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Follow-up on using Wishpot for my Baby Shower | Getting ready for the baby

follow up on using wishspot for a baby shower

follow up on using wishspot for a baby shower

I told you earlier that I created my wish list for my baby shower on Wishspot. Now that my baby shower is passed, I can share how it went. In two words, it works!

The conclusions are that:

  • Many guests used it and found it easy to use.
  • They told me that they found the wish list to be very useful.
  • They used the Reserve function.
  • It guided people in their choice of colors. Everything fits together.
  • I am super lucky. My husband and I adore all the gifts we received.
  • Having a list that is not attached to one specific store is way better.

How to Manage Your Baby Shower Wish List | Getting Ready for the Baby

baby shower wish list managed on wishpot

baby shower wish list managed on wishpot

Making a baby registry is a part of the process for every mom-to-be. I did not want to have a baby registry at a particular store since no stores carry everything I want. Therefore, I went on a quest to find the perfect online wish list tool.

Creating a baby shower wish list has a double duty. First, it helps the mom-to-be to track what she needs to buy. Second, it provides gift ideas to share with your baby shower guests. I also plan to share the list of things I already bought or will buy in order for my guests to get and idea of my style and theme.

There are plenty of baby shower wish list tools on the Web. After comparing them, I determined that Wishpot offers the level of flexibility I need while being easy of use. I installed the bookmarklet to quickly add items to a list. Wishpot also have a widget to publish your wish list on your personal website, blog or MySpace profile so that everybody can view your list!

But I prefer the feature that lets me share my wish lists with whom I want. Another plus of Wishpot is that the people with whom I shared the URL of my wish lists do not have to become a member to see the list or reserve an item. I hope that using Wishpot will be as easy for my guests as it has been for me.

Do you have a favorite wish list tool?

+ Wishpot


Vintage Baby Shower Theme

vintage baby shower party decorations by jen loves kev

vintage baby shower party decorations by jen loves kev

A baby shower does not need to be only about baby stuff. Jen of Jen Loves Kev decided to celebrate her family heritage instead. Her vintage baby shower was filled with old-fashioned games and fashion style. A few guests wore epoch clothes. They planned the entire theme in advance. It took them a few months to collect enough old, fancy glasses from thrift stores for all the guests.

grandma's pickles jar label

Nice details like the label on the Grandma’s Pickles jar personalized the theme. And it simple to do without modern equipment. Simply draw the label with color pens on a brown paper sheet.

+ See more at Jen Loves Kev


Pastel Marshmallows or Fudge

nathalie jost's pastel fudge squares for Easter

nathalie jost\'s pastel fudge squares for Easter

The pastel fudge caught my attention for its lovely colors. I would recycle the palette for marshmallow lollipops. Simply add food coloring to your recipe. You probably have some bottles left from your Easter egg painting.

If you like the taste of white chocolate, Nathalie Jost shared her pastel fudge recipe. She told her readers to experiment with extracts to get different flavors. You could try it with peppermint or raspberry extract.

+ photo and recipe: Easter Fudge by Nathalie Jost


Jungle Animal Theme for a Baby Shower or a First Birthday Party

animal jungle theme for a baby shower or a first birthday party :: pouch by oktak

animal jungle theme for a baby shower or a first birthday party :: pouch by oktak

You probably wonder what is the relationship between a pouch and a party theme. Sometimes, you find inspirations in the usual place. It started with a purchase I did this morning. I bought this yellow and white XL frame pouch with a collapsible handle designed by Oktak. My favorite handbag over the last years was yellow and I missed it. This burst of color complements many of my outfits. Plus, I like the sunny shade.

As I examined further the fabric pattern, I realized that those jungle animal shapes would be wonderful for a baby shower or a first birthday party. The silhouettes are simple yet sophisticated. If you are not a talented artist, you can draw the basic shapes from a coloring book and a kids book. You may have to make a few adjustments to get it right.

As for the color palette, I think that the festive yellow and white combination works every time. It is gender neutral. It is suitable for kids and adults.

One Day Sale

If you interested in buying pouches and fabric handbags, Oktak hosts a 10% sale all day. The rebate does not show up on her etsy store but in her newsletters Aki of Oktaktold us to check out as usual, and she will refund the 10% through PayPal. I bought a few items in the past from Oktak, so I do not worry about the process. In fact, I received a confirmation of my refund during the time it took me to write this post.

+ XL frame pouch with handle – yellow shapes on white by Oktak $45 USD


Pinwheels & Pom Poms Baby Shower

pinwheels baby shower theme on hostess with the mostess with diy pinwheel tutorial on style me prett

pinwheels baby shower theme on hostess with the mostess with diy pinwheel tutorial on style me prett

I missed this well-put together, cheerful real-life baby shower designed by three women. It was featured on Hostess with the Mostess a few days before Christmas. Pinwheels are easy to make. They fit well within a baby shower theme or a kids’ birthday party. Pay attention to how they packaged the pinwheel invitations. When you invite a smaller group, you can take the time to create an invitation that will really stand out.

+ DIY pinwheel tutorial on Style Me Pretty
+ More photos on Hostess with the Mostess


Styling Tips for a Baby Shower in a Restaurant

berry sweet baby shower styled by hostess with the mostess

berry sweet baby shower styled by hostess with the mostess

The extraordinaire Hostess with the Mostess styled this eye-catching Berry Sweet baby shower. There are lots of great details. I want to put your attention on how Jennifer Sbranti decorated the tables by taking advantage of the furniture accessories. It is a good lesson of what to do when you host an event in a venue that comes with the furniture and its own decor.

Go see the album photo. You will not want to miss her series of custom made labels.

+ photography by Jillian Bisinger for Hostess with the Mostess – album on Facebook


Milk and Cookies Baby Shower

milk and cookies baby shower inspired by cox and cox

Milk and cookies is a classic theme for baby showers. Having a few cool props adds a special touch to the theme. Here are some items I found at Cox and Cox that will enable you to customize the party. I think the hands and feet cookies are adorable.

creme brulee dishes by sophie conran by portmeiron

I suggest you bake flavored creme brulee to bring a grown up touch. Lavender creme brulee is divine and chic. I bought my brulee dishes at Linen Chest.

+ Retro-style Milk Bottle on sale £5.40
+ Hands & Feet Metal Cookie Cutters on sale £12.75
+ Sophie Conran By Portmerion Brulee Dishes on sale £20.70 for pack of 4


Paper Straws on Milk Bottles for a Baby Shower

single serving milk bottles with gray paper straws :: photos by hungrygirl

Cindy of Hungry Girl por vida captured the essence of simple elegance with these shots of gray paper straws. You cannot go wrong with single serving glass milk bottles for a baby shower or a kids birthday party. You can simply remove the commercial labels or go one step further and tailor the bottle with an event tag.

There is another reason why you will feel good. Besides its more sophisticated tones, the Kikkerland gray paper straws are more eco-friendly since they are biodegradable than the traditional plastic straws. Caring for the Earth is a good message to send at a baby shower party.

gray paper straws by kikkerland

For a movie night or a circus party, you may prefer to get a box of blue and white  or red and white paper straws. + Paper Straws by Kikkerland $3 for box of 50 + photos: HungryGirl on Flickr + via Parcel Post


Fun Stuff from Three Potato Four

fun stuff three potato four

It is no secret that I love the vintage items at Three Potato Four.  Here are my three fab from what is online this week. These would feel at home in any family with young children. You could also build a baby shower theme around on item.

+ If you are planning a baby shower on your backyard, go for the Vintage Ice Bucket with a Sandpiper motif. It is playful and sophisticated. I want it. $40 USD
+ I am fond of vintage wood toys. It adds charms to a nursery and a kid playroom. This set of antique Scandinavian building blocks inspires me. $24 USD
+ For your young kids to have a place to put their keys and hang a membership card, I like the Little Red Riding Key Hook $12


Buffet Table Settings for a Tea Party Baby Shower

tea station at a tea party baby shower

I went to a cute and fun baby shower Saturday. The organizer, Nathalie designed a tea party event because the mom-to-be is a tea connoisseur. Everyone participated by bringing food. She split the food into the salty table and the sweet table. It was beautifully done. The baby shower was a success.

tea party sweet table

Nat stocked her tea station very well. She displayed everything so we can quickly and easily serve several teas at a time. She put 5 teapots on the table, filled her retro thermos with hot water and had an assortment of teas. She put more tea leaves on her side buffet.

Her sweet buffet table looked festive. The cheerful look came from the colorful tableware and tins. Silk flowers complete her setting. Each time I go to Nat’s place, I envy her rustic table island on her kitchen; it is so gorgeous.

salt dish table at the tea party

An inexpensive single-blade hand mandolin slicer was used to evenly cut the cucumber slices for the tea sandwiches. Hers cut really thin slices. Mine does not. I own the V-slicer by Zyliss. It works fabulously well but there are times where I wish to get a smaller one.

If you have a baby shower coming soon, I recommend the tea party formula.