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March 2016


I want simple. I want joy. I want space. The KonMari Way.

I embarked in a journey to simplify my life. One journey that is filled with what matters to my happiness and to the happiness of my family. One journey that made me reconsider the amount of stuff we buy. One journey towards getting rid of the things I don’t use or enjoy anymore. One journey surrounded by what makes my life better.

Simplify my life starts with the everyday. Like many of you, looking for stuff in our home or the mess are a source of small family disputes. They are unnecessary irritants in our life.  The solution: finishing up the little things that bother us and tidying our home once and for all. Continue Reading


Party Planning Tips for a 5th Birthday Party At Home

My son turned 5 last week. After considering different options, we opted for a home party with only 7 of his friends. I never shy away from hosting a party at home. A few parents told me I was courageous to receive 7 kids ages 4 to 7 – some who never have been at our house before – without parents. But, it went very well! Like my husband said, the mess in the playroom is the same whether you have two kids or 8 in it. Continue Reading


With Cubetto, kids learn how to code without a screen

Last night, I pledged a Kickstarter campaign that reached its funding code in 17 hours! Now, the makers of Cubetto hope to stretch their goal further in order to develop sooner than expected more maps and more stories for their wooden programmable robot. As I’m writing this, the third wave of early bird price is still available.

Cubetto combines Montessori learning principles with computer programming concepts inspired by LOGO Turtle. Continue Reading


Tinkering at Fabrik, the kids makerspace at Montreal Science Center

I started to seriously read about STEAM education last November because I care about how to transmit these scientific, creative and social skills to my son. One book helped me understand how to do it. I devoured Design, Make, Play: Growing the Next Generation of STEM Innovators. I keep a notebook filled with lessons learned by researchers, practitioners, educators, and facilitators who were in charge of imaging and running makerspaces in libraries and museums. All that researching made me impatient to see a makerspace in action. Continue Reading