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May 2016


Why the Finns are right when it comes to early childhood education?

If you’re on Facebook, you probably saw on your feed the clip from Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade Next” that talked about Finnish children who spend comparatively little time at school, don’t get homework and yet receive one of the best educations in the world.

I’m all for it. What happens in Finland validates my own observations and belief. Observing how my son and his little friends behave showed me that kids learn essential emotional, social and cognitive skills when they play, explore, experiment, invent, make and create art projects. Moreover, I don’t see why, as a parent or a society, we would need to push them away from enjoying their childhood. Continue Reading


Teaching emotions to young kids with a simple craft project

Posting on Facebook a photo of a simple craft project imagined by our son led to our discover of teru teru bozu. Teru teru bozu is a traditional Japanese dolls made of tissue paper or cloth hung in front of the window to prevent rain. These ghost-like dolls became popular in the Edo era. Children of that era hang them the day before important events or festivities. Continue Reading