About this education blog for parents

kim vallee bloggerAt Home with Kim Vallee is an education blog about how we prepare school age kids for the 21st century.

Ever since I gave birth 5 years ago to my son, I’m curious about preparing my child for the future. I ask myself how I can help my son learn the skills that he needs today and when he grows up, how I can make sure he receives the right STEM education, how we turn him into a maker, a creator instead of just someone who consumes technology.

Access to too much information and studies from experts, educators and scientists makes it hard for parents to determine what to try, what might work or what is suitable for their kids. As a mom, I know how you feel. As a professional who educated people on what they can do with technology and who designed user experiences, I have useful insights to share. Expect to find here news, thoughts, tools and advice from researchers, practitioners, educators, advocates and me.

From stylish living and entertaining to an education blog for the 21st century

I was one of the first “entertaining at home” bloggers when I launched this blog in 2007. For seven years, I enjoyed talking about home design and stylish living. Having a child changes your priorities. I now wish to talk about something else. Something more important to me, something more meaningful for the world.

The more I searched for answers,  the more I felt that many STEM education and 21st century learning issues aren’t properly covered from the view of the parents of school age kids. I want to help fill that void. This is why I relaunched At Home with Kim Vallee with a new editorial mission. That mission is to bring news, thoughts and tools for parents who want to supplement what their kids learn in school. Topics include:

  • STEM education, innovation, creativity, hands-on learning, learning through play, and how to nurture 21st century skills in school-age children.

My view on technology and STEM education

Pioneering talks about how women reshape the Web, back in 2008 at PodCamp and WordCamp, is one of my proudest achievements.kim vallee podcamp montreal 2010 The adoption of science and technology outside the usual circle has always been dear to me. From my observations, people want to learn more about science and technology when they started to see how STEM is relevant to their own project or inquiry. The key is to make STEM education meaningful to people’s goals and interests.

This quest is not new. I have always been the link between the developers and the users during my career in software development. My job always involved educating and helping people acquire new skills through hands-on activities and project-based learning. What’s new is that I now turn my attention to how we can bring STEM education to children.

A short bio

After a long career in the digital industry, I started blogging in 2005. It was love at first sight. I quickly earned and maintained a reputation as one of the foremost lifestyle & entertaining experts in Canada and in the United States.

This led to writing contracts with Food Network, HGTV Canada, The Toronto Star, Canal-Vie, Montréal en Santé. Over the years, I collaborated with many brands and agencies on campaigns. I either raised awareness, produced content, or judged a competition for them.

On the consulting side, I advised and coached businesses and organizations on social media, content strategy, content marketing and brand storytelling. My focus is now on how we prepare kids for the future.

About my family

I currently live in a Montreal suburb with my geek husband, our creative 5 year old boy and two lively cats. We like to relax, play, make and entertain friends in the cozy Scandinavian-inspired decor that I created for us.