bowl to whip your cold whipping (heavy) cream. Use an electric beater or an immersion blender with special attachment. Stay alert to not overbeat because you will end up with butter. Always store whipped creams in the fridge until you are ready to serve.

The commercial formula Oaetker Whip It is a popular method to stabilize handmade whipped cream. Many use gelatin, so I give you the recipe here.

How to make stabilized whipped cream?

The steps from to stabilize your whipped cream are:

  • Use 1 teaspoon gelatin soaked in 2 tablespoons cold water for 2 cups of cream.
  • Place water in a small pan. Sprinkle plain gelatin over its surface. Let it sit for 5 minutes while the gelatin absorbs the water and softens.
  • Stir the gelatin over low heat, until completely dissolved. Let cool, but not get cold.
  • Then, whip the heavy cream with superfine sugar until barely stiff. Add cooled gelatin all at once to cream during whipping. Stop whipping when it forms soft peaks.

I gave you enough ideas to start making stylish cupcakes. I will continue to inspire you as I will come across other amazing design ideas or recipes for your cupcakes.

Buy online: Wilton Cupcakes n More Dessert Stands available at Sur La Table store
Cupcakes: For COACH 65th anniversary / legacy collection soiree designed by Cuppacakes on Flickr
Cupcakes: Baby’s day out soufflé by Cuppacakes on Flickr
Cupcakes: Secret garden – special engagement with satin ribbons by Cuppacakes on Flickr
Buy online: Blog of Cuppacakes
Buy online: Cupcakes by Joanna Farrow at
Recipe via: How to make you own whipped cream on

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Add-on to my Animal Kingdom baby shower party

Baby Cie La Jungle Wild Animals Lunch set and Dinner set

I just discovered this collection through Rare Bird Finds, a blog where you dig up unusual gift ideas.

I wanted to add a cute and affordable gift option for an Animal Kingdom baby shower theme, here it is.

The Baby Cie La Jungle Wild Animals is a 5-piece Lunch set with tray, beaker, fork, spoon and bowl. Other available themes are pirates, farm animals, ballerina, ocean seaside and transportation. Starting at $23.50 USD per set, you can visit to see the entire line.

Another option is La Jungle Wild animals Dinner set with tray, cup, spoon and bowl for $23.95 USD. The Pirate theme sets would work well for a first year birthday with a pirate theme.

And you get compartment plates, sipping cups, washable bibs and suction bowls to complete the product lines by Baby Cie. These products all make an educational gift. You can teach yourself and your kids a few words in French French while the family is eating with the baby.

Buy online: Baby Cie collection at
Via: Baby Cie Multi-Section Child’s Plates published on Rare Bird Finds blog


The Animal Kingdom Baby shower party theme

Anna Bella Baby fine stationery :: girafe and elephant toys by Wren handmadeFollowing Blueprint hip baby shower, I come up with another stylish inspiration for a baby shower party. This time my inspiration starts out with the Wren handmade fabric stuffed animals.

Fabric stuffed animals instead of plush animals are popular these days. You can find many styles on etsy stores. But my favorite ones are the giraffes and elephants by Wren handmade designed by Laura Normandin. The animals are cutely shaped and I like the fabric selection at Wren handmade. The 11 inch high giraffe and the 8 inch high elephant each cost $60 USD.

Be aware that the Wren handmade stuffed toys are for kids over 3 years old. But why not decorate the baby room with them until then? Display the animals on individual thick shelves nicely distributed on a wall or on the top shelf of a bookcase. Both options look great.

How to design a sassy and modern animal kingdom baby shower?

Now that the theme and the style are clear, I got to find the right invite. Luckily, I found the perfect baby shower invitation card at Anna Bella Fine Stationery. The Animal Parade card has the right styled elements; it pairs well with Wren animal collection. There is even a giraffe and an elephant on the invite design. You can use this design for baby announcement or a baby birthday party.

Anna Bella Fine Stationery invite cards can be ordered in quantity of 15 or more. And at $1.89 each with your return address printed on the envelops, they are a good deal.

Develop your color palette around Dijon mustard yellow hues, greens and blues for the buffet table. Look at the modern pattern melamine plates and trays that are all the rage this year. Do not overuse the patterns, mix them with some solid color service ware. You want to create a simple modern look.

Look for tableware that reintroduces some of the elements of your decor. For example, try to find some small plaid pattern table linens in a soft color combination. Table runners and place mats look more hip than a table cloth. And they are more appropriate for a baby shower party.

Stylish baby bedrooms with dwellbaby

dwell baby bedding

I have been a fan of dwell bedding since their beginning. They updated and diversified their baby collection not long ago. This one looks even better than their first baby bedding collection.

I found a few patterns and accessories right for our Animal Kingdom party. If you opt for a crib set as a gift, why not spread some coordinating accessories around the room to add to the party theme.

Dwell makes fabric stuff animal pillows. The set comes with three 14 x 21 inches pillows: one pig, one elephant and one giraffe. I suggest you mix them with the fabric animals from Wren. The baby cubes are lovely and they would be great baby shower gifts for the parents.

My suggestions for the crib sets start with Animals, a simple chocolate animal drawing combined with distinctive geometric patterns. Forest crib set comes in 2 color weave combinations brown and petal (pink) or brown and sky (blue). Garden Blossom is a stylish floral and vine designs against the subtle backdrop of tans and pinks. Online retailers sell these 4-piece crib sets around $350 USD each.

An artsy education gift

wall cards by eeboo

These illustrated wall cards by eeboo caught my eyes when I went shopping at Indigo. Each card set is illustrated by a different artist. Each card is 8 by 10 inches.

It will take you no time to create a featured wall by hanging the cards for your party. Choose the wall card style that goes better with the baby room design.

A decorative tip for the parents, if you install wall shelves running across the room, break the wall card grouping once in a while with the Wren fabric animals and other decorative items. And leave more than a couple inches of empty spacing between the cards if the space allowed it.

A theme that can grow with the kids

Babies outgrow their nursery eventually. Dwell thought about it when they design their kid bedding collection. The collection of dwellbaby and dwellkids share the same color palette and some patterns. So you can still use some baby accessories with the kid bedding. Better yet, chances are that you will not have to repaint the room right away.

dwellkids :: bedding for kids

After I compiled my elements for this story, I noticed that I share similar tastes with the Dwell stylists. The Read-to-me wall cards by eeboo are displayed on their kid rooms. This is one of my favorites.

An Animal Kingdom party theme is not just great for baby shower parties. They are a fun kid birthday theme. For young kids, your birthday celebrations can include a safari game, costume dressing and even a visit to a zoo.

End of the day Update:

Check out the alphabet prints designed by Alison from Strawberry Luna. You can get an Elephant print, a Giraffe print. The Owl and the Lady bug prints are gorgeous.

Each print is hand screened and at $15 each, these limited edition prints are more than affordable art pieces. I found them tonight when reading Apartment Therapy: Chicago.

+ Elephant fabric toys by Laura Normandin at Wren handmade
+ Giraffe fabric toys by Laura Normandin at Wren handmade
+ Baby announcement, shower and milestones at Anna Bella Fine Stationery
+ dwell bedding and home furnishing
+ Wall cards by eeboo
+ Alphabet Prints from Strawberry Luna published on AT:Chicago blog

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+ Animal Themed Dinnerware for Infants


A cool modern baby shower party for hip moms to be in Blueprint magazine

Baby shower party : Special Deliveries article by Blueprint magazineI was looking to design an inspiration board for a hip baby shower but Blueprint magazine beat me to it in their July edition.

In their Special Deliveries article, the staff of Blueprint concocted an orange and teal party theme. The modern style design looks fresh and in vogue. The beautiful color palette runs throughout the buffet.

Do not be shy to display gifts in your design. Here, the Binth alphabet poster sold at Generate store for $85 USD creates the perfect backdrop for the dessert buffet table. Inspired by Mid-Century Danish wood toys, the ABC poster designed by Suzanna Bierwirth, Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits sits perfectly with our baby shower party theme.

Making a mobile

The mobiles are cute, inexpensive and easy to make. The instructions are published on the article republished on Martha Stewart‘s Web site. If you want to play a little but with volume, you can try to mix a few spheres with the circles. Another option is to throw a few acrylic orange squirrels from the Acrylic Ornament set by Ferm Living in your mobile.

By the way, I am crafting something great for entertaining with the Acrylic Ornament set by Ferm Living; I hope to show it off by the end of next week. So stay tuned!

Blueprint Magazine used many of my favorite ideas in planning this baby shower. To name a few, I am keen on making a family photo album to introduce his/her genealogical tree to the baby. Leave out lots of blank pages to add new pictures.

What to seek in a photo album for a baby shower?

Newport photo album by Kolo :: acid free paper

Kolo produces the best photo albums in my point of view. Founded in 1998, this Connecticut-based small company reinvented the way photo albums were made and used in everyday life.

Blueprint used the Lux Cortina model. I prefer the Newport model in 8.5 X 11 inches that comes with 10 cloth-hinged sheets (20 pages). The Newport album can be expanded to 50 sheets (100 pages). I bought one for my friend at a local arts and crafts store.

The album is made of acid-free and archival quality paper. The soft creamy white tone pages are great to write comments.

I like the fact that there is no defined place to put the photos in the Newport model. You just secure the photos where you want on the page with two-way photo tape gun. I prefer the tape gun to the photo corners because the look is cleaner and it is easier to handle.

This photo album is in fact a simpler version of a scrapbook. The parents can document the pregnancy and the first years of the baby. You can add memorabilia and let your imagination flees away.

I included a couple of color pens with my gift and an archival tape gun designed especially for photos. Your friends can enjoy their gift right away when you incorporate the must-have accessories. So think about the little extra when you go shopping.

Making a CD music

Try to base your compilation to reflect the musical taste the mother as well as the motherhood theme.
I suggest a nice mix of love and nursery songs with a soft but happy beat. Do not be shy to look at least commercial artists to add diversity. You can combine old and new songs.

A final note: if you are not from the United States do not bother to try downloading the baby shower CD music from the iTunes link on the Blueprint online article, it would not work.

So I hope this post will inspire you to defy the conventional themes for an upcoming baby shower.

Buy online: Binth alphabet poster available at Generate
Buy online: Acrylic Ornament set coming soon at Ferm Living US shop
Buy online: Newport Photo albums by Kolo
Read more: The Modern Baby Shower published on Martha Stewart’s Web site from Blueprint

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Inspiration board: A baby shower party for a fashion-forward metropolitan diva

baby shower party for a fashion-forward metropolitan diva

We all have at least one girlfriend that fits this description. As a follow up to the reader question, I got inspired to make a board around this style. For this baby shower, I imagined a tea party in a modern garden or a chic loft apartment.

I started with this gorgeous invite pattern at Fine Stationary, available at $92.25 for 25 custom printed cards with envelops. Designed by Bonnie’s StylePress, the invites are clearly chic and hip.

The color palette and the elegance are the key elements that make me choose this floral arrangement. The bouquet complements my design for this baby shower party. This floral arrangement was done by the talented florist behind housemartin blog. I love her work.

Rosanna’s dinnerware came to my mind instantly when I planned this inspiration board. I got to use the very Parisian look of the tea lunch set called Ladies who lunch. The set comes in a beautiful gift box with two luncheon plates with teacups for 40 dollars.

One way to pay for the party tableware is that the tableware becomes the gifts to the expectant mother. It is a nice memory. This is especially practical if this is a second child when the mother already owns the essential and more.

The Party Raffle collection by Rosanna is fun because every item has a number between 1 and 6. Pick your number and you’ll never lose your glass or plate again. They come in pretty gift boxes. You can mix and match them with the Ladies who lunch collection.

I love rhubarb dessert and this one taken from Williams-Sonoma Web site has all the class I was looking for. This recipe will taste great with tea. I did not include a teapot on my board but they are too many that I like. I will publish instead a story on fabulous teapots soon.

Do you like this board? Have you ever use any of these items for a party?

Invite: Invitations by Bonnie’s StylePress at
Invite: Web site of Bonnie’s StylePress
Flowers: Ink & Peat via lemon ginger mint on housemartin blog
Luncheon plates and tea cups: Ladies Who Lunch by Rosanna Inc.
Party dinnerware: Party Raffle collection by Rosanna Inc.
Recipe: Rhubarb and Blood-Orange Shortcakes at Williams-Sonoma

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