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Custom Made Kids Party Essentials For a Stress-Free Event Planning

These options are for the busy mother who do not have the time or is not inclined to create her own.

Forget the big chains and visit Etsy to shop for your kids birthday essentials.  With all the talented stationery designers on Etsy, it is an amazing source for cute and unique party themes. The key is to scour the gems. These two Etsy sellers qualify.

Jack and Izzy


You can pick your illustration, scallop, monogram or number that Jack and Izzy will be printed on invitations with matching open-end envelopes, thank you notes, circle stickers, cupcake flags and napkin rings. The colored favor boxes and ribbons are included. You select your color and font. Voilà! You get the foundation for setting up your party.

Jack and Izzy illustrations are perfect for a baby shower or a toddler birthday party. Their kits come as set of 12.

Pinwheel Tablescapes by Crossroads Cottage

pinwheel party hats, party decors by Crossroads Cottage

Pinwheels are a great theme not just for a garden birthday party. Crossroads Cottage made nice pinwheel cupcakes toppers, handheld pinwheels.

She accepts custom orders. You can order harmonizing pinwheel party hats, setting cards, table numbers and invites. She provides many options to dress everything up. There are over 300 designs to choose from.

You can find more products on her Web site Pinwhirls including for the budget conscious, the materials for Do It Yourself Pinwheels.

+ You Pick Round Illustration Party Pack $78 USD at Jack and Izzy
+ You Pick Scallop Illustration Party Pack $78 USD at Jack and Izzy
+ You Pick Monogram or Number Party Pack $78 USD at Jack and Izzy
+ Custom Pinwheel Birthday Party Hats $3.35 unassembled $3.75 pre-assembled (except for the pinwheel) each at Crossroads Cottage
+ Customizable Mini Cupcake Topper Pinwheels $1.70-$1.90 each at Crossroads Cottage


Cutest Craft Projects for a Baby Shower

baby quiz and party favors for baby shower by twig and thistle

These are not for the beginners. Kathleen Gibson of Twig & Thistle. She works as a graphic designer for print and packaging. Kathleen enjoys doing craft projects and she shares her skills on a blog she started last December 2008.

I am glad that she introduced her blog to me because I found a bundle of inspirations. Kathleen created the letterpress invites and thank you cards. She designed a baby quiz envelop. The hole for the golf pen is a trick to remember.

The fun party favors are the cutest I am seen in a long time. She printed on fabric a doll pattern in order for each guest to sew their own doll.

DIY fabric garland :: twig and thistle

She demonstrated how to sew a fabric garland. Making your own garland is a wonderful way to personalize for birthday parties.

+ Baby Quiz Envelops
+ Sanchez Doll Party Favors
+ Pictures of the baby shower party organized by Twig & Thistle


Milk Bottles as You Never Seen Before



Through their form, function and aesthetics, packaging influences consumption. These are cute food packaging. Design-oriented bottles also make our life easy when we entertain. I found those marvels on Lovely Package, a blog dedicated to the very best package design has to offer.

The Arla bottles of milk were designed to fit the lifestyle of younger Swedish people on the go. I imagine how great grouping those milk bottles will look on the buffet table of a baby shower. Neumeister designed them in collaboration with PriPac Design & Communication.

The pixel look of the milk boxes will suit a robot kid party or vintage arcade video games. It also remind me of stitching. Why not display those at a knitting party?

+ Via Arla Bottle Milk
+ Via Milk Collection


Modernly Girlie Baby Shower

baby shower theme inspired by donna hay

I like to give me challenge when I create a mood board. This time, I decided to design a baby shower out of Donna Hay’s styled pictures. I figured out that since she has a signature look I could pick a mix match of her pictures to assemble one cohesive theme.

My starting points were the repurposed glass jars transformed in hanging flower vases and the bundled bottles. You can repeat one fabric and if you are a larger group, alternate two fabrics.

baby shower menu inspired by donna hay

To drink, serve real mint tea and flavored water in cute pitchers.

The ice cream tower should be a hit, so make sure to prepare in advance the refills. Replace the cupcakes by cups of ice cream and sorbets served in a tiered cake stand. Use egg cups and Moroccan tea glasses to serve the ice cream.

You can add a thank you tag to the take-away cookie treats.

+ Selections of Moroccan tea glasses – $24 to $32 USD for 6-pack


Vintage Tea Party Theme for a Baby Shower

 vintage tea party buffet table

Get inspired by this adorable tea party for a baby shower or a ladies get together.  Hosting a tea party is not cheaper than a dinner party but can feel as grand. It is a great socializing event.

Mix pastels dishware with classic ornamentations to create a vintage atmosphere. Stop by the flea market to assemble your dinnerware. Grab different plates and flatware. Simply make sure they share a common element.

UK retailer Bombay Duck sells a Vintage Tea Party collection in pastel blue, pink and cream. What I like is that you find everything you need. The collection extends from dinnerware and serving ware up to flatware. In fact, it becomes your checklist.

vintage tea party at bombay duck

+ Vintage Tea Party Bowl – £6
+ Vintage Tea Party Tea Plate – £6
+ Vintage Tea Party Dinner Plate – £9
+ Vintage Tea Party Teapot – £15
+ Vintage Tea Party Milk Jug – £6
+ Vintage Tea Party Sugar – £9
+ Vintage Tea Party Mug – £5.50
+ Vintage Tea Party Large Serving Bowl – £15
+ Vintage Tea Party Serving Plate – £15
+ Vintage Tea Party Silverplate Spreaders – £28 for a set of 4
+ Vintage Tea Party Silverplate Tea Spoons – £24 for a set of 4
+ Vintage Tea Party Silverplate Sugar Tongs – £15
+ Vintage Tea Party Silverplate Cake Slice – £28
+ Vintage Tea Party Cake Stands – £29.50 for set of 2

Setting the Mood

Play old-fashioned music. As the hostess, you wear a vintage style dress. If like the suggestions of hiring a tea leaf reader

Menu Ideas

You can bake ahead a Lenguas de Gato Cookies and a lemon or orange cake. I found these two easy and inexpensive recipes on Cookstr, a new food Web site featuring recipes by established Chefs. I want to thank Vanille of At Down Under for introducing to me Cookstr.

If you wish to host a tea party, the Joy of Cooking provides good insights. You can also refer to a tea party menu I composed earlier.


Geometry of a Baby Shower

basic shapes and animals for baby shower party theme

Ann Marie the Cat Doll was my inspiration for this baby shower party theme.

Maybe it is because a kitten now lives with us but I fall in love instantly with this creation by Simone Kaplan. Parents will not worry that the baby carry it around since it is machine wash and dry.

The Concept

The lozenges inspired me to celebrate to go with geometric shapes. After all, they are part of the baby steps to learning.

I throw more animals to soften the party décor. I suggest you make a vignette with plush animals. If they are individual gifts, simply attach discretely a gift tag.

Do not be afraid to explore beyond the usual sources. See how the Palm Beach platter fits well within our theme although it was not an obvious choice.

Tea Party

Baby showers usually last 2 to 3 hours. A tea party is the perfect menu if the event occurs in the afternoon.

Use round cutters in various sizes to make tea sandwich. Serve an assortment of herbal teas. Repeat the main colors of the party décor for the teapots.

On top of the traditional tea party cakes and cookies, drop a fun dessert like decorated candy apples. Get inspired by these Hello Kitty Candy Apples to make your own creations.

+ Mommy & Crib Invitation – start at $78.25 for 25 at Fine Stationery
+ Playhouse plastic geometric 2 table sprinkles – $7.50 at Plum Party
+ Palm Beach Multi-Fish Serving Platter by Jonathan Adler Happy Home – $13 USD
+ Ann Marie the Cat Doll by Floret – $30 USD
+ Round cutters – $15 USD at Plum Party
+ Green and red string of lights – $28 USD for 20 at Plum Party
+ Stuffed Pig – $65 USD at What Every Baby Needs
+ Teapot in Vibrant Solid Colors – $34.97 USD at The Teapot Shoppe
+ photographed by clever cupcakes: Hello Kitty Candy Apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on Robson Street in Vancouver


Modern Country Style and Tatin tart | Daily Quick Links

modern country interior design :: diy milk glass :: tatin tart :: vintage baby shower This is my daily collection of noteworthy stuff that I saw online.

+ I love the French-inspired interior design from an Australian magazine titled Notebook. By exploring the galleries, I digged more inspirations. Brian Culy took the picture of Modern Country interior design with the help of stylist Georgi Waddy. Via Design to Inspire

+ I also found on Notebook a Do-It-Yourself that is really cute. Here is how to reproduce the look and feel of milk glass. With the trend to pastel tones, this is a great way to decorate.

+ The Mini Tatin Apple Tarts challenge is running all September on Learn the tips of Elana Safronsky on how to make this delicious dessert. You still have time to participate of you feel like it. Via Food for Thought.

+ Do not miss the baby shower photos on Thompson Family-life. This is where these adorable party favors and the fun cupcakes come from. For more ideas on the theme, check out the vintage baby shower mood board designed by Kati of The Finer Things.

+ The HUGE Vinyl Alphabet wall decal by TastySuite looks sophisticated. It feels great in an office, a living room or a kid bedroom. Via melissahead yabberings, the blog of the woman behind Operation NICE.


Couples Baby Shower Gift Ideas

couples baby shower party decor and gift ideas

As more dads participate in the baby education, couples baby showers are gaining in popularity. This means that the party décor and gifts must tailored for the mom and the dad. I gathered hip and fun party ideas to get you started.

Party Decor

Inspired by the vintage poster from wartime England Keep Calm and Carry On, the etsy seller Jennysbakeshop designs her own sweet version. Suspend an aqua Keep Calm And Have A Cupcake poster to decorate the party room.

Hanging pennants are always a great idea. You can craft your own with an assortment of paper or textiles.

Baby Bottles

The design of the Green To Grow BPA-free baby bottles is adorable. They are made from PES plastic, which gives them a natural golden color. It comes with a slow-flow nitrosamine-free silicone nipple.

When you buy a baby bottle, look for a brand like Green To Grow who certified that their bottles are phthalate-free and bisphenol A-free. Since it is best to be safe than sorry, avoid polycarbonate plastic baby bottles.

I adored Built NY products. The Built NY Double Thirsty Tote carrying handles snap to strollers, car seats, diaper bags, or whatever else. It comes handy to insulate and protect the baby bottles while you are on the go.

Designed for baby up to 1 year, the Built NY Comfy Bibs, viewed here in the SOHO stripe pattern, has an absorbent, soft and machine-washable surface. The waterproof inner layer keeps moisture out.

Baby Gear and Furniture

Diaper bags are not just for mother anymore. So get the right style for the new dad who does not wish to lose its cool edge. For that, check out the vast collection at Diaper Dude.

The Dad Survival Kit includes a bag, a mini dude and a bottle holder. The sack has sporty messenger styling and many handy features for on-the-go parents. The Diaper Dude Blanket is perfect for a picnic or a day at the beach.

The Offi Nest Bassinet converts to a storage bin on legs. Enhance the gift experience by assembling the bassinet for the parents. Then, place the gifts inside the bassinet at the party. The Nest bassinet looks the best in the walnut finish.

Another way to extend the usage is to convert the bassinet in a play table (a kit is required) and use the nest as a basket. This design of Scott Wilson was formerly known as the Ooba Nest Bassinet.

The Wee Hat is made of 100% cotton with no seams or scratchy tags. The set of 3 hats are available in pink, green and blue.

These gift ideas prove that you keep your style and be well-equipped parents.

+ BPA-free baby bottle 5 oz wide neck – price: $7.99 USD
+ Built NY Double Thirsty Tote – price: $11 USD
+ Built NY Comfy Bibs – price: $5 USD
+ Diaper Dude Blanket – price: $54 USD
+ Grey Dad Survival Kit – price: $110 USD
+ Offi Nest Bassinet – price: $799 USD
+ Blue Wee Hat Set – price: $35 USD


Menu Ideas for a Baby Shower and Tea Party

sunflower cupcakes :: lemon cakes ::tea sandwiches by martha stewart :: penna cottaAs I laid my eyes on these sunflower cupcakes by Joycelyn of Kuidaore, I knew I found the topic for a post.

Be ready for seeing your guests in awe if you bake and decorate similar sunflower cupcakes.

Prepare in advance you dessert table, the sunflower toppings look too great to not show off your cupcakes.

Menu Ideas

Here are some recipes with simple yet stylish food presentation. This menu can be an alternative to the real-life sunflower bridal shower party and gerbera birthday theme I shown you this week.


Kuidaore gives no recipe but the site lists the ingredients for the sunflower icing. If you have some experience, you probably can concoct your own version.

Tea Party Sandwiches


Introducing the new Birth Photo Announcement Cards at Penny People Designs

pbirth photo announcement cards at penny people designs

New parents can save until April 18th, 2008 with the Buy 1 Get 1 free event on their new Birth Photo Announcement Cards. From their design studio in Toronto, Penny People Designs ships worldwide.

Penny People will double the ordered quantity of any Birth Photo Announcement cards if you answer Eupdate to the question “How did you hear from us?” during the checkout process. Offer valid until April 18th, 2008.

The design of the Penny People cards can be changed to suit your taste. So do not worry if you do not like the shown colors, the fonts or the fact that the picture is in black and white. As far as I understand, these design changes cost nothing.

Added Attention

Because Penny People knows that you will be quite busy after the birth of your infant, parents-to-be can receive the envelopes early for an additional $3.00 mailing fee. Therefore, it makes senses to order the birth announcements prior to the arrival of your baby.

Remember that you can order party favor gift boxes with a personalized stickers that match your invites.

Buy online: Birth Photo Announcement at Penny People Designs – price $2.75 each
Buy online: Personalized Candy Box 2″ x 2″ Box & Sticker – price: $1.25 each CAD
Buy online: Personalized Candy Box 2.5″ x 3.5″ Rectangle with Sticker – price: $1.60 each
Learn more: Blog of Penny People Designs