About this education blog for the 21st century

At Home with Kim Vallee is an education blog about how we prepare school-age kids for the 21st century. 

This blog came to life because I’m a mom on a mission. I have wondered about how we prepare children for the future ever since I gave birth to my son.

While we wait for schools to deliver a more forward-thinking education, I believe that the best way, for parents, to foster 21st century skills with school-age children is informal learning. So I started to look at what parents can do to complement what their children learn in school. This is why:

  1. I advocate maker education;
  2. I develop programs and hands-on activities for kids aged 5 to 8 where they learn coding, computational thinking, design thinking, digital storytelling, problem solving and creativity;
  3. I volunteer for non-profit organizations to teach coding and science to kids in elementary schools.

The editorial mission

I updated the editorial content of At Home with Kim Vallee in 2016 instead of starting from scratch. Many people remember At Home with Kim Vallee for what it used to be. I could not throw that away since it’s a part of my history. For seven years, I enjoyed talking almost every day about home design and stylish living. As many parents will tell you, having a child changes your priorities and gives you a different perspective of what matters the most. This explained why I wanted to do something more important, something more meaningful for the world.

At Home is now a platform I use to advocate maker education, promote STEM education for boys and girls, bring to light innovation in the school system, share how kids can develop digital literacy, computational thinking and design thinking abilities, explore how to foster hands-on learning, creativity and 21st century competencies at a young age, and how to educate kids today to reduce the gender gap in STEM fields.

kim vallee podcamp montreal 2010

While we are on the topic of the gender gap, pioneering talks about how women reshape the Web, back in 2008 at PodCamp and WordCamp, is still one of my proudest achievements. The adoption of science and technology outside the usual circle has always been dear to me. From my observations, people want to learn more about science and technology when they started to see how STEM is relevant to their own project or inquiry. The key is to make STEM education meaningful to people’s goals and interests.

A short bio

I worked in computing and digital content for 25 years. My job always involved in one way or another training people, understand their needs, designing applications, prototyping and disrupting how people work, promote their business, shop or get informed.

At the dawn of social media, I seized the opportunity and became a content producer. I quickly earned a reputation as one of the foremost lifestyle and entertaining experts in Canada and in the US. This led to writing contracts for national and local publications, collaborations with brands and agencies, and speaking engagements.

On the consulting work, I continued to do strategic work and to educate or coach businesses, startups and organisations on social media, content strategy and brand storytelling. I now put my skills and knowledge to use for the benefits of children instead of businesses.

About my family

I currently live in a Montreal suburb with my geek husband, our creative 5 year old boy and two lively cats. We like to relax, play, make and entertain friends in the cozy Scandinavian-inspired decor that I created for us.