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Free Printable: A Fabric / Laundry Care Symbols Chart

fabric / laundry care symbols guide

Back in 2009, I wrote a post about tableware symbols. I never thought until today to publish one on fabric care symbols. Tired of running to my computer or having to look at other clothes to figure out what a fabric care symbols means, I finally decided to print a laundry care symbols chart. I didn’t do nothing fancy. A standard sheet protector ensures that my chart will stay clean and dry. I’m simply glad that I  just have to open the cabinet on top of my washer to see it.

Since I am probably not alone with this need, here the link where you can download Your Guide to Fabric Care Symbols.

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2 Responses to “Free Printable: A Fabric / Laundry Care Symbols Chart”

  1. great idea! I do the same, I always use google to find out what these symbols mean! thanks for sharing the link to download!

  2. Ingrid: Super!